How to Fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome Error in Windows 10
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How to Fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome Error in Windows 10

Your connection was interrupted as a network change was detected, causing ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error? Then, read on to learn how to fix this problem effortlessly.

You want to view a webpage, but what welcomes you is the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error? Well, we understand that it can be a highly annoying problem, particularly when you want to accomplish some crucial task through the internet.

But now that you have landed on this blog post, you can leave all worries to us. Through this article, we show you how to fix the issues if your connection was interrupted as a network change was detected.

Before we jump to the fixes, it is important to understand the problem clearly. You can fix an issue only when you have a clear understanding. Thus, let’s first talk about the error in a little more detail.

What is an ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error

As the error message indicates, there is some network issue that prevents you from viewing the desired webpage. This error particularly occurs on Google Chrome when loading web pages.  The web pages may fail to load owing to a variety of reasons. Let’s now take a look at the same.

Why does this ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error occur

Below are the most common reasons why you are facing the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error in Google Chrome.

  • Misconfigured network settings
  • Unnecessary browsing data
  • Outdated network adapter driver
  • Improperly installed network adapter driver

These were the most prominent causes of ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error. After learning about them, we are now in a better position to fix the issue. Hence, let’s proceed towards its fixes.

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Fixes for ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error on Google Chrome

Here is what you can do to fix the situation if your connection was interrupted as a network change was detected, causing an ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error.

Fix 1: Perform basic troubleshooting

You do not need to apply complex solutions to fix some problems. Sometimes, a few minor hacks can fix the issue successfully. Thus, before trying the more complicated solutions, try these fixes to solve the problem.

  • Restart your PC and router.
  • Check and reconnect the internet.
  • Make sure that your VPN software is inactive when you use Google Chrome.

Fix 2: Change the configuration of your TCP/IP

Problems with internet protocols like TCP/IP may be a reason your connection was interrupted due to an ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error. Thus, you can try changing your TCP/IP configuration to check whether it fixes the problem or not. Below is how to do it.

  • Using the search function of Windows, find and launch Command Prompt as an administrator.
    Take the Help of Command Prompt and open it as an administrater
  • Input netsh int ip reset in the command line and press Enter.
    netsh int ip reset from command prompt
  • Go to your browser and test the internet connection.

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Fix 3: Get the driver for your network adapter updated (Recommended)

Outdated drivers are a major reason why ERR_NETWORK_Changed error in Google Chrome occurs. It is so because, without an updated driver, the network adapter and your computer fail to communicate with each other correctly.

Thus, if your connection was interrupted as a network change was detected, you need to update your network adapter driver to fix it.

You can execute the driver update through the conventionally used methods (via Device Manager or manufacturer’s website) or automatically using dedicated software (for example, Bit Driver Updater).

We prefer updating drivers automatically with Bit Driver Updater since automatic driver updates are more convenient and safer than manual ones.

Talking about Bit Driver Updater, it is one of the best driver update tools with a variety of features, such as one-click updates, driver backup and restores, acceleration of driver’s download speed, etc.

To know more about the features of this software and download it, you can click on the link below.

download now button

Once you have installed the software from the given link, you can take these steps to update out-of-date drivers.

  • Wait for Bit Driver Updater to finish scanning your PC (it takes nearly two to three seconds to do it).
  • Update All drivers to their best possible versions.
    Update the driver from Bit Driver Updater

We advise updating all the drivers for top-notch computer performance. However, if you want to execute an update for only the network adapter driver, you can choose the Update Now tool.

Fix 4: Change the DNS settings

Faulty DNS settings may also cause ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error. Therefore, you can check and make changes in the DNS settings to fix the issue. Below we share the steps to do it.

  • Use the search of Windows to find the Control Panel and open it.
    Search control panel in windows search
  • Change Control Panel’s view to Category. 
  • Select Network and Internet from the available categories.
    Select Network and Internet
  • Go to the Network and Sharing Center and pick the option to change adapter settings from the left pane.Network and Sharing Center and select change adapter settings
  • Right-click your network adapter and choose Properties. 
  • After highlighting the Internet Protocol Version 4, choose the Properties option.
  • Under the Use the following DNS server addresses column, input as the Prefered DNS Server and as the Alternate DNS Server.
    Use the following DNS server addresses
  • Select OK to save changes.

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Fix 5: Delete the browsing cache

Unnecessarily stored browsing cache hogs resources and may also be a reason why ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED in Windows 10. Thus, you can follow the steps below to remove the browsing cache.

  • Launch Google Chrome and use the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut to view history.
  • Select the option to Clear browsing data from the left section.Clear browsing chrome data
  • Select Beginning of time and then mark all the options except Hosted app data and Media licenses. 
  • Click on Clear browsing data and check whether the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error is fixed or not.Clear browsing data

Fix 6: Get the network adapter driver reinstalled

An incorrectly installed network adapter driver also causes many issues, the same way an outdated driver results in various problems. It may be possible that ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED in Google Chrome because of an improperly installed network adapter driver. Therefore, below is how to get the network adapter driver to reinstall.

  • Use the Windows search to look for Device Manager and launch the same.
    Open Device Manager from search
  • Click on the Network adapters section to get its complete view.
  • Right-click on your adapter and pick Uninstall device from the context menu.
  • Mark the option that permits Windows to Delete the driver software for this device and select Uninstall/OK. 
  • After finishing the reinstallation, restart the computer and check whether the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error is solved or not.

Above we shared all the possible solutions you can apply if a network change was detected and your connection was interrupted. Now, let’s answer some questions users often ask, so you can get rid of the problem even easily.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to some most common questions about ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error.

Q1. What is causing internet interruptions?

If your internet is getting interrupted and you are facing an error called “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” in Google Chrome, below are the most prominent reasons for it.

  • TCP/IP configuration issues
  • Outdated driver for the network adapter
  • Improper DNS settings
  • Presence of unnecessary browsing cache
  • Incorrect installation of the network adapter driver

Q2. How to fix the network if it is interrupted?

If your connection was interrupted and a network change was detected, you can follow these fixes shared in this article to solve the problem. If you cannot try all the solutions due to lack of time or other reasons, you can update the network adapter driver using Bit Driver Updater to fix the problem in a single shot.

Q3. How to turn off internet interruptions?

You can take these steps to fix internet interruptions if you are getting an ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error.

  • For public WiFi, launch the network’s login page forcefully.
  • Perform router and modem troubleshooting
  • Change your router’s settings to default

Q4. What is the meaning of ERR_TIMED_OUT?

ERR_TIMED_OUT is a Chrome error like ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED and ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. It simply means that certain restrictions are preventing Google Chrome from opening the desired webpage.

ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED Chrome error fixed

Through this article, we helped you solve the problems if your connection was interrupted due to the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error. You can use the fixes shared in the article to drive this issue away.

If applying all the fixes feels cumbersome, you can update the network adapter driver directly to solve the problem quickly and easily.

For fixes to other tech issues, be sure to read this blog regularly.

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