How to Record Mac Screen with Audio (Step By Step Guide)
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How to Record Mac Screen with Audio (Step By Step Guide)

This post is a guide that explains how to record the Mac screen with audio effortlessly. 

Do you want to record your fantastic gameplay so that you can brag about it later, capture a still from your online class for exam time revisions, or create a screen recording along with the background audio for some other purpose? If your answer is yes, but you are not sure about how to record Mac screen with audio, then thank your search engine as it has brought you to the right place. 

Through this article, we elucidate how to record screen and audio at the same time on Mac with the help of a third-party application. And, without using any third-party software as well. Let’s begin recording the Mac screen and audio without any external program. 

How to Record the Mac Screen with Audio without Using any Third-Party Application

Yes, it is possible to record the screen of your Mac along with the audio without any third-party program. Below is how to record the Mac screen with audio in this manner. 

  • Go to your Applications folder and open QuickTime Player. 
  • Click on “File” and choose “New Screen Recording” from the on-screen menu.
    How to record the Mac screen with audio
  • When the recording box appears, click the down arrow to adjust your microphone settings.
    How to record the Mac screen with audio-1
  • After adjusting the settings, click on the red-colored Record button located next to the arrow that you have clicked in the previous step. 
  • Once you have recorded the screen with audio, click on the Record button to finish the recording. 
  • If you wish, then you can edit the recorded video by clicking the Edit option present on the menu bar. 
  • After recording and editing the video, click on the “File” option, and select “Save” to save it. Mac saves the video as .MOV file. However, you can click on “Export” to change its format. 

It was how to record videos on Mac with sound. But, if you want to record only the video and not audio, then doing it is also a simple process. Simply, follow these directions to do it. 

  • On your keyboard, press Shift-Command (⌘)-5 to view the on-screen recording controls. 
  • Click on icon to record the entire screen. If you want to record only a specific portion of the screen, then click the icon and drag it to specify the recording area. 
  • Select the Record button from the controls visible on your screen. 
  • To finish the recording, select from the menu bar or hit Command-Control-Esc (Escape) on your keyboard. 

Above we learned how to record Mac screen with audio without using any third-party software. Now, we will learn about how to do the same with the help of an external application. 

How to Record Mac Screen with Audio: Fully Explained

In this article, we explained the entire process of how to record the Mac screen with audio. Hopefully, now you can effortlessly create the recordings. In case you want further assistance or solutions to other Mac issues, then subscribe, bookmark, and keep reading our blog. We will see you soon with another useful tech guide. 

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