Here’s “How to Change My Region on Netflix?” – Key to Endless Content
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Here’s “How to Change My Region on Netflix?” – Key to Endless Content

Sitting in the US and dreaming of Korean dramas and movies, with high hopes, you log in to your Netflix account. But, to your dismay, the only thing that comes on your screen is a message stating, “The content you requested is not available in your region.” And, you ask your favorite search engine, “How to change my region on Netflix?” or “Netflix is not available in your region.” Well, if this is true, then now you can rejoice as, through this write-up, we discuss the best ways to bypass the Netflix’s regional restrictions.

Through the tricks stated in this composed note, you can access all the content on Netflix irrespective of your region. Yes, binge-watcher, this is very much possible. Read on to find out how.

Tricks to Watch other Regions’ content on Netflix

There should be no boundaries for entertainment. There should be no regional filters to it. Thus, below are the tricks to bypass the region based restrictions on Netflix and watch the other region’s content.

Trick 1: Use a VPN

Netflix recognizes your region through the URL. Thus, you can circumvent the regional filtering with the best VPNs. A VPN connects you to a server computer located at some remote location in another country. This way Netflix cannot know that you are accessing the content from a blocked region. In case you need recommendations about which VPN to use, we suggest Secure VPN for several good reasons such as:

  • It employs military-grade security to keep your privacy intact.
  • Boasts a secure network with unlimited internet and bandwidth.
  • Streams your favorite movies and dramas at a lightning-fast speed.
  • Offers round the clock support to its customers.

The above benefits are just a snapshot, you will get to know many other advantages after you use Secure VPN. Thus, download it from the link below to watch other regions’ content on Netflix.

Trick 2: Use a Proxy

In some unlucky cases, Netflix may come to know that you are using a VPN to access the locked content. If that happens, then don’t panic. Netflix won’t block your account but only prevent you from accessing the movies or dramas via a VPN. In such a situation, proxy comes as a savior. Proxies are the answer to one of the most common user questions, i.e., “how to change my region on Netflix without using a VPN?”

For the unversed, a proxy is a service that hides your IP address from websites like Netflix so that you can cross the region based barriers with ease. There is an ocean of proxy services in the marketplace, but not all of them are safe and secure. Some of the proxies might expose your device to hackers and various other risks. Therefore, we recommend Smart DNS Proxy as it considers your privacy and security as its one of its foremost priorities. Moreover, here is what else it offers.

  • Support for more than 400 devices.
  • Fastest unblocking of websites and digital media
  • Compatibility with a wide range of internet-capable devices
  • Allows access from multiple devices.
  • With this proxy service, you can even unlock the unavailable YouTube videos.

Therefore, click on the below link to get Smart DNS Proxy and unlock the world of entertainment on Netflix.

Smart DNS Proxy

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Now, are all your queries resolved or any confusion remains about “how to change my region on Netflix?” In case you have any persisting doubts, scroll through the below segment to find all your answers.

Bypassing the Regional Filters on Netflix- FAQs

Q1. How do I change my Netflix region ?

Changing the Netflix region is easy as pie if you have a VPN at your disposal. Thus, get the recommended VPN, i.e.,  Secure VPN, and then implement the below steps.

  • Download and install the Secure VPN.
  • Create an account and choose a plan.
  • Log in and turn on the VPN service.
  • Connect the VPN to a server in the country whose content you want to unlock on Netflix.
  • Login to the Netflix account and indulge in the ultimate binge-watching experience.

Q2. How do I change my region on Netflix for free?

Circumventing the regional filters and changing regions on Netflix is not a tough thing to do. You can do it effortlessly using any of the below methods.

  • Use VPN to change the Netflix region.
  • Change the location on Netflix via a proxy service.

Q3. Can I use my Netflix account overseas?

Luckily, you can use your Netflix account overseas if the country that you are visiting does not restrict Netflix. But, if you visit someplace where Netflix is restricted, then you need to use a VPN or proxy service to access your account as you do in your home country.

Q4. How can I watch Netflix from another country without a VPN?

It seems like a piece of bad news if Netflix blocks your VPN or you don’t have a VPN service available. But, in such cases, you can effortlessly watch Netflix using a DNS proxy. Simply follow the below steps to do it.

  • Sign up on Smart DNS Proxy.
  • Follow the setup instructions for your device.
  • Login to Netflix and enjoy watching the content you like.

Q5. Why Netflix have region-based content limitations?

It is not Netflix that restricts content on regional bases. The regional limitations are imposed by the content producers or people having the content copyright for the reasons best known to them. For some regions in the European Union, Netflix lets you access the full content as your home country for a specific period. Below is what Netflix’s website states.

“If you are traveling for an extended period of time, or traveling to a country outside of the European Union, you may notice that the available choices change. For countries within the European Union, we provide the same content as your home country for a limited period of time. We’ll let you know when the limited period is over, and you’ll have access to the TV shows and movies for the country you are traveling to. When this happens, we’ll be sure to let you know.”

Q6. Will Netflix block my account or penalize me if I change my region?

There is no harm in changing the region on Netflix as it never penalizes the paid subscribers nor it blocks their accounts for doing the same. It only blocks the VPN service that you are using due to the licensing conditions imposed by the copyright owners, i.e., the content producers. Moreover, it is not illegal for the paid subscribers to change their Netflix region for accessing more content. Therefore, you can change it without any worries.

Hopefully, now all your doubts are resolved about how to surpass the regional filters on Netflix.

Crossing the regional boundaries on Netflix- Final Words

In this write-up, we answered a question that almost every Netflix user has, i.e., “how to change my region on Netflix?” We hope, now you can access all the content that you want without any locational limitations. Have a happy time binge-watching and do let us know your feedback about this post via the comment box below. Also, stay tuned with us for more such tech tricks to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

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