How to Automatically Moves Files from one Folder to another on Windows 10
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How to Automatically Moves Files from one Folder to another on Windows 10

You require a script to move files automatically from one folder to another, and for that, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Organize media library and files is such a big task. We are so tired or busy that we don’t have time to organize our files. All we want is the way – to automatically move files from one folder to another on PC. But do you know it could be possible, apparently you can move files automatically? Moving files or manage folders is not an easy task, but you can make it easy and effortlessly. Here we’ve mention approaches that make your work extremely easy by moving your files from one folder to another. If you have Windows 10 in your PC then you must try the following steps to automatically move files from one folder to another and make your work stress-free. Ways to automatically move files from one folder to another on Windows 10

Create Batch Script to Transfer Files

For automatic transferring files from one folder to another, you need to batch script. A batch script is an instruction, whenever you click on the command or particular instruction, the task will be automatically executed. A batch script is also known as a batch file. You may also set the frequency and destination path where you want to transfer your file. To most of the ease of work, you can also add-up the task scheduler, which means to set a specific time for automatic scheduling once at a day.

Did you know when you transfer your files to another folder the source code and some sort of permissions are changed? Hence, you need to set-up permissions to move or copy files, and for setting up permissions you require to create the script. That’s the only reason why we necessitate the batch script to transfer files from one folder to its destination path.

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Steps to Automatically Moves Files From One Folder to Another via Script

For transferring files, you need to first create a script in Notepad.

STEP 1- First of all, you need to open the Notepad. If you do not have Notepad pinned on your taskbar, then you can open it by searching it in the Windows Search box.

STEP 2- Now copy, paste, and compose the below-given script into Notepad.

@echo off

set X=<days>

set “source=C:\<Source Folder Path>”

set “destination=D:\<Destination Folder Path>”

robocopy “%source%” “%destination%” /mov /minage:%X%

exit /b

write script into Notepad

STEP 3- Now, you have to click on the File tab and then select Save to save your the Notepad file. However, you have to keep in mind that you require to select All Files rather than .txt format

STEP 4- For saving the file .BAT file type, you require to compose file name with .BAT like <filename>.BAT.

STEP 5- Afterward, Click on to save option.

Now, the first phase has completed, for the second phase, you need to set up a task to run the file.

STEP 6- Open Task Scheduler and press Enter to launch it.

STEP 7- Task Scheduler window will Pop-up and from it choose to Create task option from the Action panel on the right side.

Create task option from task scheduler

STEP 8- Enter a specific name..

Write off the specific name for the task

STEP 9- After entering the name, select the Triggers option. Then you have to click on ‘New’ to create New Trigger.

click on the Trigger option

create new trigger

Now, select a frequency to trigger, for instance, daily, weekly, one time, and monthly from the settings and click on OK.

STEP 10- Now, click on ‘Actions’ and then ‘New’ to link Actions and Trigger

action tab for create new task

STEP 11- Afterward, click on to the Browse tab to discover and select the earlier saved file.

Browse tab to discover and select the file

At last, select OK to finish and click on the close button of Task Scheduler.

That’s how you can transfer files from one folder to another automatically by creating a script.

Rather than this process, you can also use any of the trusted and reliable application to automatically move files from one folder to another on Windows 10. I suggest you use EaseUS ToDO Back-up Tool to deal with your messy folders. This is an amazing application and within a few clicks, it moves your files to their destination source paths. Hence, by using the above two approaches you can get rid of this boredom task of moving files from one folder to another. Just set automatic transferring and sit back without any stress. If you’ve been found any difficulty while applying the above steps just drop a comment and let us know.

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