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Top 9 Duplicate Photo Finders for Mac 2020 (100% Working)

Duplicate pictures hog up space and make your Mac slow. Thus, read on to know the best duplicate photo finder tools to remove them.

Duplicate photo finder and remover tools are quite essential for all the Mac users. It helps you to free up some extra space on your Mac. We know that there are particular apps to clean up junk and regain system storage. But have you ever wondered what eats up Mac’s memory? It’s the photographer in you that clicks multiple shots for the same angle and then forgets to delete the duplicates. 

To remove these duplicate photos from Mac, you need to find these dupes and then delete them. Finding duplicates from the picture library seems like looking for a needle in the haystack. This is the reason for which you require the best duplicate photo cleaner for Mac.

What are The Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac in 2020

Below we enlist the best duplicate photo finders and remover for Mac in 2020. These applications help you delete similar or exact copies of pictures effortlessly.

1. Gemini 2

Free Trial: Yes

Compatibilitiy: macOS 10.11 and later versions

Price: $19.95 and $54.95

This duplicate photo remover for Mac finds every duplicate image hidden deep down in the picture library. With this tool at your disposal, you can easily delete these space-hogging dupes and free plenty of space. Below some of its more features that make it one of the best free duplicate photo cleaner.

Noteworthy Features of Gemini 2

  • This robust software to find duplicate photos on your Apple device can also detect duplicates of other formats. It doubles up as a cleaner for other files such as documents, music, and more.
  • Its space-themed user interface is fairly easy to use for the non-techie users.
  • Lets you restore the wrongly deleted duplicates with just a click.
  • Gemini 2 detects and cleans duplicates in just 5 clicks after the launch which makes it one of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac.
  • It offers all the basic features in the free version itself. Although there is very less difference between the features of its free version and paid version.  

Not only the above features, but the following pros and cons of this best tool to remove duplicate photos from Mac also require your attention.



  • Cleans duplicates from external storage devices
  • Comprehensive image similarity detection
  • Also cleans other duplicate files
  • Easy interface
  • Boasts a free trial
  • Cleans upto 500 MBs for free


  • Consumes a lot of system resources
  • Advanced features are paid
  • Only offers a 3 days trial version
  • Some users claim it deletes high-resolution copies
  • Scanning time is longer than the other alternatives
  • Free and paid version both offers quite similar features

How to use Gemini 2

You can take the help of the below-mentioned steps to remove duplicates from your Mac by using Gemini 2.

  • Launch Gemini 2.
  • Select the (+) icon and then add the files and folders.
  • Choose the Scan for Duplicates option.
  • After a few moments, when the software provides you with a list of duplicates, review the results.
  • Select the duplicates.
  • Click Remove/Smart Cleanup.

Gemini2- Free Duplicate Photo Finder

2. Duplicate File Finder Remover

Free Trial: Yes

Compatibilitiy: macOS 10.12 and later versions

Price: $19.99

This intelligently programmed app with a smart algorithm that scans multiple folders simultaneously is among the best duplicate photo finder and remover for Mac. Apart from this, below are the features that make it a truly amazing duplicate photos cleaner.

Fantastic Features of Duplicate File Finder Remover

  • You can use this apple photos cleaner to find duplicates based on their name, size, date, and type.
  • Allows customization of the auto-select rules. You can change them from always select to never select and vice versa.
  • After finding duplicate images in Mac, it lets you be in charge of which dupes to keep and which to remove. You’ll not find this feature in most of the free duplicate photo finder for Mac.
  • It offers quite diverse features and ways to detect and remove duplicate photos from Mac.

Let’s now have a look at the pros and cons of this essential and the best duplicate photo finder for Mac.



  • 3 Steps functionality to find duplicate photos
  • Lighting fast speed
  • Customizable
  • Automatic functionality
  • Allows to preview duplicates


  • Improper functioning of merge folders function
  • Complicated UI
  • Doesn’t provide advanced features for free
  • Many users claimed that the free version doesn’t work properly
  • Do not offer multi-dimensional functionality
  • Requires more efforts to remove duplicate pictures

How to use Duplicate File Finder Remover?

Below we have provided the step-by-step guide for using Duplicate File Finder Remover properly.

  • First of all, download Duplicate File Finder Remover and install it appropriately.
  • After that, open the installed program.
  • Add files and folders to it to start scanning for duplicates.
  • Start the scan.
  • In the scan result, you can preview, compare, and merge the duplicates.
  • After that, select the ones you want to delete.
  • Click Remove to delete them.

Duplicate-File-Finder-Remover (1)

3. PhotoSweeper X

Free Trial: Yes

Compatibilitiy: macOS 10.12 and later versions

Price: $9.99

As the name suggests, this duplicate photo cleaner tool sweeps away every trace of dupe images from your Mac. It not only cleans the picture library but also finds and deletes iPhoto duplicates. Let’s have a look at a few of its features.

Prominent Features of PhotoSweeper X

  • Lets you compare the detected duplicates side-by-side so that no confusion persists in your mind while removing them.
  • Comes with three methods to review the scan results, namely “Face to face”, “One by One”, and “All in One”.
  • Boasts an easy-to-use and well-designed UI.
  • It also boasts an easy-to-use and well-designed UI making it one of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac.
  • You also get a free trial version of PhotoSweeper X.

This amazing duplicate photos cleaner also encompasses several pros and cons. Here they are.



  • Also cleans duplicate videos
  • Cleans duplicates from external storage devices
  • Multi-platform utility
  • Can be personalized
  • Allows side-by-side comparison
  • Also shows additional information of the image


  • Quite complicated functionality
  • Takes longer time to detect duplicates
  • Constant crashes
  • More customization features make it difficult to find duplicates for a novice
  • Sometimes deletes the original high-resolution file
  • Free version only allows to delete 10 duplicate photos 
  • Not suitable for older macOS versions

How to use PhotoSweeper X

Below are the instructions that can make you use PhotoSweeper X quite efficiently.

  • Open PhotoSweeper X.
  • Add folders carrying duplicate photos.
  • Scan them.
  • Preview the scanned duplicates.
  • Mark the ones you want to remove.
  • Delete them with a single click.


4. Duplicate Photos Finder

Free Trial: Entire Free Version

Compatibilitiy: macOS 10.10 and later versions

Price: Free

You might have got the idea about the functionality of this software with its name. Duplicate Photos Finder (DPF) helps you to find and remove the similar and duplicate pictures on your Mac with its robust algorithm. Here we discuss some of its other highlights that make DPF one of the best duplicate apple photos cleaner.

Key Features of Duplicate Photos Finder:

  • It can compare and detect similar images from huge picture libraries with a lightning-fast speed
  • The duplicate photo cleaning software can also remove duplicates from external storage devices.
  • It also boasts an Auto Mark feature that automatically marks the duplicate pictures.
  • Duplicate Photos Finder also provides a photo manager with lots of useful features such as, Color Labels, Path Bar, EXIF Info Panel, etc.
  • It is quite rare for a freeware to offer so many duplicate photo removing features. Hence, you can easily consider Duplicate Photos Finder (DPF) as one of the best duplicate photo cleaner for Mac.

However, a comprehensive evaluation is quite necessary before making any decision. Hence, here we have listed the pros and cons of Duplicate Photos Finder.



  • Strong algorithm
  • Easy and attractive interface
  • Highly efficient scanning results
  • Dark Mode for low light ambiance
  • Fast technical support
  • Offers lots of features for free


  • Limited features
  • Not a multi-dimensional utility
  • Lack of advanced functionality
  • Not compatible with older versions of macOS
  • Quite slow duplicate picture scanning and removing speed
  • Do not offer drag and drop functionality

How to use Duplicate Photos Finder?

You can remove duplicate pictures from your Mac with the help of Duplicate Photos Finder (DPF) by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Duplicate Photos Finder.
  • Click on New Scan.
  • Preview detected duplicates.
  • Select the ones you want to remove.
  • Click Trash Marked.

duplicate photos finder

5. Easy Photos Cleaner

Free Trial: Yes

Price: $49.625

Compatibility: macOS 10.10 and later versions

It’s not an easy task to find and remove duplicate images from your Mac device unless you have a free duplicate photo finder for Mac like Easy Photos Cleaner installed. As the name suggests, this tool makes cleaning of similar pictures quite effortless. Below are the features that makes it one of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac.

Praiseworthy Features of Easy Photos Cleaner:

  • It works on a drag and drop functionality. No matter how many photos you are having in a folder. You just have to drag and drop that folder to the Easy Photos Cleaner software. The rest will be done by the application.
  • The program also marks the detected duplicate photos automatically.
  • After detecting duplicate photos, it provides you a preview of them so that you can decide which picture you want to delete or keep.
  • It also has one easiest installation process. You just have to download and run the DMG file of the software to install this best duplicate photo remover for Mac. 
  • The tool also features a free trial version allowing you to clean 15 photos.
  • It is one of the most light-weight duplicate photo remover for Mac. The software size is 7.9 MB that too post-installation.


  • Helps to gain additional disk space
  • Cleans duplicates from external storage devices
  • Highly accurate algorithm
  • Deletes multiple photos from several folders at one go
  • Easy and effortless functionality
  • Compatible with the latest macOS versions
  • Quite fast as compared to other alternatives
  • Highly customizable
  • Detects and cleans duplicates in just 3 clicks after the launch


  • Cleans duplicate images permanently and doesn’t allow you to recover them.

How to use Easy Photos Cleaner?

If you want a little guidance for using Easy Photos Cleaner, then here are the instructions to follow.

  • Launch Easy Photos Cleaner.
  • Drag and drop the folders and files on which you want to run a scan for duplicate photos.
  • Click Scan.
  • After a few moments, it provides you with all the similar pictures available in that folder. Preview them.
  • Select the ones you want to delete.
  • Remove them with a single click.



6. Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Free Trial: Yes

Compatibilitiy: macOS 10.10 and later versions

Price: $29.99, $44.99, and $49.99

It is among those widely-used and the best duplicate photo removers for Mac that detects even the deeply hidden dupes. In addition to finding and removing duplicates from Apple’s Mac, it also frees up space on external storage devices. This free duplicate photo finder for Mac can even delete duplicate photos in iPhoto. Below are more of its features

Unique Features of Cisdem Duplicate Finder

  • Finds duplicate photos based on content.
  • Doubles up as a duplicate cleaner for iPhoto.
  • It’s quite easy to install this one of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac. You just have to download and launch the .dmg file of the software.
  • Host three modes to preview and compare the detected duplicates.
  • Segregates the duplicates in enticing visual charts and tabs.
  • Cisdem Duplicate Finder also provides scanning results in real-time. Hence, you do not have to wait for the scan to complete to take actions on the detected duplicates by using this duplicate photo cleaner for Mac.

Let’s now have a look at the pros that make it one of the best Mac duplicate photos finders.



  • Quite fast
  • Easy to use interface
  • Scans 1000 pictures in just one minute
  • Compares image similarity
  • Shows graphical representation of duplicates
  • Offers one-click duplicate removal
  • Uses quite less system resources


  • Does not provide deletion warning
  • No option to exclude folders from the scan
  • Quite slow customer support
  • Constant crashes
  • Requires more efforts to scan and delete duplicates
  • Lacks drag and drop feature
  • Do not allow to delete duplicate photos in free trial

How to use Cisdem Duplicate Finder?

Here is how you can use Cisdem Duplicate Finder on your Mac to detect and remove duplicates.

  • Launch Cisdem Duplicate Finder after installing it successfully.
  • Then, add folders that you think carry duplicate photos.
  • After that, select the Start Scan option.
  • Once you get the scan results, preview the pictures and select the ones you want to delete. You can even stop the scan whenever you want as this duplicate photo finder and remover tool provides real-time scanning results.
  • Click Delete to remove all the duplicates.

7. Easy Duplicate Finder

Free Trial: Yes

Compatibilitiy: macOS 10.6 and later versions

Price: $39.95, $49.95, $59.95, and $69.95

A simple and easy-to-use interface is what attracted us to this utility to delete duplicate photos from Mac. Apart from the straightforward UI, it hosts an ocean of features to delight users including deleting duplicate photos in iPhoto. Let’s discuss some of them

Central Features of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Supports all image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF.
  • Encompasses a plethora of scanning modes and sorting options.
  • Lets you set filters for image size and extensions.
  • It is one of those duplicate photo cleaner for Mac that can remove duplicate photos even from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Easy Duplicate Finder is one of the most easy to use and install duplicat photo remover. You just have to download & run the .dmg file and then it allows you to delete duplicates in just 3 clicks.
  • It is also available for Windows PCs.
  • The free offers management for 10 groups duplicate photos.

Apart from the above features, here we share a few of the pros and cons of this popular choice of users.



  • Also cleans duplicate videos and music
  • Finds more duplicates than its counterparts
  • Simple interface
  • It can find duplicates from iTunes, iPhoto, & Photos
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Available for older macOS versions
  • Multi-platform tool
  • Allows to exclude some folders from getting scanned


  • No side-by-side comparison
  • Expensive
  • Quite slow as compared to other alternatives
  • Offers less features than other alternatives
  • It features almost nothing in the free trial
  • Problematic selection process for scanned duplicates
  • No file management option in free trial

How to use Easy Duplicate Finder

You can follow these steps to use Easy Duplicate Finder to remove duplicate photos on your Mac.

  • First of all, download and install Easy Duplicate Finder on your Mac.
  • Then open it.
  • After that, you have to select a scanning mode.
  • Click Start Scan.
  • After getting the duplicates, review them.
  • Select the ones you do not want.
  • Click the delete icon.

easyduplicate finder- Free Duplicate Photo Finder MAC

8. DupeGuru

Free Trial: Entire Free Version

Compatibilitiy: macOS 10.10 and later versions

Price: Free

As the name suggests, dupeGuru is an expert in detecting and removing duplicates. This best free duplicate photo finder for Mac can even scan and delete other duplicate files. Just like many other duplicate image cleaners mentioned in this list, this too is quite easy to install. Here are some more praiseworthy features of dupeGuru.

Helpful Features of dupeGuru

  • This free duplicate photo remover for Mac can detect duplicate videos, songs, documents, and other files.
  • It can even detect duplicates based on their name and content.
  • Despite offering such detailed scanning, dupeGuru works with a lightning-fast speed.
  • You can make preferred changes to the scanning functionality of this highly-personalized dupe cleaning tool.
  • It offers three different duplicate scanning modes.
  • Along with the photos and other files having the same or matching name, this duplicate photo finder for Mac can even detect the files having similar or identical names.
  • Talking about dupeGure, the developers have written the UI layer of this software in Objective-C for the macOS, and it uses Cocoa. 

One should not ignore the pros and cons of dupeGuru. Hence, here we have mentioned them below.



  • Support multiple files
  • Entirely free
  • Highly customizable
  • Offers support in multiple languages
  • Real-time duplicate scanning results
  • Multi-platform freeware
  • Allows to save results and delta
  • Quite compact tool


  • Does not support the latest macOS
  • No instant preview
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Do not have side by side comparison
  • Sometimes detects wrong duplicates
  • Takes longer time as compared to other alternatives
  • Haven’t received any update since 2016

How to use dupeGuru

Here is all you need to do to remove duplicates via dupeGuru.

  • Launch this one of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac.
  • Now drag and drop the folders that have duplicates. You can also add them by clicking the ‘+’ icon.
  • Select Scan.
  • After getting the results, preview the detected duplicates.
  • You can remove all of the duplicates together by selecting all of them.
  • After selecting, click Actions and then Send Marked to Trash.

depeguru (1)

9. Tidy Up

Free Trial: Yes

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 and later versions

Price: $29.99 & $34.99

When the talk is about the best duplicate photo remover for Mac, the name of Tidy Up is bound to come. It not only tidies the disk on Mac but also deletes duplicate photos in iPhoto. Moreover, below are its other features that set it apart from the other utilities on this list.

Commendable Features of Tidy Up

  • Lets you find duplicate photos in the Lightroom library.
  • Hosts two search modes for the duplicate images, namely simple mode, and advanced mode.
  • It allows you to include or exclude hard links from the search.
  • Boasts an easy-to-use and powerful interface.
  • The tool also supports multiple libraries, including iTunes, iPhoto, Photos, Aperture, Mail, etc.
  • It even allows you to use different criteria to search multiple items. Hence, you can consider it among the best duplicate photo remover for Mac, as it is quite a rare feature.
  • You get one of the most customizable duplicate scanning experience in its advanced search mode.

In addition to these features, we also noticed a few pros of this best duplicate cleaner for Mac.



  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Allows to move duplicates to new location
  • Provides advanced duplicate search
  • Allows to previous found duplicates
  • Offers two search modes, i.e., simple mode and advanced mode
  • Comes with 80 preset search criteria
  • Supports multiple file formats


  • Unexpected lags
  • Complicated UI
  • Only compatible with the latest version of macOS
  • Doesn’t offer much in the free trial version
  • Not for novice users
  • Customization features are quite confusing
  • Does not provide any support

How to use Tidy Up

You can take the steps mentioned below to remove duplicates from Mac by using Tidy Up.

  • Select the source in which you want Tidy Up to scan for duplicates.
  • Now set the scan mode.
  • Choose the type of scan you want.
  • Click Search.
  • After the completion of the scan, select Show Result.
  • Preview the results and select the unwanted files.
  • Click Remove “All Duplicates” Content.

Tidy-Up (1)

Above were the best duplicate photo removers for Mac. Let’s now answer a few questions that linger in the minds of users.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duplicate Photo Cleaners for Mac

Q1. Can Mac Photos find duplicates

The answer to this question is a straight no. Apple’s default app Photos doesn’t offer any tool or feature to detect duplicates neither on Mac nor on iPhone. Hence, if you want to find and remove duplicates on your Mac, then you need to install a third-party duplicate photo finder and remover software.

Q2. How do I quickly delete duplicate photos on my Mac

It is quite time consuming to find and remove duplicate photos manually. Hence, to delete the duplicates quickly, you need to use a duplicate photo cleaner tool. It is the fastest way to clean similar pictures from your Mac. However, not every duplicate photo remover software provides a lightning-fast speed. That’s why we recommend using Easy Photos finder.

Q3. Why do I need a duplicate photo finder for Mac

There are multiple reasons why you need a duplicate photo finder for Mac. Here we list some of the prominent ones below.

  • Just like we have said, it is one of the most hectic and tedious task to find and remove duplicate photos manually. So, you require a software that can detect and delete those dupes in just a few clicks.
  • One of the most prominent components of system junk is duplicate photos. They acquire space in GBs. Hence, a duplicate photo finder and remover software is necessary to free up the space acquired by unwanted pictures.
  • The tool helps you to keep your gallery organized.
  • It ultimately boosts the performance of your system by providing you some additional space.
  • These utilities save your money by preventing you from stuffing your iCloud with dupes and other unwanted pictures.

Q4. What is the best duplicate photo finder for macOS

After evaluating all the above-mentioned tools, we can state that these are the best duplicate photo finders for macOS: 

  • Easy Photos Finder
  • PhotoSweeper X
  • Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Along with performing the core task of detecting and removing the duplicates exceptionally well, these utilities also offer a bunch of other helpful features. From the advanced duplicate detecting algorithm to the simple interface, these apps provide quite top-notch things.

Q5. Why do I have so many duplicate photos on my Mac

The answer to this question is quite simple. And there is no need to worry about having duplicate photos on your Mac. All of us have similar or duplicate pictures in our devices. While clicking pictures, we do not get satisfied with a single click. And hence, we end up taking multiple similar photos. This is one of the most common reasons for having duplicate photos. Another is copying a picture multiple times. 

However, it is quite difficult or nearly impossible to delete all the duplicate photos manually. That’s why we advise you to have a duplicate photo finder and cleaner software at your rescue.

Pick the Best App to Find & Remove Duplicate Photos from Mac

As you are now aware of the duplicate photo finder and removers for Mac, pick the one that suits your needs the most. Weigh each of these applications in terms of their features, pros, and cons, and then make the correct choice. If you find it tough to make a decision, then we would recommend Easy Photos finder for the multitude of functionalities it offers. You can get it from here.

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