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Bad System Config Info Windows 10 Fixed Easily In No Time

There are two types of Blue Screen of Death errors. First, that does not even let you start the PC and other more creepy ones that pop up exactly when you are engrossed in some important task on the computer. Bad_System_Config_Info is an example of the second category of BSOD errors that interrupt your workflow. If you are facing this error, then we understand how frustrating it can be for you.

But now it’s the time to cheer up as through this write-up, we share the best fixes for Bad System Config Info Windows 10 error. Before moving on to them, let’s first have a look at the culprits that triggered this error, as knowing the causes helps you fix the issues with more ease.

What Prompts Bad System Config Info on Windows 10

Below are the main reasons for which Bad System Config Info error is here to annoy you.

  • Broken hard drive or RAM
  • Driver related issues such as outdated drivers
  • Faults in the Boot Configuration Data, i.e., BCD
  • Errors in Windows Registry and system files

Now, as we know the causes, fixing this error would not be a tough task. Hence, we move to the fixes that you need to resolve Windows Bad System Config Info error.

Quick and Easy Fixes for Bad System Config Info Windows 10

Here are the solutions that you need to get rid of Bad_System_Config_Info on Windows 10 and 7.

Fix 1: Check Windows for Updates

With every update, Windows fixes the common issues that plague the users’ PC such as Bad_System_Config_Info. Therefore, update Windows to get the error fixed. Below are the steps to do it.

  • Hit Windows and I keys simultaneously to evoke “Settings”.
  • After the Settings window comes up, choose “Update & Security”.

    update & security from windows setting
    Image Source: Windows 10 Skills
  • From the Update & Security window’s left pane, choose “Windows Update”.
  • Click on “Check for updates”.

    Check for the available updates
    Image Source: Windows 10 Skills
  • Now, wait till Windows installs the available update and fixes the issues.

Fix 2: Pay heed to the hardware

BSOD errors can result from both software problems as well as hardware issues. Therefore, it is important to check the hardware and repair the damages, if any. If the hardware is damaged beyond repair, then consider replacing it to fix the Bad System Config Info on Windows 10.

Fix 3: Run the Bcdedit Command

Incorrect system configuration is also among the topmost causes of Bad System Config Info on Windows 7 and 10. Therefore, to fix the error, you need to run the bcdedit command by implementing the below steps.

  • When your PC boots, keep restarting it till “Automatic Repair” starts.
  • Click on “Troubleshoot” and select “Advanced Options”.

    Choose Advanced options
    Image Source: iSunshare
  • Select “Command Prompt” from the options that you see on the screen.

    Choose command prompt from advanced options
    Image Source: DigitalCitizen
  • In the Command Prompt window input “bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc” and “bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememory”.

    bcdedit delete value command
    Image Source: Partitionwizard
  • Lastly, exit Command Prompt and restart Windows.

Fix 4: Fix the corrupted BCD file

As stated above, incorrectly configured or corrupt BCD files can also result in irksome errors such as Bad_System_Config_Info on Windows 10. Therefore, implement the below steps to fix the BCD file issues.

  • Insert the bootable USB/flash drive to boot the PC.
  • Click on “Next” and choose “Repair your computer”.
  • Go to “Troubleshoot”.
  • Select “Advanced Options”.
  • Choose “Command Prompt”.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type the below commands and hit “Enter” after each of them.

bootrec /repairbcd

bootrec repairbcd command
Image Source:Windowsreport

bootrec /osscan

bootrec osscan
Image Source: Windowsreport 

bootrec /repairmbr

bootrec repairmbr
Image Source: Windowsreport
  • Now, exit Command Prompt and restart the PC.

Fix 5: Try performing System Restore

Running System Restore is another way through which Bad System Config Info Windows 10 error can be fixed. Thus, follow the below steps to perform it.

  • When the computer boots, restart the PC a few times.
  • After the Automatic Repair process begins, choose “Troubleshoot”.
  • Select “Advanced Options” and then choose “System Restore”.

    choose system restore option from advance options
    Image Source: Windows Central
  • Click on your username and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select the desired restore point and click on “Next”.

    system restore points
    Image Source: Windowsreport
  • Wait till the System Restore finishes.

Fix 6: Update drivers via Bit Driver Updater (Recommended)

Drivers many times act notorious and cause various scary errors such as Bad System Config Info on  Windows 10. Therefore, you should always keep the drivers updated to avoid all sorts of errors. Coming to the way to update drivers, in our view, automatic driver update using Bit Driver Updater is the best driver updating method. This utility updates drivers in a single click and takes your PC’s performance a notch up. Below is the short series of steps to use it.



  • Download and install Bit Driver Updater.
  • Launch it and wait till it scans the PC.
  • Once the scan finishes, click on “Update Now” to update a single troublesome driver. For updating all outdated drivers in the twinkling of an eye, click on “Upgrade to PRO” and get the Pro version. In the Pro version, you get many premium features such as Backup & Restore, the flexibility to schedule scans, and more.

Bit Driver Updater

After you complete the above steps, all PC errors get automatically resolved and your device’s performance becomes smoother than ever. Apart from this, it is among the best driver updaters to improve system stability. Therefore, without thinking twice, click on the link given below to get  Bit Driver Updater.


Bad System Config Info Windows 10: Solved

Through this write-up, we brought to the fore a few easy fixes for Bad System Config Info on Windows 10. Hopefully, we were successful in helping you fix the error with ease. In case you have any doubt about the fixes stated above or other comments and suggestions, then we are all ears, do leave us a comment. Also, keep reading Innovana Blog for more such tech solutions and updates.

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