How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Working
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How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Working

Are reels not working on Instagram? If yes, then do not panic. Be ready to catch up with your favorite reel celebrity or engage with your followers as reels are going to work soon with the fixes shared in this article.

According to recent statistics, Instagram has over 1.386 billion active users, a number equal to the population of some countries. Have you ever wondered what makes it such a popular social network? Well, apart from the regular chat, newsfeed, and share feature, it boasts a highly intriguing reels section that gains maximum user attention. And when the Instagram reels are not working, it disheartens many users.

If you are also a reel fan or someone who informs and entertains people through reel videos, we understand how painful it is if reels are not working on Instagram.

But now you can breathe a sigh of relief as this article is here to help you fix the Instagram reels not working problem quite effortlessly.

Without making you wait for long to enter the reel-world, let’s begin with the fixes to Instagram reels not showing or working issues.

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Quick and Easy Fixes for Instagram Reels Not Working

Below are various step-by-step approaches to get rid of the issues because of which you can’t post reels on Instagram, they are not showing, or the reels section is not completely not working.

Fix 1: Update the application

When did you last update the Instagram app? If the answer is a long time ago, head to Play Store to download, and install the Instagram update. These updates help fix random bugs such as the Instagram reels not working.

Fix 2: Use different access points to get reels

If the Instagram reels are not showing, you can use various methods to access them. We share them below. 

  • Access reels via navigation bar: You can use Instagram’s navigation to view reels. Here are the steps to do it.
    1. Go to the navigation bar present at the Instagram app’s bottom.
    2.  Choose the reels icon from the center.
      the reels icon from the center
  • View reels for the new post section: The reels option is also available on the new post screen of Instagram. Below is how to use it when you can’t post reels on Instagram.
    1. Touch your finger on the plus icon to tap it.
      View reels for the new post section
    2. Choose Reels from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Open reels from the explore section: The explore section of Instagram lets you view reels as well. Below is how to access it.
    1. Tap the Search option to explore.
    2. Check the search results to view Public Reels. 
  • Go to the reels from Stories: The stories section of Instagram also takes you to reels. Here is how to reach them.
    1. Head to Instagram Stories. 
    2. Choose Reels from the bottom.
      Go to the reels from Stories- Choose reels option
  • Access reels from another user’s profile: When reels are not working on Instagram, you can view them from the profile of another user. Here are the quick steps to do it.
    1. Go to any user’s Instagram profile.
    2. Choose the Reels option that is present next to the IGTV.
      Access reels from another user’s profile
  • Get reels from the Instagram camera: If the Instagram reels are not showing, you can see them from the camera section by following these steps.
    1. Make a left to right swipe from Instagram’s home page.
    2. Select Reels from the bottom tab.

Fix 3: Enter Instagram’s Beta club

Almost every application has a Beta program that lets you test new features and submit feedback to the developer. Instagram also has such a program. You can join it and make it known to the developers that the Instagram music is not working in reels or the other problems with them. Here is the way to enter it.

  • Head to the Play Store.
  • Search for open Instagram. 
  • Select Join from Join the beta option.
    Enter Instagram’s Beta club
  • Tap on the Update button.
  • Now, see whether Instagram reels are working or not (sometimes, the reels option may take twenty-four hours to two days to reappear after joining the Beta program).

Fix 4: Logout of Instagram and log in again

Somehow this login logout hack often fixes issues we think are impossible to fix, right? That’s why we suggest you log out of Instagram and then login again to check if it works to fix the Instagram reels not working problem or not.

Fix 5: Clear Instagram cache

Clearing the cache on Instagram resets the application to the state when you downloaded it, often fixing issues like Instagram reel music not working. Hence, below is the step-by-step method to do it on Android phones.

  • Open your phone’s Settings. 
  • Go to Apps.
    Clear Instagram cache - Go to Apps
  • Type Instagram in the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Tap on Instagram and choose Storage from the Usage section.
    Open Instagram app info and choose Storage
  • Tap on the Clear cache button.
    Instagram Clear cache
  • After clearing the cache, open Instagram to check whether reels are working or not.

Fix 6: Uninstall Instagram and install it again

Now, here comes the last resort if the reels are not working on Instagram. If nothing else works, you can uninstall the application and reinstall it to fix the bugs causing this issue.

After applying the above fixes, you should not face any issues with Instagram reels. Still, if any confusion persists, you can go through the below section of frequently asked questions to clear your doubts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is an answer to almost every question you may have related to fixing the Instagram reels not working issue.

Q1. Why are Instagram reels not working?

Reels may not work on Instagram due to any of the following reasons.

  • Cache accumulation
  • Radom application bugs
  • Outdated version of Instagram

Q2. How to activate reels on Instagram?

Reels are already enabled on your Instagram account. To find the reels section, all you have to do is tap on the icon shown below.

Q3. How to fix the “sound isn’t available in your region in Instagram reels” issue?

If the sound is not available in your region in Instagram reels, you can try the fixes shared above and the solutions mentioned in our guide to fixing the Instagram music not working issue.

Q4. Instagram reels not working on my business account, how to fix it?

The fixes shared in this article work irrespective of whether you have a business or personal account. Thus, if the Instagram reels not showing on your business account, you can try the above solutions to fix it.

Q5. Why can’t I upload reels on Instagram?

Network connection issues are a major reason you cannot upload an Instagram reel. Thus, you can try logging out and logging in to your Instagram account to fix it.

Q6. How to fix “Something went wrong. Please try again” on Instagram reels?

A technical glitch could be causing this issue. Below is how to fix it.

  • Apply the fixes shared in this article.
  • Force Stop Instagram
  • Give Instagram all the needed permissions

Instagram reels not working: Fixed

Through this article, we brought to light the ways to fix the Instagram reels not working issue. You can apply them to solve the problem with ease. If you know more effective solutions to this problem, kindly drop them in the comments section to help others.

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