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How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode – Step by Step Guide (Android/ iPhone)

Finally, a much-awaited feature has been announced by Facebook for its most commonly used messaging app WhatsApp. Yes, you guessed it right, now you can enable WhatsApp dark mode feature as the tech giant Facebook has announced a WhatsApp dark mode. Users across the globe have been requesting this feature since a long ago.

Earlier, WhatsApp dark mode feature was in a testing phase and was only available on the beta version. Now after years of testing, it is available for almost all the WhatsApp users.

Facebook has designed WhatsApp night mode in such a way that it automatically adjusts the color combination as per the system default to provide you an eye-pleasing experience. While designing WhatsApp dark mode Facebook has taken care of two major things, one is the readability of the content and the other is information hierarchy.

You can simply enable this dark theme of WhatsApp on your smartphone whether it is an android phone or an iPhone.

If WhatsApp Dark Mode is Not Working – How to Fix?

Usually, it can be enabled by following some easy steps, but if you are having some issues while enabling the WhatsApp dark theme, you can fix them by following the below-mentioned steps.

Check your software version.

Dark mode WhatsApp feature is available for all the versions of Android OS, starting from Android 4.0.3 to Android 10. Although it is not same for the iOS as WhatsApp dark mode feature is only compatible with iOS 13. Hence, WhatsApp dark mode for iOS is not available on any of the iPhones having less than iOS 13. You can check your iOS version by following the action path “Settings > General > About”.

Update WhatsApp to its latest version.

Now as you have checked the software compatibility and your smartphone OS is compatible enough for the black WhatsApp feature, then you are required to update the WhatsApp to its latest version. Check for the latest version of WhatsApp available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update to it. As Facebook has clearly stated in its announcement that the dark mode in WhatsApp is only available in its latest update. You can get the latest version of WhatsApp through the links provided below.

For iOS13:

For Android:

Completely close WhatsApp.

After updating if it is still not showing the WhatsApp dark mode feature then you are required to completely close the WhatsApp. In Android devices you can do it by going to “Settings”, then look for Apps & Notifications, and after that select WhatsApp from the list of Apps. Then select the “Force stop” option. Now you can re-launch the app and enjoy the dark mode WhatsApp feature for Android.

In iOS 13 smartphones you can simply close the app by opening the recently opened app screen and then swiping the WhatsApp to up or down.

Now as you have checked all the possible issues, you are just required to enable the WhatsApp dark feature in your Android and iOS smartphones.

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How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp

You can enable the WhatsApp dark mode in Android as well as iOS smartphones by following the below-mention simple steps.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode in Android

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to enable the WhatsApp dark mode in Android smartphones.

In Android 10

Step1: Go to the settings of your phone.

Step2: Look for Display settings.

Step3: Select “Dark Mode” in Display settings. This will automatically enable the dark mode WhatsApp feature in Android 10.

You can also enable it manually by following the same steps that are mentioned for the smartphones having Android 9 or less.

In Android 9 or less

Step1: Launch WhatsApp.

Step2: Go to WhatsApp settings.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode in Android

Step3: Tap on “Chats

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode in Android-1

Step4: Select “Theme

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode in Android-2

Step5: Now tap on “Dark

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode in Android-3

By the above mentioned simple steps, you can enjoy the feature of dark mode WhatsApp in any Android device.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode in Android-4

Now here comes the steps to enable the feature of dark mode WhatsApp in iOS 13.

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How to Enable the dark mode of WhatsApp in iOS

The steps are quite similar as we have mentioned for Android 10 users.

Step1: Open the “Settings” app.

Step2: Look for “Display & Brightness”.

Step3: Select “Dark”.

darkmode on iPhone

We hope that all of you have enabled the WhatsApp dark mode feature in your android and iOS devices by following the simple steps that we have provided above.


It’s great news that the world’s most preferred messaging app is now having the dark mode feature. Now you can conveniently chat with your loved ones under your blanket or in any other dark ambiance. Facebook was receiving a large number of requests for this feature for a long time and finally given a much-awaited update to the WhatsApp users. WhatsApp dark mode feature can surely enhance your late-night chatting experience.

We hope that our write-up helped you to enjoy this amazing update of WhatsApp to the fullest and have provided you the required information about the dark mode feature. Let’s wait for more such amazing updates from Facebook.

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