How to Fix Can’t Hear People in Discord (Latest 2022 Guide)
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How to Fix Can’t Hear People in Discord (Latest 2022 Guide)

Do not panic if you can’t hear a friend or other people in Discord. This post shares the best possible ways to fix it.

Discord has made almost all multiplayer games more fun with its voice chat. Using this platform, you can interact with co-players over a voice call to have engaging conversations while playing a game. However, all entertainment seems lost when you can’t hear people in a Discord voice call.

But, you do not need to panic as this fun can be brought back. You can fix the problems if you can’t hear people on Discord easily. All you are required to do is read this article carefully.

Here, we acquaint you with the top fixes for the issues because of which you can’t hear Discord voice chat. However, before we jump to the solutions, we feel it is on point to answer a question you may have, i.e., “Why can’t I hear people in Discord?”

If we know this question’s answer, solving the problem is a lot easier. Thus, we share it below.

Why can’t you hear people in Discord?

Below are the major reasons you can’t hear anyone on Discord.

  • Outdated Discord
  • Compatibility issues between Discord’s audio subsystem and your hardware
  • Out-of-date audio driver
  • Your audio device is not set as default
  • Using an incorrect output device

These were the core causes behind the issues because of which you can’t hear Discord voice chats. Let’s now start fixing them.

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Fixes for can’t hear people in Discord issue

Here are the solutions you can apply to fix the problems because of which you can’t hear a friend or other people in Discord voice chat.

Fix 1: Update Discord

Updates often fix random bugs and issues, such as people can’t hear Discord voice chats. Thus, you can follow the below steps to get Discord updated.

  • Maximize the Discord window and refresh the app (you can use the Ctrl+R command on Windows/ Command+R command on Mac).
  • Wait till the application gets refreshed and checks for updates.
    Update Discord
  • Download the available Discord update and get it installed.

Fix 2: Enable the Legacy audio subsystem

You can’t hear anyone on Discord if there are compatibility issues between your hardware and the new subsystem of the application. To fix the problem, you need to turn on the Legacy audio subsystem by following the steps below.

  • Open Discord and click on the gear icon to view the application’s settings.Enable the Legacy audio subsystem
  • Choose Voice & Video from the left pane.
  • Go to the AUDIO SUBSYSTEM and choose Legacy. Open discord voice and video leagcy setting
  • Select Okay to change the audio subsystem and relaunch change the audio subsystem

Fix 3: Perform audio driver update (Recommended)

Updating the drivers solves many Discord lagging issues, such as voice chat becoming inaudible. It is so as a driver is a connecting medium between your hardware (for example, the audio device) and computer. If the driver, such as the audio driver, becomes outdated, the sound device and PC face problems in communicating with each other. Hence, you can’t hear people in Discord.

To fix this problem, you need to update the sound driver. You can perform the update using traditionally used methods (through Device Manager/manufacturer’s website) or in an automatic way with competent software (for instance, Bit Driver Updater).

We prefer the latter as updating the driver becomes easier, safer, and convenient if done automatically.

You can use Bit Driver Updater, i.e., one of the best driver update programs to update drivers automatically with a click. In addition to one-click updates, it provides a lot of other features, such as backing up and restoring drivers, increasing the driver download pace, running scheduled scans, etc.

Here is the Bit Driver Updater download link for you to get this software and enjoy all its amazing features.
download now button

After installing the software from the above link, you can follow these directions to update the audio and other drivers.

  • Wait for some seconds (generally two to three) to let the scan for outdated drivers finish.
  • After the scan concludes, Update All drivers to their new version.Perform audio driver update

If you wish to perform an update of only the audio driver, make a click on the Update Now button.

However, in the view of tech experts, you should update all outdated drivers for top-notch computer performance.

Fix 4: Make your audio device the default output device

Issues like you can’t hear a friend on Discord may arise if your audio device is not the default output device. Therefore, you need to set the sound device as default to fix the issue. Below is the step-by-step process to do it.

  • Right-click on the taskbar’s sound icon and pick the option to open sound settings. open sound settings
  • Ensure you have the correct Output and Input audio device.
  • Return to the taskbar and again perform a right-click on the sound icon. Open sounds
  • Select Sounds from the options present in the context menu.
  • Stay on the Playback tab, make a right-click on your audio device, and select Set as Default Communication Device.
    Set speaker as Default Communication Device
  • Choose Apply and OK to make sure the changes are saved.

Fix 5: Ensure you are using the correct output device

If your output device is incorrect, you can’t hear anyone on Discord. Thus, below is how to ensure that your output device is correct.

  • Open Discord settings. 
  • Choose Voice & Video from the left and then go to the OUTPUT DEVICE category.
  • Change the output device from Default to your device.Change the output device from Default to your device

Above was what to do if you can’t hear people in Discord. Now, it is time to answer a few related questions so that it becomes easier for you to solve the problem.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to the repeatedly asked questions about how to fix the issues if a user can’t hear people in Discord.

Q1. What to do if you can’t hear other people on Discord?

This article shared multiple ways to fix the issues if you can’t hear people in Discord. You can try them one by one to solve the problem. Or, you can update drivers using Bit Driver Updater to fix the problem instantly.

Q2. Why is the mic not working on Discord?

Discord may not be picking your mic as you have not allowed it to access the microphone and camera. Thus, you need to give the necessary permissions. If the problem persists, you can try the solutions shared in this guide.

Q3. Why can other people hear my Discord game?

Your friends or other people can hear your game on Discord as the application is picking up the game sounds. You can take the below steps to fix this problem.

Can’t hear people in Discord fixed

Through this article, we answered the question” Why can’t I hear people in Discord” and several other questions. Along with this, we also discussed the solutions to the problems because of which you can’t hear anyone on Discord.

You can fix the issues why you can’t hear a friend on Discord using the solutions shared in this article. If you are confused about which fix to apply first, we suggest updating drivers with Bit Driver Updater. It is the most recommended solution,  and you may need not try other fixes after applying this fix.

If you know other better solutions to the problems because of which you can’t hear Discord voice chat, share the same in the comment section.

For more useful articles, stay in regular touch with this blog. 

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