[Fixed] Canon Printer Won’t Print in Windows 10
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[Fixed] Canon Printer Won’t Print in Windows 10

You have got some crucial printing tasks, but your Canon printer won’t print? Do not worry. This article shows you how to fix the issue with the least possible time and effort. 

Canon is known all over the globe for its world-class printing machines. They make one-of-a-kind printers. But if the Canon printer won’t print, then it can certainly be an irritating inconvenience. Don’t worry if your Canon printer is causing your troubles, as your search for the solution has brought you to the right place. Here we guide you through the fixes to drive the printing issues away.

But before we take you to the solutions, let’s first know whether the Canon printer is not responding due to hardware issues or some software problem is plaguing it. Knowing the exact cause of the problem helps you solve it better and saves your valuable time.

Is it a Hardware or Software Issue because of which the Canon Printer won’t Print

To check whether the printer is affected by hardware or software problems, follow the steps shared below.

  • Ensure the paper is loaded into the printer and there aren’t any paper jams.
  • Check the power and data cables connecting the printer to the computer are in place.
  • Check whether the power indicator light of the printer is turned on or not.
  • Make sure that there are no flashing, red, or orange lights on the printer. They are signs of a malfunctioning printer.
  • Try printing a self-test with your printer. You can find the instructions to do it in the printer user manual.

If your Canon printer fails to print the self-test, then there is a possibility of some hardware defect with the printer. In this case, you can consider contacting Canon support for assistance.

If the printer prints the self-test, then there are software-related issues with your Canon printer.

Now, let’s come back to the ultimate question you have, i.e., “How do I get my Canon printer to print?” You can try the fixes shared in the below section if the printer won’t print.

Quick and Easy Fixes for Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue

Below is what to do to bring your Canon printer back on track if it won’t print.

Fix 1: Perform a few basic checks

In some cases, neither there is a printer hardware issue nor a software problem. The Canon printer won’t print or prints blank pages because of other reasons like empty ink cartridges. To make sure that’s not the case, follow these steps.

Step 1: Use the Windows + I keyboard command to open Settings.

Step 2: Select Devices from the available options.                                windows devices setting

Step 3: Right-click on your Canon printer and choose the Printing preferences. 

Step 4: Navigate to the Maintenance tab and select the option to View Printer Status. 

Step 5: Take a look at the Estimated ink levels. If the ink level is low, you get a message like, “The ink is running low. Prepare a new ink cartridge.”                                                                                                                             Check Estimated ink levels

Fix 2: Reset the Canon printer: If the ink tank is full, still your Canon printer won’t print, or it is not working wirelessly, then resetting the printer is also a way to fix the problem. Go along with these steps to reset your Canon printer to make it print.

Step 1: Turn off the printer by pressing the power button.

Step 2: Detach the data cable from your Canon printer.

Step 3: Disconnect the printer power cord and wait for approximately 10 minutes.

Step 4: After 10 minutes, replug the printer power cord.

Step 5: Connect the data cable again.

Step 6: Turn the printer on by pressing the power button.

Step 7: Try printing with your Canon printer to check whether the issue is fixed or it is still not responding.

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Fix 3: Update the Driver for your Canon Printer (Recommended)

Most of the printing issues occur because of outdated printer drivers. And there are high chances that your Canon printer is throwing tantrums because of the same reason. Therefore, giving it a driver update is among the most recommended ways to solve the problems if it won’t print.

You can head to Canon’s website or the Device Manager to find the updated driver manually, but since they are both are cumbersome and lengthy processes, we don’t recommend them. What we suggest is that you update your Canon printer driver automatically with Bit Driver Updater. It is software that updates all the drivers instantly with just a click and resolves all driver-related problems. Below is how to use it.

Step 1: Click on the below link to know more about Bit Driver Updater and download this software’s setup file.

download now button

Step 2: Click on the setup you have downloaded in the previous step and go along with the directions displayed on your screen to install the program.

Step 3: Give the software a few seconds to complete the PC scan.

Step 4: After the scan is successful, use the Update Now option present alongside the Canon printer to download and install its updated driver.

Bit driver updater - update Outdated drivers free

After following the above steps, you won’t need to try the other fixes to solve the printing problems with your Canon printer, most probably. And you can also use Bit Driver Updater to update all the outdated drivers in a single shot by clicking the Update All option.

Fix 4: Reinstall the Canon printer driver

Incorrect driver installation can also be a reason your Canon printer will not print. Therefore, uninstall the Canon printer driver and install it again by implementing the steps shared here.

Step 1: Use the Windows+X keyboard shortcut to activate the WinX menu.

Step 2: Choose Device Manager from the WinX menu to open it.                                                                              Choose Device Manager from the WinX menu to open

Image Source: Digital Citizen 

Step 3: Once you get the Device Manager on your screen, click on the Printers or Print queues section.

Step 4: Right-click on the Canon printer and pick the Uninstall device option. Uninstall device

Step 5: Click on the box saying Delete the driver software for this device and click on OK/Uninstall. 

Step 6: When the Canon printer driver is successfully uninstalled, reboot the PC to let Windows install it again.

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Fix 5: Roll back the Canon printer driver

The manual attempts to update the Canon printer driver may result in downloading and installing the incompatible driver updates. And they may cause issues like the Canon printer is not printing even when the ink is full. In that case, follow the steps shared below to roll back the driver for your Canon printer to its previous version.

Step 1: Make the Device Manager active.

Step 2: Select the category titled Printers or click on Print queues. 

Step 3: Double-click on your Canon printing machine.

Step 4: Navigate to the Driver tab and choose the Roll Back Driver option. Click on Rollback Driver

Step 5: Click on OK and complete the rollback process.

Step 6: Reboot the computer.

Fix 6: Try Cleaning the Printhead

If the Canon printer is printing blank pages or won’t print at all, it can also be a sign that the printhead needs cleaning. Follow these steps to clean the printhead of a Canon printer.

Step 1: Key in Control Panel in the search bar and select it from the results. type control panel in start menu

Step 2: After the Control Panel is visible, select the Devices and Printers. Open Device and Printers

Image Source: TechNorms 

Step 3: Right-click on your Canon printer and select Properties from the options that appear.

Step 4: Ensure that the Device Settings are correct.

Step 5: Click on Preferences and then select Services. 

Step 6: Select the button to Clean Printhead.                                    Click on clean the printhead into Device services

Image Source: The Tech Journal 

Step 7: Make sure the printhead is fully clean.

Canon Printer won’t Print: Solved Successfully

Through this typewritten note, we looked at how to fix the problems because of which the Canon printer won’t print. You can employ the above fixes to get rid of the issue. In our opinion, the best way to resolve this and other printing difficulties is to update the printer driver with Bit Driver Updater. Most of the PC troubles are caused by outdated drivers, and updating them fixes them in almost all cases. For more troubleshooting guides, keep visiting our blog.

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