How to Fix MSI Laptop Camera Not Working on Windows 10
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How to Fix MSI Laptop Camera Not Working on Windows 10

It is an irritating situation if the camera is not working or detected on an MSI Windows 10 laptop. But you can fix this problem effectively and easily by implementing the fixes shared in this post. 

You need to attend a virtual meeting/class or catch up with a loved one online, but your MSI laptop camera is not working on Windows 10? Then, do not panic.

Your search for “Why my MSI camera is not working and how to fix it?” has brought you to the right place. Through this article, we show you how to fix this problem quickly and easily.

As for the causes of the issue, most probably, your MSI laptop camera is not detected because of driver-related problems or incorrect camera settings. You can solve these issues by using the solutions described in the next section of this post.

Solutions for MSI Laptop Camera not Working on Windows 10

Below are the fixes you can implement if your MSI laptop camera is not working or Windows 10 is not detecting it.

Solution 1: Make sure the Camera Toggle is on

If your camera is off, then surely it will not be working on Windows 10. Therefore, ensure that it is on by following the below steps.

Step 1: Press the Windows and I keys in unison to evoke the Settings.

Step 2: Select the Privacy settings.                                                           Select the Privacy settings in windows setting

Step 3: Choose the Camera option from the left panel.

Step 4: Turn on the toggle to Let apps use my camera hardware. Turn on the toggle to Let apps use my camera hardware

Step 5: Check whether your MSI laptop camera has started working on Windows 10 or not.

Solution 2: Update the Camera Driver (Recommended)

Do you know most of the problems, including the ones with the MSI laptop camera, exist because of outdated drivers? Yes out of date drivers are the top reason for which you face the issues like MSI laptop camera not detected or working on Windows 10. Therefore, the best way to drive these problems away is to update your camera driver.

Updating the camera driver manually is a really long and tedious process. Hence, we suggest you follow the below steps to do it automatically with only a few clicks.

Step 1: Click on the button given below to download the setup of Bit Driver Updater (the best software to update drivers automatically).

download now button

Step 2: Click on the setup that you have downloaded and install the software.

Step 3: Let the automatic PC scan complete.

Step 4: After the scan is finished, go to the camera driver and click on the Update Now button present next to it.

If you want to fix the problems with other peripherals as well, then click on the Update All button to get all the issues fixed automatically with one click.

Bit driver updater -Update the Camera Driver

Solution 3: Reinstall the Camera Driver

An incorrectly installed camera driver is among one of the most common reasons for which the MSI laptop shows that there is no camera attached. Therefore, try reinstalling the driver by implementing these steps.

Step 1: Use the Windows+X key combination to bring up the Quick Access menu.

Step 2: Select Device Manager from the on-screen menu.

Choose Device Manager

Step 3: Now, click on the section titled Imaging devices to expand it.

Step 4: Right-click on the dysfunctional MSI laptop camera and select the Uninstall device option.

Reinstall the camera driver

Step 5: Now, click on the box that seeks your permission to Delete the driver software for this device. 

Step 6: Click on the Uninstall/OK option.

Step 7: Let the uninstallation complete and after it completes, reboot your computer.

Solution 4: Roll Back the Camera Driver

In an attempt to update the drivers manually, users often end up installing incompatible drivers. If you have also recently updated the webcam driver on your own, then there are high chances that you have downloaded the incorrect driver version. And this may have caused issues resulting in the camera not getting detected on your MSI laptop. Therefore, you need to roll back the driver to its previous state by going along with the below directions.

Step 1: Summon the Device Manager on your computer.

Step 2: Select the category of Imaging devices.

Step 3: Double click on the camera to open its Properties.

Step 4: Move to the Drivers tab.

Step 5: Click on the Roll Back Driver button.

Roll back the camera driver

Step 6: Select why you are rolling back the driver (you can choose any reason).

Step 7: Click on OK and let the rollback complete.

Step 8: Lastly, boot your computer again.

Solution 5: Check the Antivirus Settings

Sometimes, an antivirus may block your camera application and result in the camera not working on Windows 10. Therefore, go through the antivirus settings and unblock the camera if it is blocked on your MSI laptop.

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Solution 6: Reset the Camera Application

Resetting the camera app can also fix the problems if the camera is not detected on your MSI laptop. String along the below steps to do it.

Step 1: Launch the Settings.

Step 2: Choose the Apps option.

Apps Setting

Step 3: Select Default apps from the left pane.

Step 4: Click on the Camera option.

Step 5: Select Advanced options. 

Step 6: Lastly, click on the Reset button.

Reset the camera application

MSI laptop Camera not Working on Windows 10 fixed Successfully

Through this article, we tried to help you fix issues because of which the camera is not working on MSI laptops with Windows 10. As you can see, the best way to get rid of this and other annoying problems is to update the drivers using Bit Driver Updater. However, if you are aware of any better solutions, then use the comments section below to share your knowledge with us.

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