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Top 6 Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover for Mac

Duplicate pictures hog up space and make your Mac slow. Thus, read on to know the best duplicate photo cleaner tools to remove them.

Mac from Apple is illustrious for two reasons, one, for its intelligent build. And, the other for the limited storage space. Now and then you must have come across an alert that there is not enough storage space, please delete some items. Ever wondered what eats up Mac’s memory? It’s the photographer in you that clicks multiple shots for the same angle and then forgets to delete the duplicates.

To remove these duplicate photos from Mac, you need to find these dupes and then delete them. Finding duplicates from the picture library seems like looking for a needle in the haystack. This is the reason for which you require the best duplicate photo remover for Mac. This software helps you easily unclutter the photo library and free up space on Mac.

One question that comes up is when there is an in-built storage optimizer than why get a third-party duplicate photo finder and remover for Mac. We’ve got a simple explanation. The storage optimizer transfers your pictures to iCloud. This frees up space on Mac but hogs up the iCloud. Then, to increase the storage on iCloud, you need to shell out some bucks and pay Apple. Would you like to pay for keeping unnecessary duplicate pictures? Most probably, you won’t.

This is the reason we are here with the best apps to delete duplicate photos for Mac. These applications detect dupes, lets you compare, and delete them without any cumbersome efforts.

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6 Best Duplicate Photo Remover for Mac to Free up Space

Below we enlist the best duplicate photo finders and remover for Mac in 2020. These applications help you delete similar or exact copies of pictures effortlessly.

1. Easy Photos Cleaner (A Highly Recommended Duplicate Photo Remover for Mac)

It’s not an easy task to find and remove duplicate images from your Mac device unless you have Easy Photos Cleaner installed. As the name suggests, this tool makes cleaning of similar pictures quite effortless. Below are the features that makes it one of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac.

Praiseworthy features of Easy Photos Cleaner:

  • It works on a drag and drop functionality. No matter how many photos you are having in a folder. You just have to drag and drop that folder to the Easy Photos Cleaner software. The rest will be done by the application.
  • The program also marks the detected duplicate photos automatically.
  • After detecting duplicate photos, it provides you a preview of them so that you can decide which picture you want to delete or keep.

Along with the features, you must also check these pros and cons to make a proper decision.

Pros of Easy Photos Cleaner

  • Helps to gain additional disk space
  • Cleans duplicates from external storage devices
  • Highly accurate algorithm

Cons of Easy Photos Cleaner

  • Only compatible with macOS 10.11 to 10.14
  • Most of the advanced features are paid

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2. Duplicate File Finder Remover- An Intelligent Duplicate Cleaner for Mac

This intelligently programmed app with a smart algorithm that scans multiple folders simultaneously is among the best duplicate photo finder and remover for Mac. Apart from this, below are the features that make it a truly amazing duplicate photos cleaner.

Fantastic features of Duplicate File Finder Remover

  • You can sort duplicates based on their name, size, date, and type.
  • Allows customization of the auto-select rules. You can change them from always select to never select and vice versa.
  • After finding duplicate images in Mac, it lets you be in charge of which dupes to keep and which to remove.

Let’s now have a look at the pros that make it an essential and the best duplicate photo finder for Mac.

Pros of Duplicate File Finder Remover

  • Lets you delete duplicate photos on Mac in just 3 steps.
  • Finds duplicate photos at a lighting fast speed.

Talking about the downsides, we noticed a few of them. Here they are.

Cons of Duplicate File Finder Remover

  • Sometimes, the merge folders function does not work as expected.
  • UI is a bit complicated for novice users.


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3. Gemini 2-Duplicate Photo Cleaner Tool to Make Picture Library Starry Clear

This duplicate photo remover for Mac finds every duplicate image hidden deep down in the picture library. With this tool at your disposal, you can easily delete these space-hogging dupes and free plenty of space. Below are more of its features.

Noteworthy features of Gemini 2

  • Doubles up as a cleaner for other files such as documents, music, and more.
  • Its space-themed user interface is fairly easy to use for the non-techie users.
  • Lets you restore the wrongly deleted duplicates with just a click.

 Not only the above features, but the following pros also make it the best tool to remove duplicate photos from Mac.

Pros of Gemini 2

  • Finds duplicate photos from external drives too.
  • Deletes similar or exact copies of photos from every nook and corner of the picture library.

No application in the world is free from shortcomings. Below are the worth-mentioning downsides of this duplicate cleaner for iPhoto.

Cons of Gemini 2

  • May not be suitable for lower-end Macs as the app consumes a lot of system resources.
  • To use some of the advanced features, you need to spend a few bucks.


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4. PhotoSweeper X- The best duplicate photo cleaner for Mac

As the name suggests, this duplicate photo cleaner tool sweeps away every trace of dupe images from your Mac. It not only cleans the picture library but also finds and deletes iPhoto duplicates. Let’s have a look at a few of its features.

Prominent Features of PhotoSweeper X

  • Lets you compare the detected duplicates side-by-side so that no confusion persists in your mind while removing them.
  • Comes with three methods to review the scan results, namely “Face to face”, “One by One”, and “All in One”.
  • Boasts an easy-to-use and well-designed UI.

This amazing duplicate photos cleaner also encompasses several pros. Here they are.

Pros of PhotoSweeper X

  • It has support for both photos as well as videos.
  • Removes duplicate photos from Mac and external storage devices.
  • Highly compatible with all the platforms such as the iPhone and iPhoto.

However, this utility to delete duplicate photos in iPhoto and iPhone also has a few downsides. Here we share the same.

Cons of PhotoSweeper X

  • The learning curve is needed to use its features.
  • It takes a bit longer to find duplicate images on Mac.


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5. Cisdem Duplicate Finder – The best duplicate photo cleaner tool to find deeply hidden duplicates

It is among those widely-used and the best duplicate photo removers for Mac that detects even the deeply hidden dupes. In addition to finding and removing duplicates from Apple’s Mac, it also frees up space on external storage devices. Below are more of its features.

Unique features of Cisdem Duplicate Finder

  • Finds duplicate photos based on content.
  • Doubles up as a duplicate cleaner for iPhoto.
  • Host three modes to preview and compare the detected duplicates.
  • Segregates the duplicates in enticing visual charts and tabs.

Let’s now have a look at the pros that make it one of the best Mac duplicate photos finders.

Pros of Cisdem Duplicate Finder

  • It precisely and quickly finds all the image duplicates.
  • The well-designed interface makes it an easy-to-use duplicate cleaner for Mac and iPhoto.

The pros seem to lure but this duplicate photo remover for Mac also has some downsides that should not be ignored. We share them below.

Cons of Cisdem Duplicate Finder

  • It does not warn you while deleting the pictures and other files. This increases the risk of accidental deletion of crucial photos.
  • There is no option to exclude folders from the scan.


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6. Easy Duplicate Finder- The most straightforward duplicate remover for Mac

A simple and easy-to-use interface is what attracted us to this utility to delete duplicate photos from Mac. Apart from the straightforward UI, it hosts an ocean of features to delight users. Let’s discuss some of them.

Central features of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Supports all image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF.
  • Encompasses a plethora of scanning modes and sorting options.
  • Lets you set filters for image size and extensions.

Apart from the above features, a few pros also make it a popular choice of users. Here we share the same.

Pros of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Supports all kinds of files such as pictures, videos, and music.
  • It finds more duplicates in comparison to its counterparts.

Above was the rosy picture. Now, let’s look at the not so good side, i.e., shortcomings of this duplicate photo cleaner for Mac.

Cons of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • There is no option to compare pictures side-by-side.
  • Price seems to be on a higher side as compared to similar duplicate photo cleaners for Mac.


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7. Tidy Up- An amazing duplicate photos cleaner for the ultimate disk tidiness

When the talk is about the best duplicate photo remover for Mac, the name of Tidy Up is bound to come. It not only tidies the disk on Mac but also deletes duplicate photos in iPhoto. Moreover, below are its other features that set it apart from the other utilities on this list.

Commendable features of Tidy Up

  • Lets you find duplicate photos in the Lightroom library.
  • Hosts two search modes for the duplicate images, namely simple mode, and advanced mode.
  • It allows you to include or exclude hard links from the search.
  • Boasts an easy-to-use and powerful interface.

In addition to these features, we also noticed a few pros of this best duplicate cleaner for Mac.

Pros of Tidy Up

  • Finds all the duplicate photos ultra-fast.
  • Lets you move the pictures to a different location instead of deleting them permanently.

Like every other duplicate photo finder and remover for Mac, it is also not free from downsides. Below are the noteworthy shortcomings.

Cons of Tidy Up

  • Novice users may find it a bit complicated.
  • Sometimes, works a little slowly.

Tidy Up-

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Above were the best duplicate photo removers for Mac. Let’s now answer a few questions that linger in the minds of users.

Frequently asked questions about duplicate photo cleaners for Mac

Q1. What are the benefits of removing duplicates from Mac

The storage space on Mac is limited. If the duplicates files and pictures hog space, then keeping other crucial things becomes tough. Thus, removing the dupes has the following key benefits.

Q2. Why do you need a duplicate photo finder for Mac

Finding and deleting duplicate pictures manually is a tough and impractical task. Therefore, duplicate photo cleaners are needed to easily detect duplicates from every corner of Mac and remove them effortlessly. These duplicate photo removers for Mac help you free up gigabytes of memory and give the hard disk much-needed breathing space.

Pick the Best App to Remove Duplicate Photos from Mac

As you are now aware of the duplicate photo finder and removers for Mac, pick the one that suits your needs the most. Weigh each of these applications in terms of their features, pros, and cons, and then make the correct choice. If you find it tough to make a decision, then we would recommend Gemini 2 and PhotoSweeper X for the multitude of functionalities they offer. Lastly, before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe and bookmark Innovana Blog for more such enticing information and updates.

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