How to Fix Kotion Each G2000 Mic Not Working Windows 10

How to Fix Kotion Each G2000 Mic Not Working Windows 10

If your Kotion Each G2000 mic is not working on Windows 10, then read further as this post shares the quick and easy solutions to fix this problem.

Kotion headsets are quite popular among millennials for the crystal clear and crisp sound it produces. The majority of gamers, binge-watchers, musicophiles, and professionals use it. However, in the past few days, users are facing a strange kind of problem that the Kotion Each G2000 mic is not working on Windows 10. A lot of users are troubled for this reason, and since you are reading this post, we assume that you are also one among them.

Now, you can jump for joy as this article shares quick and easy to execute fixes to solve the problems if the Kotion Each headset is not working. But, before that, let’s first address a common query that we receive, i.e., “Why is my Kotion Each mic not working?”

Why is Kotion Each G2000 Mic Not Working on Windows 10

Below are the main reasons for which your Kotion Each G2000 mic is not working on Windows 10.

  • You have muted the headset.
  • The audio driver is missing or outdated.
  • There are hardware issues on your computer.
  • Apps do not have access to the headset microphone.
  • Kotion Each G2000 is not the default microphone in your device.

Now that we have discussed the causes, it would be easy enough to fix the issues. We elucidate the required solutions in the below segment. However, if you cannot wait for long and straightaway want to know the best way to fix the issues with your Kotion Each G2000 mic, then here we share it.

Strongly Recommended Solution for Kotion Each G2000 Mic not Working Problem

Outdated drivers are the most common culprit behind a dysfunctional Kotion Each G2000 mic and almost all the other computer problems. Therefore, you must keep drivers up to date as updating the drivers solves all the issues. Since updating drivers manually is a tough process, we recommend automatic driver update through bit Driver Updater. This software updates all the drivers in one click and also makes your PC’s performance fast, smooth, and free from errors. You can get this incredible program from the below link.

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100% Working Solutions for Kotion Each G2000 Mic Not Working On Windows 10

Here are the fixes that you need to try out if the Kotion Each headset mic is not working on Windows 10.

Solution 1: Troubleshoot Hardware Problems

The first thing that you should do to fix Kotion Each G2000 mic not working on Windows 10 issue is to check and troubleshoot hardware problems. Execute the steps shared here.

  • Plugin the headset into another input jack and check that it works or not.
  • If the headset does not work after plugging it into another jack, then try connecting it to another computer to make sure that the headset is not damaged.
  • In case the headset is damaged, then contact Kotion support for solving the issues.

Solution 2: Set Kotion Each G2000 Microphone as Default

If the Kotion Each mic is not working, then one possible reason could be that you have not set the headset as default or disabled it. Therefore, make it the default microphone and enable it by following the steps shared here.

  • Type “Control Panel” in the search box and choose the topmost result that comes on the screen.
    type control panel in start menu
  • Click on View by and select Small icons from the visible options.
  • Select “Sound” from the alternatives present on your screen.
  • When the Sound window opens, navigate to the “Recording” tab.
  • Right anywhere on the blank space in the Sound window and choose “Show Disabled Devices.”
  • Right-click the Kotion Each G2000 headset and select “Enable.”
  • Click on the “Set default” button to make it the default microphone.

Solution 3: Unmute the Microphone

If the mic is not working on your Kotion Each G2000 device, then make sure that you have not kept the microphone at mute. If it is muted, then unmute it with the below steps.

  • Open “Control Panel” on your PC.
  • Select the “Sound” option from the variety of options that are available on your screen.
  • Go to the “Recording” tab and right-click the microphone.
  • Choose “Properties” from the right-click popup menu.
  • Go to the “Levels” tab and click the speaker icon to unmute your microphone if it is muted.
    microphone sound levels
  • At last, click the “OK” button.

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Solution 4: Allow the Apps to Access Your Microphone

In case you have restricted a particular application from accessing the microphone, then the Kotion Each G2000 microphone will not be working on Windows 10 for that app. Thus, carry out the below instructions to allow the apps to access the microphone.

  • Press Windows and I key on your keyboard to enter the Settings screen.
  • Once the Windows Settings becomes visible, select “Privacy.”
    Check the privacy settings
  • Select “Microphone” from the menu on the left.
  • Turn on the “Allow apps to access your microphone” toggle.
    Allow apps to access your microphone
  • Scroll down and turn on the “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” toggle.

Solution 5: Update Audio Driver (Recommended)

If your Kotion Each G2000 mic is not working on PS4 and Windows 10, then perhaps the audio driver is acting notorious. Therefore, to fix the problems give it a quick update. You can update it as well as other drivers safely in a single click with bit Driver Updater. This software automatically updates the drivers and uplifts the PC performance. Moreover, it is a legit and safe utility as it downloads only WHQL authenticated drivers. Furthermore, it boasts advanced features such as driver backup and restores, driver exclusion, and more.

Here is how to use it to update drivers and improve PC performance.

  • Download it from this button.
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  • Complete its setup (It will take only one minute).
  • Wait for the results of the automatic PC scan to come up (the scan takes only one or two minutes).
  • Go to the driver that you want to update and click on “Update Now.” To make a one-click update for all drivers, select “Update All.”

Bit Driver Updater scan the driver

The above easy steps can solve all the computer problems for you. Therefore, click on the link given here to get BIT Driver Updater and implement these steps.

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Kotion Each G2000 Mic Not Working on Windows 10: Solved

With the help of this article, we solved the issues that caused Kotion Each G2000 mic not working on Windows 10 problem. We hope that the issue is no longer hampering your experience with the Kotion headset. In case you need further assistance to solve the problem, then do not hesitate to contact us. Also, subscribe to this blog for more such guides. We will come soon with solutions for another irksome tech issue.

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