How to Download & Update the HP Universal Print Driver
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How to Download & Update the HP Universal Print Driver

Having an issue with HP Universal Print Driver? If yes, then through this article we are going to educate you about some easiest and quickest options to resolve the issue of HP Universal Print Driver.

Through this penned note, you’ll get to know the best installation instructions to download HP Universal Print Driver (UPDs). Before kick-off the discussion its good enough to know a little bit about the UPDs. So, here we go!

Most Recommended Method to Update HP Universal Print Driver

If you don’t want to spend your effort on different methods and want a permanent solution, then we recommend that you use the Bit Driver Updater. This utility updates all the outdated drivers, including HP Universal Printer drivers on your Windows PC. as the updates are brought to you from the manufacturer’s website, it is very safe to use. Click the button below and download the Bit Driver Updater for free.

download now button

Universal Print Driver (UPD)

HP universal print driver is one of the versatile drivers for your PC or laptop. UPDs are the print-only drivers and are not advised to use with the multi-function or all-in-one products. Even if a Universal Print Driver choice is listed right there, don’t go with it, choose the right type of UPD for your product. UPDs are commonly accessed by the business executives, IT administrators that desire to share a miniature driver to empowers primary software functionality. Now, comes the types of UPDs, see, UPDs types depends on the environment and the printing needs you want. Basic types of UPDs are-

  • HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6
  • HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PostScript
  • HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL5

These are basic types of the universal print driver by hp, you can choose any one of them as per your suitable environment and your printing needs.

Options to Download and Update HP Universal Print Driver

Now, the problem of HP universal print driver download will not remain the same as we are going to share with you some easiest and coolest OPTIONS through which it becomes really easy to resolve the issue. So, stay focused to know more in the deep inside!

Option 1:- Download HP universal print driver manually via the official website

It’s always good to download drivers from the reliable and official source. Hence, here are the steps to download HP universal print driver manually from the HP support page-

  • Visit the official HP support page.
  • Then, Click on the“Software and Drivers”
    download drivers
  • Aftermath, Hit on the Printers.
    download drivers
  • Then, enter the product name i.e., HP universal print driver.
    identify your HP printer
  • Now, click on the Submit option.
    software and drivers for HP universal print driver series for windows
  • It’s time to choose the driver software which is fit for your PC and click on the Download.

Thereafter, the downloading gets finished, double-click on the downloaded setup file to install the HP universal print driver, and follow the given instructions.

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Option 2:- Download and Update HP Universal Print Driver via Windows Update

You might be using Windows Update to update the version of the Windows OS. Isn’t it? But, do you know that you can also perform a Windows Update task to upgrade all the drivers and numerous programs that you have installed. Thus, you can also use Windows Update to update HP universal print drivers. Below! we shared steps to do so, just follow them!

  • Go to the start menu and select Settings.
  • Then, click on the Update & Security option.
    update & security from windows settings
  • Now, choose the Windows Update option and then search for the Check the updates options and click on it.
    download drivers

Hereafter, Windows will automatically download and installs HP universal print drivers.

Option 3:- Use Device Manager to install HP universal print driver

Windows offers an all-in-one tool that helps you to install & update drivers within a short span of time. It also keeps you updated about every latest update regarding the drivers. So, here we are going to mention steps to install HP universal print driver, follow them to get your task done.

  • Move to the Start menu and hit it.
  • Now, from the available list click on the Device Manager option.
    Use Device Manager to install HP universal print driver
  • Scroll down and find printers, afterward, then click on it and expand it.
  • Now, choose HP universal print driver and right-click on it.
  • Thereafter, click on the update driver.
     Device Manager to install HP universal print driver
  • Now, opt for the Search automatically for updated driver software.
    Search automatically for updated driver software
  • And here you go, now, your OS will start installing and updating the HP universal print driver.
  • Now, once installing gets executed, restart your computer.

Option 4:- Automatically update HP Universal Print Driver via Bit Driver Updater (Recommended)

After checking the steps to download and install HP universal print driver manually, now let’s move to the automatic way to do the same task. For doing the HP universal print driver download task automatically there is one robust tool that is none other than Bit Driver Updater. Updating drivers are the utmost crucial job that needs extra efforts and proper lookout. So, by manually it is not possible at all to do so as every individual is not tech-savvy, hence, for those it might be really very complicated.

Hence, Bit Driver Updater is specially designed to help you the most over the complete process of updating drivers. Bit Driver Updater’s magnificent features not only update drivers but also resolves the other windows related issues as well. Most of all, don’t forget to purchase its premium version to get unlimited access to its advanced features. Because in the free version you will have only limited access. Hence, download this amazing driver updater software now! Now, here comes the working of the Bit Driver Updater. Bit Driver Updater runs slightly in the background and never hinders your work amidst. How can you use Bit Driver Updater? So, here we are going to mention the steps to update HP universal print driver through Bit Driver Updater!

  • Download and launch Bit Driver Updater.
    download now button
  • Now, open Bit Driver Updater.
  • Moving forward, to run the driver scanning procedure, click on the scan driver options.
  • Now, it shows the list of the drivers, from the list select HP universal print driver and click on the Update Now option.

Bit Driver Updater

Once you’ve finished the updating procedure, you get HP universal print driver and along with this, you get a smoother and faster PC or laptop performance as well. Thus, in just a few easy steps you can update HP universal print driver. So, what are you looking for, click on the given below link to give a shot to this tool.

HP Universal Print Driver – Downloaded & Updated

Through this penned note, we’ve tried to teach you about how to download, install, and update HP universal print driver. In this note, we’ve shared two ways by which you can perform the task which is – Manually and Automatically. So, you can choose anyone as per your desire and requirements. But, if you want our perspective, then we recommend you choose an automatic way via Bit Driver Updater. Because techy things are not so easy to get fitted by everyone, hence, its good to go with an automatic approach. As you know, one wrong step and the whole scenario gets worse. Try these options to perform HP universal print driver download task and share your valuable feedback with us by dropping a comment in the below section. Till then stay tuned with us, will be back shortly!

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