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How to Download Xbox One Controller Driver for Windows 10, 8, 7

This write-up highlights the best methods to download, install, and update Xbox one controller driver.

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is every gamer’s dream come true. It hosts almost every feature that you could imagine having in a game controller. If you have it, then perhaps you are a true gaming enthusiast. But, merely having the best game controller is not enough. The compatible device drivers are needed to make it perform the way you would expect. Without a driver, you won’t be able to play your favorite games. Thus, this write-up focuses on the simple ways to download the Xbox One controller driver for Windows 10. 

Without taking much of your time, let’s begin to download, install, and update Xbox One controller drivers. 

3 Simple Methods to Download Xbox One Controller Driver for Windows 10

Below are the methods through which you can download, install, and update Xbox One controller driver for Windows 10 in the easiest possible manner. 

Method 1: Use Device Manager

Windows is an intelligent operating system. It understands the needs of users well. Therefore, there is a utility in your PC known as Device Manager that takes care of all your driver related concerns. Below is how to use it to download the Xbox One controller driver for Windows 10. 

  • In the search bar located on the Task Bar, type “Device Manager”.
  • Click on the topmost search result to open it.
    Use Device Manager
  • Wait for Device Manager to open and after it opens, expand “Xbox Peripherals”.
  • Right-click on “Microsoft Xbox One controller” and select “Update Driver Software” (on the latest Windows 10 versions, click on “Update Driver”).
    Use Device Manager-1
  • Now, choose “Search automatically for updated driver software” from the options displayed on the screen.
    Use Device Manager-2
  • Wait till Windows finds and installs the Xbox One controller driver. 
  • Restart the PC after completing the above steps. 

However, Windows may not be able to download the Xbox One controller driver if the update is released only before some time. If that happens, then try the below methods to download, install, and update Xbox One controller driver. 

Method 2: Try using Windows update

You can install the Xbox One controller driver via Windows update. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do it. 

  • Connect the controller with the PC through the USB port
  • Let Windows detect the change in hardware. 
  • Wait till the Windows update searches for the Xbox One controller drivers.
  • After the search is complete, download the required drivers.
  • Once the drivers are downloaded, install them on your PC. 

Now, check whether the Xbox One controller works correctly or not. If it does not work properly, then this means that the driver is not installed and you need to download the Xbox One controller driver again. 

Method 3: Use the driver CD/DVD

Many times, the Xbox One controller comes with a driver CD or DVD. If you have also got it, then follow the below steps to download the Xbox One controller driver for Windows 10. 

  • Insert the driver CD/DVD in the PC’s drive.
  • Open “This PC” in Windows 10. If you have an older Windows version, then open “My Computer”.
  • Double-click the CD/DVD that you have inserted to run it. If it fails to run, then double-click the “.exe extension” present in the CD directory. 
  • Follow the instructions that come up on the screen to finish the driver installation. 

In case you don’t have a CD/DVD or this method does not work for you, then jump to the below method to install the Xbox One controller driver. 

Method 4: Update Xbox One controller drivers via ITL Driver Updater (Recommended)

Here’s the best way not only to download, update, and install Xbox One controller driver but all the other drivers as well. ITL Driver Updater is the single driver update utility that you need to take care of all your driver related requirements and give your PC’s performance the much-needed boost. Below we discuss how to use it for installing the Xbox One Controller driver. 

How to install Xbox One controller driver using ITL Driver Updater


  • Download ITL Driver Updater and install it on your PC.
  • Open the software and click on “Scan”. 
  • After the scan results appear, click on “Update Now” to update the Xbox One controller driver. If you want to update all outdated, missing, faulty drivers in a single mouse click, then choose “Update All”. 

ITL driver updater program

See how simple it is to use ITL Driver Updater. The above three steps are all you need to follow. In addition to ease of use, we have several reasons for recommending ITL Driver Updater. We enlist the prominent ones below. 

Why is ITL Driver Updater our topmost recommendation

  • It takes the PC’s performance to greater heights and makes it a whole lot faster.
  • With this driver updater, you can schedule scans and run them whenever you want.
  • This driver update utility, lets you exclude the drivers that you don’t want to scan. 
  • It is among the best multilingual driver updaters. 
  • ITL Driver Updater is available for all the latest versions of Windows. 

The above list is not where our reasons for recommending this wonderful tool ends. This was just a small snapshot of them. You’ll get to know the complete picture, i.e., more ITL Driver Updater benefits after you start using it. Thus, click on the download button to watch your PC turn into the fastest PC ever. 


Download Xbox One Controller Driver: Done

Above we learned the simple methods to download Xbox One controller driver for Windows 10. In our opinion, the easiest way to get the latest drivers is through ITL Driver Updater. Further, this utility not only updates drivers but also makes significant improvements in the way your PC performs. Thus, it would be great if you give it a try and let us know your experience in the comment box below. Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles and subscribe to Innovana Blog for more such tech knowledge. 

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