How to Fix – No AMD Graphics Driver is Installed Windows 10
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How to Fix – No AMD Graphics Driver is Installed Windows 10

Taking out the graphic card from a gamer’s PC seems like pulling life out of it and making it life-less. A graphics card is this crucial. Without it, you won’t be able to enjoy high-end games and other visual content such as SciFi movies on your PC. Perhaps, this is the reason for which errors such as “no AMD graphic driver is installed” seem irritatingly annoying to users.

Are you also among those annoyed users? If yes, then this piece of writing is all that you need. Here, we enlighten you about the best fixes for no AMD graphics driver is installed on Windows 10 error.

Best & Most Recommended Way To Fix No AMD Graphics Driver Installed Issue

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The ones who want to know all the possible fixes to drive this irritating error away can have a look at the below descriptive guide.

Easy and Quick Fixes for no AMD graphic driver is Installed on Windows 10

Fixing no AMD graphic driver is installed on Windows 10 seems like a tough thing to do. But, you can resolve it effortlessly with the solutions shared below.

Fix 1: Reinstall AMD graphic driver in Safe Mode

To fix no AMD graphic driver is installed error, you need to enter the Safe Mode and reinstall the driver. Below are the steps to do it.

  • Press Windows and I keys on the keyboard to evoke the PC settings.
  • Go to “Update & Security” and click on “Recovery”.
  • Choose “Restart now” from the advanced options.

    restart now under Advanced Startup option
    Image Source: Partitionwizard

  • Choose “Troubleshoot” and move to “advanced options”.

    Choose Advanced options
    Image Source: DigitalCitizen

  • Go to “Startup Settings” and click on “Restart”.
  • Hit F5 to enter Safe Mode with Networking.
  • In the Windows Search box, type “Device Manager” and click on the Best Match to launch it.

    Use Device Manager
    Image Source: iSunshare

  • After the Device Manager pops up on the screen, expand the “Display adapters” section.
  • Right-click your AMD graphic driver and choose “Uninstall device” from the on-screen menu.

    uninstall amd device driver
    Image Source: Windowsreport

  • On the next screen, confirm the uninstallation and wait till it completes.
  • After the uninstallation is finished, restart the PC to resolve no AMD graphic driver is installed error on Windows 10.

Fix 2: Roll back the AMD graphics driver

There is a rollback option in Windows 10 to bring back the driver to the previous state when it was working correctly. Thus, to fix no AMD driver is installed, try the below steps to roll back the driver.

  • Evoke “Device Manager” and open the “Display adapters” segment.
  • Right-click AMD graphics driver and choose “Properties”.

    select properties amd device driver
    Image Source: Windowsreport

  • After you see the Properties window on the screen, move to the “Drivers” tab.
  • Click on the “Roll Back Driver” button and click on OK.

    rollback amd device driver
    Image Source: MiniTool

  • Confirm that you desire to roll back the AMD driver and wait till the process completes.

Fix 3: Install the driver in compatibility mode

Sometimes, the driver that you have installed may not be compatible with your Windows version. Therefore, to resolve the compatibility issues and fix the no AMD graphics driver is installed error, follow the below steps to install the driver.

  • Call up “Device Manager” on your screen and expand the category of “Display adapters”.
  • Right-click on the AMD graphics driver and select “Uninstall device”.
  • Confirm the uninstallation and wait till it finishes.
  • After the driver is uninstalled, restart the PC.
  • Now, visit the official AMD website to download the driver suitable for your device’s build and model.
  • After the download is complete, right-click the driver file and choose “Properties”.
  • Go to the “Compatibility” tab and select “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
  • Choose the compatible OS version and click on “OK”.

    run this program in compatibility mode
    Image Source: treat.tier3

Fix 4: Update the operating system

Microsoft is undoubtedly an incredible software developer. With every Windows update, it automatically fixes the common and irksome PC errors such as no AMD driver is installed. Therefore, implement the steps stated below to update Windows.

  • On your keyboard, hit “I” and the “Windows logo” keys to bring “Settings” on your screen.
  • From the options that you see on the screen, choose “Update & Security”.

    update & security from windows setting
    Image Source: Techbout

  • Upon entering the Update & Security window, select “Windows Update”.
  • Click on the “Check for updates” button and let Windows install the latest OS update.

    Check for updates
    Image Source: Tunecomp

Fix 5: Update drivers with Bit Driver Updater (Recommended)

When diagnosing the causes of most of the BSOD and other errors, drivers come up as a common triggering factor. Outdated drivers result in multiple PC problems including no AMD graphic driver is installed on Windows 10. Thus, we always advise users to update the drivers regularly. There are two ways through which you can complete this mammoth task of updating drivers. First, is the manual way and another is an uncomplicated automatic way. We recommend automatic driver update through Bit Driver Updater since it makes updating drivers a convenient and easy process. Along with this, it also makes your PC function super fast and smooth. We will detail out the benefits of this tool after a while. Let’s first discuss how to update AMD drivers with Bit Driver Updater.

Steps to update AMD drivers with Bit Driver Updater

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  • After downloading and setting up Bit Driver Updater, launch it.
  • Sit back patiently till the utility completes the device scan (It finishes the scan in the flash of a second).
  • Now, you have two options, either you can click on “Update Now” to update just the AMD driver or you can click on “Update All” to update every device driver in a click. We suggest you choose the second option as with that you also get many other premium features such as driver backup and restore.

Bit Driver Updater

Now, coming to the question “what are the advantages of choosing Bit Driver Updater?”, below we answer it.

Why use Bit Driver Updater

In our search for the best driver updater, we came across many utilities. But none of them stands close to Bit Driver Updater. Below are the benefits that you get only through this utility.

  • A faster and bug-free PC performance.
  • The freedom to schedule a scan according to your convenience.
  • An option to backup and restore the needed drivers.
  • Ability to exclude the drivers that you don’t want to be scanned.

The above list can go on and on. And, several other points such as compatibility with all the latest versions of the operating system can also be added to it. Thus, instead of wasting time waiting, click on the below download link to unlock these as well as other benefits and get rid of all the PC errors as we did.

No AMD Graphic Driver is Installed: Solved

This post tutored us about the quick ways to fix no AMD graphic driver is installed error on Windows 10. We hope that now your PC is free from such annoying errors. In case it is not and you are struggling to resolve some more bugs, then drop us a comment. We will soon come with fixes to resolve them. Till then, keep watching this space.

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