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Fix Dell Laptop Screen Flickering Windows 10 Issue

You cannot ignore Dell while talking about PCs and laptops. It is such a big name in the industry that almost all of us have used a Dell laptop or computer once in our life, whether at the workplace, college, or home. The company produces such a good and affordable laptops. However, despite being such a good laptop, you might face some issues with your Dell machine having Windows. And the ‘Dell laptop screen flickeringWindows 10 issue is one of the most disturbing problems among them.

This issue may entirely overshadow the qualities of your Dell device. Hence, it is essential to resolve it as soon as possible to resume the old effortless functioning of your laptop. However, you can not fix it with one particular solution as there are multiple reasons for the issue. But do not worry. Here we have brought several helpful fixes. You can use these solutions when your Dell monitor is flickering on and off.

Ways to Resolve the ‘Dell Laptop Screen Flickering’ Windows 10 Issue

Below we have provided solutions for the ‘Dell laptop screen flickeringWindows 10 problem considering almost all the prominent factors of the issue.

Update or Uninstall Problematic Apps

Users have reported that apps like Norton Anti-virus, iCloud, and IDT Audio have caused flickering issues on their Dell laptop screen. Experts have also proved the same, and hence, the app manufacturers have also accepted this. They have worked on it and released updates. So, if you have installed any of these programs and then started experiencing the Dell laptop screen blinking on and off issue, then you must try to update the apps. If you find it difficult to do it manually, then we advise you to use some third-party software to update applications on Windows PC. After updating them, observe if the problem persists or not.

If the flashing issue persists, then we recommend to uninstall these programs and contact the manufacturers regarding this. If you do not have much technical knowledge and feel difficulties while uninstalling the programs, then you may try some uninstallers to remove the desired apps from your PC.

If none of these work and the issue persists, then try the other solutions mentioned here.

Change Power Performance Plan Settings

It is one of the proven effective solutions to fix the Dell laptop screen flickering issue even at startup. You have to change your power performance from balanced to high and then change its plan settings as well. Here is how you can do it easily.

  • In the Windows search bar, type Control Panel and open it.
    type control panel in start menu
  • Change the view to large icons.
  • Then, scroll to Power Options and click on it.
    choose power option from control panel
  • Choose High performance and then click on Change plan settings.
  • After that, select Restore default settings for this plan.
    select Restore default settings for this plan
  • Choose Yes.
  • Implement the change by restarting the computer.

Now check whether the fix resolved the ‘Dell laptop screen flickering’ Windows 10 issue or not.

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Configure Screen Resolution

Here is another effective hack to fix the screen flickering problem on the Dell laptops. You just have to configure the screen resolution and check whether it resolved the issue or not. Below are the instructions to do it.

  1. Just go to a blank space on your desktop screen and do a right-click there.
  2. Now choose Display settings from the context menu.
  3. After that, scroll down to the Resolution and select the recommended one.
  4. Observe if this hack worked for you to fix the Dell laptop screen flickering issue or not.

Stop & Disable Windows Desktop Manager

Sometimes, an issue in the Windows Desktop Manager service can also cause the ‘Dell laptop screen flickering’ Windows 10 problem. Hence, to resolve it, you have to stop and disable the service. Here are the steps that you have to take.

  • Go to the Windows search box and search Services.
  • Open it.
    Type Services in the Windows search box
  • Scroll down to the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service.
  • To stop the service, do a right-click on it and then click on the Stop option.
  • Now, right-click the service again and this time select Properties.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • After that, make the Startup type disabled.
  • Click OK and press enter on your keyboard.

Now observe and verify whether this solution has worked or not on your Dell laptop.

Transiently Disable Third-Party Antivirus

Some third-party antivirus software can also cause the screen flickering problem on your Dell laptop. They keep running in the background constantly and hence use your system resources. However, some antivirus software uses too many resources, which may lead to various problems on your computer, and this screen flickering and flashing issue is one of them. Hence, to resolve this, we suggest you disable the antivirus software transiently. After disabling, check if the problem has got resolved on your Dell laptop or not. If yes, then try contacting the manufacturer of the antivirus and report the issue.

If in case, you do not get a proper response from them, then it’s time to change the antivirus program. We suggest you to try the ITL Total Security anti-malware software. It is quite lightweight and does not hog up your system resources. Despite this, you get a bunch of futuristic features and exceptional security from malware threats. The program is quite affordable as well, as compared to other antiviruses. Give it a try by clicking the download button provided below. It is free to download.


ITL Total Security

Configure Screen Refresh Rate

Configuring the screen refresh rate of your Windows is another great hack to fix the blicking or flickering issues of Dell laptop screen. Here is how you can do it.

  • Just go to a blank space on your desktop screen and do a right-click there.
  • Now choose Display settings from the context menu.
  • Scroll down and click the Advanced display settings option.
    advanced display settings
  • Choose Display adapter properties.
    advanced display settings
  • On the top of the Properties Window, click the Monitor tab.
  • Configure the screen refresh rate. Choose a higher rate.
  • Select Apply.
  • Finish it by clicking on OK.
    screen refresh rate

Repair Graphics Drivers

Problematic drivers are always a huge trouble for Windows PCs and laptops. Hence, you can face a lot of issues on your Dell laptop as well due to faulty drivers. Even the major factor for the ‘Dell laptop screen flickering’ Windows 10 problem is also the erroneous or missing graphics drivers.

You require to repair your graphics driver to fix the screen flickering problem on your Dell laptop. However, doing the task manually requires a lot of technical knowledge, efforts, & time. Hence, we suggest you to do it via ITL Driver Updater. It is one of the best utility to repair and update graphics drivers and other PC drivers with minimum efforts. You just need to perform a few simple clicks and just require some minutes to fix your PC drivers via this tool. It also offers various premium features in the paid version. That’s why we recommend everyone to try the premium paid version of ITL Driver Updater.

You can also catch a glimpse of the driver updater’s interface and functionality for free. Just click the below button and follow the instructions provided. However, we still suggest purchasing the premium version to enjoy the complete functionality of the program.

  • Use the downloaded setup file to install ITL Driver Updater on your Dell laptop. You just have to run it and then follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • Then, run the installed ITL Driver Updater program.
  • Make the first click on the Scan Drivers option available on the home screen.
  • Then, after the scan, search for your graphics drivers in the results and click the Update Now button to repair & update them.

ITL driver updater software

This is how you can update your graphics or display drivers and fix the ‘Dell laptop screen flickering at startup’ issue in just a few clicks via ITL Driver Updater.

Best Solution for the ‘Dell Laptop Screen Flickering’ Windows 10 Issue

The screen flickering, flashing, or blinking issue is one of the most disturbing problems on the Dell laptops. It completely affects the concentration of users and stops them from performing their work on the system. We hope the above solutions have helped you to get rid of the ‘Dell laptop screen flickering’ Windows 10 issue.

However, if you want to know the best and fastest solution among them, then it is repairing the graphics drivers via ITL Driver Updater. The faulty graphics driver can cause a lot of issues on your Dell laptop and is also a major reason for the screen flickering problem. Hence, it becomes quite more essential to repair the driver. And the best thing you can do is to use the ITL Driver Updater.

Although, if you know some other effective ways to fix the Dell laptop screen flickering issue, then share it with us in the comments section.

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