How to Fix PS4 Controllers Not Connecting Error
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How to Fix PS4 Controllers Not Connecting Error

Who doesn’t like to play video games? We all play games on our smartphones, PCs, and gaming consoles. However, gaming consoles are one of the most traditional platforms for playing video games. Most of the people still prefer them, and that’s the reason why Play Stations are quite famous. While Play Station (PS) 5 is yet to release, PS4 is still the latest version of the gaming console. However, just like any other gadget, users also experience some issues with PS4. And the PS4 controllers not connecting error is one of the most commonly faced problems.

Hence today, we have come up with some quick, simple, and efficient solutions to the PS4 controller not syncing issue. So, let’s move to those fixes without wasting much time.

Methods to Fix PS4 Controllers Not Connecting Error

Below are some of the helpful solutions that have worked for the people to resolve the ‘PS4 controllers not connecting’ problem.

Charge the Controller

Sometimes we forget to do basic tasks, and due to which, errors like PS4 controller not syncing can occur. One of the primary things for a gadget is the power. Hence, we need to ensure the power supply, whether from chargeable batteries or power cables.

So, the basic thing that you require to do to use the PS4 controller is to charge it. If you have forgotten to charge the controller, then you may face PS4 controller syncing issues. This may not be an effective solution, but this one of the first things that you should do if you face any such problems. Or otherwise, your PS4 controller will not sync no matter how many fixes you try.

PS4 controller

Reset the PS4 Controller

Resetting a device is always an effective solution to fix most of the problems related to it. Hence, you should also try it with your PS4 controller to resolve the ‘PS4 controllers not connecting’ error. Here are the legit steps that you have to follow to reset your PS4 controller.

1. Switch Off the PS4.

2. Now look for the Reset button on your PS4 controller. It is on the back of it.

3. Use something like an unfurl paper-clip to push it.

push reset button on your PS4 controller

4. Hold it for a few seconds and then release it.

5. Now reconnect the controller with PS4.

6. Turn on the console.

Check if now the PS4 controller is synced with the console. And if not, then you need to use some other solution provided here to resync the PS4 controller with your console.

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Use a Data Cable/USB Cable to Connect the PS4 Controller

If your PS4 controller not syncing with your console, then may the problem is with the wireless connectivity of the device. Hence, we advise that you should try to connect the controller using a USB cable.

USB cable

It is not necessary to only use the cable that comes with the console. You can also try some other cables if it doesn’t work. In fact, we suggest you to try multiple USB cables, unless you find the one that will help you to connect the controller with PS4.

And after getting that cable, connect the PS4 controller with the console and restart it to fix the PS4 controller syncing issues.

Restart the PS4

Restarting a device has helped us to resolve many problems several times. It refreshes the programs and functionality of a device. Hence, it sometimes helps to fix issues related to it. You can also try restarting your PS4 console to resolve the ‘PS4 controllers not connecting’ error. Here are the instructions that you can follow to perform a safe restart for your PS4 console.

1. Look for the PS4 power button and press & hold it.

press and hold PS4 power button

2. Release it when you hear the second beep sound.

3. Detach all the power cables along with the controller as well from the console.

4. Wait for a couple of minutes.

5. Connect all the power cables and controller again with the console.

6. Turn it on.

Now check if the issue got resolved or you are still facing the syncing issues with the controller.

Register the PS4 Controller

Here is another helpful method to solve the ‘PS4 controller not syncing’ problem. You have to register the controller with your PC as a Bluetooth device. Here are the steps that can help you to register the PS4 controller.

1. Open Windows Settings by right-clicking the Start icon.

right click on start menu and click on settings

2. Select Devices and then Bluetooth devices.

click on devices in windows settings

3. Press the PS and Share button on the controller simultaneously and hold it for a few seconds.

4. Release it when the pairing mode gets on.

5. Connect the controller in the PS4 USB.

6. Choose the device and register it.

Make sure if the ‘PS4 controller not syncing’ issue still prevails or got resolved.

PS4 Controllers Not Connecting Error : SOLVED

So, that’s all about resolving the ‘PS4 controllers not connecting’ problem. It is quite a general issue that most of the PS4 users face. However, it gets fixed with the help of the above-mentioned easy and quick solutions. But if it still prevails, then we recommend you to contact the manufacturer or visit your local service center.

Furthermore, if these solutions helped you to resolve this PS4 error, then subscribe to Innovana blogs as we regularly provide methods to resolve various such problems.

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