How to Delete Apps on iPhone / iPad ?
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How to Delete Apps on iPhone / iPad ?

Here’re the easiest steps of deleting apps on iPhone to keep your device uncluttered.

Have you got bored with the game you loved playing a couple of days ago or not used the app you downloaded because it was free? If yes, then why not get rid of this digital junk. These unused apps and games only end you with four app-filled home screens and hogged up phone’s memory. Deleting or moving these apps to a different location is not as tough as earlier for the iPhone users. Through this blog-post, you’ll get to know how to delete apps on iPhone in the easiest way possible.

The step-by-process of how to remove apps from iPhone shared here will be useful both ardent Apple fans and new iPhone users. The next segment focuses on the best method to move and delete apps on iPhone effortlessly.

How to Move and Delete Apps on iPhone/iPad?

You can move the apps so that the home screen does not seem cluttered and if that does not help, then you can even delete the apps permanently.

Before moving on towards how to delete apps on iPhone, let’s first talk about the method to shift them from one location to another for an uncluttered home screen.

How to Delete Apps on iPhone X and Older versions?

As said earlier, it becomes necessary to delete a few apps. Therefore, now we’ll talk about the methods of how to delete apps on iPhone. You can remove an app from the iPhone in two ways. Let’s begin with the first one.

Method 1: Delete Apps by tapping on them

This way of getting rid of the unused and forgotten apps is most suitable for the cases where you just need to delete a single app. To remove the app, all you’re required to do is follow the steps shared below.

Step 1 : Tap and hold the icon of the app you want to delete for approx. 2 seconds or till the icons begin shaking. Be gentle in your touch as newer iPhones, i.e., 6s and above have a feature called 3D touch. This feature opens the quick action menu if you press the icon too hard. Thus, press the icon gently till it starts jiggling.


Step 2: Once the apps start wiggling, a small “X” appears on the upper left corner of the app’s icon. Tap on the “X”.


Step 3 : After tapping on “X”, iPhone reminds you that deleting an app also removes its data. Tap Delete to get rid of the app. This also removes the app’s information from your device but if any subscription made through the app stays active even after its deletion. For example, if you’ve subscribed to Netflix, then the subscription will continue to be in force even after you delete the app.


If the above steps are not working for or you want to delete apps in a snap of fingers, then we’ve another simple method of how to uninstall apps on iPhone. Here it is.

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Method 2: Delete Apps by Using Settings

 This method of quickly deleting apps on the iPhone is also easy as pie. All that you’re required is to use the phone’s gearbox, i.e., Settings and follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Open Settings and move to the General section




Step 2 : In General open iPhone Storage. These names vary slightly in different OS versions but you can still locate them under Storage & Backup, Usage, or other similar names.


Step 3 : This displays a list of all the currently downloaded apps. Select the app you want to delete.


Step 4 : Once you’ve selected the app, a screen comes up showing you how much data the app uses, delete, and offload app options. Choose the Offload App option if you want to keep the app’s data after deleting it, otherwise, tap Delete.


The above steps allow you to quickly delete multiple apps on iPhone by displaying the list of all the apps on your phone.

This talk was all about the third-party apps you’ve installed on your phone, but built-in apps that come preinstalled in your iPhone such as contacts, FaceTime, Mail, etc. You cannot permanently delete these built-in iPhone apps, but hide them by following the same steps as deleting the other apps. The only difference is, removing the built-in apps won’t remove their data from the device’s memory and you can always restore them from the App Store whenever you want.

The process to delete the apps seemed downright confusing to many users, but Apple took notice of your problems and eased deleting the apps on its latest offering, i.e, iPhone 11. The section below focuses on how iPhone 11 users can delete unwanted apps with ease.

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How to Delete Apps on iPhone 11 Completely (latest feature)?

iPhone 11 comes with the latest OS 13 out of the box and has made deleting apps on the iPhone easier than ever.  Here’re the steps you’re required to follow for removing the apps from your iPhone series 11.

Step 1 : Press on the app’s icon you desire to delete. After pressing it a few shortcuts and information pops up on the screen.

Step 2 : Keep pressing the icon until the shortcut menu disappears and the apps begin to shake.


Step 3 : Tap the small “X” and then choose Delete to remove the app from your phone.


Step 4 : Lastly, tap the Done icon to complete the process.


Four steps and you get rid of all the unneeded apps on iPhone 11, amazing, right?

How to Move Apps on the iPhone

Rearranging or moving the app icons from one location to the other helps you keep the phone more organized. Thus, here’re the steps to move the apps and organize the home screen in a better way.

Step 1: Tap and hold the app icon till the icons begin to shake and a small “X” appears on their top

Step 2: Drag the app’s icon to the desired location on the phone’s screen. You can rearrange the apps in whatever manner you want, but remember that there can be no space between the apps

Step 3: In case you want to move the app to a fresh screen, drag the app icon to the left or right side then release the same when a new screen comes up

Step 4: Once you’ve placed the icon at the correct position, move your finger away from the screen

Step 5: If you are here in search of how to move and delete an app on iPhone X, then save changes by swiping up from the screen’s bottom and press Done. If you are using an older version of the iPhone, then press the Home button to save the changes.

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These were the steps to move the unnecessary apps to a different screen or folder in an iPhone. But, sometimes shifting the apps does not serve the purpose of making the phone clutter-free and freeing the phone’s space. In such cases deleting the unrequired apps becomes unavoidable. Therefore, now we’ll talk about the methods of how to delete apps on iPhone. You can remove an app from the iPhone in two ways. Let’s begin with the first one.

Hopefully, this blog-post helps you remove all the apps that are hogging your iPhone’s space. Only keeps the apps you need and delete the rest to keep the phone snappier like a brand spanking new model. If you have any questions or confusion persists, then do let us know in the comment box below. We’ll love to address it. Lastly, before you leave, subscribe to our newsletter for staying updated with the tech trends and happenings across the globe.

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