[Fixed] Laptop Keyboard is Not Working Windows 10
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[Fixed] Laptop Keyboard is Not Working Windows 10

Through this post, we answer the question that most of the users ask these days, i.e., “How to fix the keypad not working issue on my laptop?”

What will happen if there are no attached keyboards with a computer? Well, if that ever happens, then the situation will surely be troublesome. You won’t be able to input the needed information, type to communicate with your peers, and run shortcut commands to access various settings in a flash. Although there exist virtual or on-screen keyboards in some computers, still physical keyboards cannot be replaced. The reason is that they are a whole lot more comfortable and easy to use. But, unluckily, for some users, the laptop keyboard is not working.

If you are one of them and are here in search of “What to do if my laptop keypad is not working?” then this is the typewritten note that you should read. Here we share the solutions for this problem. You can implement these fixes without any tiresome efforts. Let’s now begin to troubleshoot the issue.

Best Recommendation For Resolving Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue

Before we start the guide, we would like to share our recommendation for the best solution to resolve keyboard issues on your laptop. If you only want to know the best, then we suggest you install Bit Driver Updater. Use it to resolve keyboard or other system issues. It is one of the best solutions to fix system driver and hardware problems.

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Note: In case you are not able to type with your keyboard, then enable the on-screen keyboard. Here are the directions for the same.

  • Press Windows and I key at once to trigger Settings.
  • Choose Ease of Access.
  • Select “Interaction” from the left pane.
  • Click on “Keyboard.”
  • Turn on the “Use on-screen keyboard” toggle.

Now that you have turned on the virtual keyboard, here’s how to fix the problems with your physical keyboard.

100% Working Workarounds for Keypad not Working on Windows 10

Your laptop keyboard is not working for reasons such as missing or outdated drivers, filter key bugs, incorrect configuration of the keyboard, and more. However, you do not need to worry as the below fixes solve all the problems in no time.

Fix 1: Turn the Filter Keys Off

The filter key bugs cause the keypad not working problem on Windows 10. Therefore, to fix the issues with your keyboard, turn off the filter keys by following the below directions.

  • In the box located next to the Start icon, type “Control Panel” (You can use the on-screen keyboard), and click the top result.
    type control panel in start menu
  • After the Control Panel gets triggered, click “Ease of Access.”
    ease of access
  • Click the “Change how your keyboard works” option.
    Change how your keyboard works
  • Uncheck the “Turn on filter keys” box.
    turn on filter keys
  • Click “Apply” and “OK” and check whether the laptop keyboard is working or not.

Fix 2: Change the Power Management Settings

If the above fix has not answered your question, i.e., “How to fix the problems if my keypad is not working?” then here’s another fix that you can try. Follow the below instructions to change the Power Management settings and unmark “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” function.

  • Press Windows and R key at once to set the Run box in motion.
  • In that box, type “devmgmt.msc” and click the “OK” option.
    type devmgmt.msc in run
  • Elaborate the section of “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” and double click on the USB to which your keyboard is connected (in most of the cases, it is USB Root Hub or Generic USB Hub).
  • After its Properties get displayed, switch to the “Power Management” tab.
  • Unmark “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and select “OK.”
  • Restart the laptop and check whether the keypad not working issue is gone or it is still there to trouble you.

Fix 3: Use the Windows Troubleshooter

In case your laptop keypad has stopped working, then try using the Windows troubleshooter to fix it. Follow the directions explained below to do it.

  • Press the Windows and I key at once (you can do so via the on-screen keyboard) to call up the Settings.
  • After the Settings appear, click “Update & Security.”
    update & security from windows setting
  • Select “Troubleshoot” from the options present in on the left side of the screen.
    troubleshoot option in setting
  • Select “Keyboard” from the available options.
    troubleshoot for Keyboard setting
  • Click “Run the troubleshooter.”
  • After the troubleshooting process ends, restart the computer and check whether the keyboard has started working again or not.

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Fix 4: Turn off the Fast Startup

The fast startup often messes up the functioning of the computer and lead to the keyboard not typing and other device issues. Thus, implement this procedure to disable the fast startup.

  • Initiate the Control Panel.
  • After it is triggered, choose “Hardware and Sound.”
    click on hardware and sound option
  • Choose “Power Options” from the menu on your screen.
  • Select “Choose what the power button does.”
    Choose what the power buttons do from power option
  • Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”
    Change settings that are currently unavailable
  • Uncheck the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” option and choose “Save changes.”
    Turn on fast startup
  • Restart the computer and check whether the keyboard is working correctly or not.

Fix 5: Install the Keyboard Driver Again

Sometimes, reinstalling the keyboard driver helps to fix the issues like numeric keypad not working. Therefore, try installing the driver again by implementing the instructions shared here.

  • Trigger the Windows 10 driver management tool, i.e., “Device Manager.”
  • Expand the segment of “Keyboards” and right-click the keyboard that has stopped working.
  • Select “Uninstall device” from the small popup menu.
  • Give your final ascent for the uninstallation and checkmark ” Delete the driver software for this device.”
  • After the driver is uninstalled, reinstall it from the website of the manufacturer.

Fix 6: Check the USB Port

It may be possible that the USB port is incompatible or damaged. Therefore, if your laptop keyboard is not working, then try connecting the keyboard to another port and check whether it works or not.

Fix 7: Update the Keyboard Driver (Recommended)

Now comes the magical solution for all the computer issues that you are struggling with. Outdated drivers are the major problem causing factors. Therefore, updating the driver resolves all the problems. Hence, update the keyboard driver to fix the problems if the keypad is not working on Windows 10. There are both manual and automatic ways to do it. But, we do not recommend the manual methods as they are as tough to implement and risky for the well-being of your computer. We strongly recommend updating the driver through Bit Driver Updater. This top driver updater updates all the drivers in a single click and optimizes the device performance as well. Below is the quick process to update drivers with Bit Driver Updater.

  • Click on this link to download Bit Driver Updater and install it.
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  • After installation, let it scan the PC automatically, or if you wish, then click “Scan” to perform the scan manually.
  • Once the result screen appears, locate the driver that you want to update and click “Update Now.” To update all the drivers at once, select “Upgrade to PRO.”

Bit Driver Updater

You can solve all the computer problems by following the above three steps. Therefore, do not think twice and get Bit Driver Updater.

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Laptop Keyboard is Not Working: Solved

Through this tutorial, we resolved the keypad not working problem effortlessly. In case you encountered any problem while implementing the above solutions and need further help, then contact us without any hesitation. We will be pleased to assist you. Also, we would be happy if you subscribe to Innovana Blog and join our mailing list.

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