Display Driver Failed to Start on Windows 10? Try these Easy Fixes
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Display Driver Failed to Start on Windows 10? Try these Easy Fixes

Imagine a computer, the display of which does not work. All that you see is a black screen. If the display driver failed to start on Windows 10, then the users face this nightmarish situation. And, things become even more frustrating if you are a software editor who uses resource-hungry editing software or a gamer who plays graphic-intensive games.

However, now you need not worry as this write-up walks you through the fixes to resolve the issues if Windows 10 display driver failed to start. But, before moving on to them, let’s first answer a common user query that you might also have.

The Display Driver Failed to Start on Windows 10: Why Did this Happen

There can be many reasons for which you get the error stating, “Display driver failed to start; using Microsoft Basic Display Driver instead. Check Windows Update for a new display driver.” Below are the prominent ones out of them.

  • Installing drivers from untrusted sources
  • Incompatible driver installation
  • Corrupt graphics drivers

Now that we caught the culprits behind the Windows Fixboot Access Denied error fixing the issues would be an easy thing to do. No matter which graphics card you are using, the fixes in the below segment resolve the bugs for all the graphics cards ranging from NVIDIA to Intel.

Quick and Easy Fixes to Try if the Display Driver Failed to Start on Windows 10

Here are the fixes to effortlessly resolve the issues if the display driver failed to start on Windows 10.

Fix 1: Start the Graphics Driver Again

Restarting the graphics driver can bring back the screen if the display driver failed to start on Windows 10. All that you are required to do is hit the Windows, Ctrl, Shift, and B keys together to restart the graphics driver. Once you press these keys, the device becomes normal in a couple of minutes.

Fix 2: Update your Operating System

Updating Windows is another way to resolve common issues such as Windows Fixboot Access Denied. Therefore, follow the below steps to update your operating system.

  • Hit the Windows logo and I key together to call up “Settings”.
  • Once the Settings window appears, choose “Update & Security”.

    update & security from windows setting
    Image Source: Windows 10 Skills

  • Choose “Windows Update” from the left pane of the Update & Security window.
  • Click on “Check for updates” and wait till Windows updates the system.

    Check for the available updates
    Image Source: Windows 10 Skills

Fix 3: Roll back the Display Drivers

Rolling back the display driver to a previously working state fixes the issues if the Windows display driver failed to start. Thus, follow the below steps to roll back the drivers.

  • In the search box on Windows, type “Device Manager” and select the “Best Match” that appears on the screen.

    Use Device Manager
    Image Source: iSunshare

  • After the Device Manager pops up on the screen, expand the “Display Adapters” segment.
  • Right-click the display driver and choose “Properties” from the context menu.

    uninstall display device driver
    Image Source: iSunshare

  • Once the Properties window comes up, move to the “Drivers” tab.
  • Click on “Roll Back Driver” and “OK”.

    rollback graphic driver
    Image Source: Windows Central

  • Confirm the rollback and wait until the process completes.

Fix 4: Install the Display Adapter Driver Again

Incorrectly installed display adapter driver often results in troublesome issues such as display driver failed to start on Windows 10. Therefore, reinstall the driver to fix the issues. Below is how to do it.

  • Evoke “Device Manager”, expand “Display Adapters”, and right-click the display driver.
  • Choose “Uninstall device” from the on-screen context menu.

    uninstall graphic device driver
    Image Source: Windows Report

  • Confirm the uninstallation and restart the PC.

Fix 5: Troubleshoot the Hardware and Device Issues

As you may know, the troubleshooter is an in-built Windows utility to get rid of common problems such as display driver failed to start on Windows 10 & NVIDIA graphics card is not working. Hence, follow the below steps to run the hardware and devices troubleshooter.

  • Launch “Settings” and click on “Update & Security”.
  • After the Update & Security window comes up, choose “Troubleshoot”.
  • Click on “Hardware and Devices” and select “Run the troubleshooter”.

    run the troubleshooter for hardware and devices
    Image Source: Partitionwizard

  • Once the troubleshooting process finishes, restart the PC.

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Fix 6: Adjust the OS for Best Performance

Windows 10 allows you to make adjustments in the appearance and device’s performance. If the display driver failed to start on Windows 10, then you can adjust the appearance- performance ratio to resolve the problems. However, this fix results in a bit downgraded appearance but the app performance becomes perfect as before. Here’re the steps to adjust the performance.

  • Launch “File Explorer” and right-click “This PC”.
  • Select “Properties”.
  • Choose “Advanced System Settings”.
  • Move to the “Advanced” tab.
  • Select “Settings” from the Performace Options.
  • Go to the “Visual Effects” tab and select “Adjust for best performance”.
  • Click on “OK” and “Apply” to save the changes.

    adjust for best performance
    Image Source: Partitionwizard

Fix 7: Use Bit Driver Updater to update drivers (Recommended)

If we analyze the causes of all major PC problems, then outdated drivers will come out as a common triggering factor. Hence, we suggest you always keep drivers well updated. Since out of date drivers are also one of the prime reasons for which Windows 10 display driver failed to start, we advise you to update drivers to resolve the issue. Coming to the driver update methods, you can update drivers either manually or smartly via Bit Driver Updater. In our view, the latter is better because this amazing tool not only automatically updates drivers but also elevates the performance of your device and makes it smoother than ever. Thus, implement the below steps to use Bit Driver Updater and drive all the PC errors away.

  • Download, install, and launch it on your device.
    download now button
  • Let Bit Driver Updater scan your PC.
  • Once the scan completes, click on “Update Now” to update drivers one after another. If this sounds too much work to do and you want to update all the drivers in a single click, then click on “Update All” to get Bit Driver Updater’s Pro version. The Pro version also provides you several benefits such as the freedom to schedule scans and backup and restore drivers. Hence, it is worth every penny that you spend on the Pro version.

Bit Driver Updater

Yes, getting rid of all the PC problems is this simple. The above three steps are all that you need to follow. Hence, click on the below link to download Bit Driver Updater and make your PC’s performance better than ever.

Display Driver Failed to Start Windows 10: Fixed

This post highlighted the easiest fixes for issues if the display driver failed to start on Windows 10. Hopefully, the issue is now fixed and won’t rear its ugly head. In case you have any doubts or comments, then feel free to let us know via the comment box. Moreover, we will continue our series of fixes for more such annoying tech errors. Subscribe to our blog and join us on social media platforms so that you don’t miss them.

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