How to Solve Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10
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How to Solve Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10

All of you might have faced BSOD issues on your PCs. They are quite common. But what if you encounter BSOD along with the Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10? It may freeze your computer for some time. However, you do not have to panic about this issue. You can resolve it with several fixes.

Before knowing the methods to fix Blue Screen Video Scheduler Internal Error, let’s understand the reasons that cause this issue.

Reasons for Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10

Here are some of the causes for the Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10.

1. Malware

One of the major cause of almost all the PC issues is the malware infection. Some malicious programs can infect your computer and its functioning. Along with corrupting the PC, they can also attack your privacy and security.

That’s the reason why people consider malware as one of the prominent reasons for Windows stop code Video Scheduler Internal Error.

2. Graphics Card

Inefficient graphics hardware can also result in various system issues. Hence, experts recommend to install the certified and appropriate graphics hardware on your PC as per your performance requirements.

3. Graphics Driver

Device drivers play a huge role in the functioning of your PC. Hence it is necessary to keep your drivers healthy and up to date. Or else you may have to face problems like BSOD Video Scheduler Internal Error.

4. System Files

There a several things through which you can unintentionally corrupt the system files of your PC. Depraved system files can cause a lot of trouble for you. They can even result in the system crashing.

5. Windows Registry

Windows Registry is the base of any Windows computer. A minor change in the Registry can result in huge problems. That’s why Windows provide Registry Editor through which you can rectify the errors and changes.

6. New Hardware/Software

Sometimes, connecting new hardware to your computer or installing new software can cause system instability. New hardware and software may also impact the computer’s existing system files, settings, drivers, etc. Hence, one should check this factor as well, if he/she is facing the Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10.

Now, as we know the reasons for the Video Scheduler Internal issue, it will be easy for us to understand and perform the solutions to fix them. So, let’s check out the methods to resolve this error.

Methods to Solve Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10

Below are some effective fixes for Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10.

Update Graphics Driver

As mentioned above, device drivers play a crucial role in the seamless functioning of your computer. Hence, everyone must take care of their device drivers. Any fault in the drivers can result in lots of serious errors. However, you can repair your device drivers quite effortlessly by using Bit Driver Updater software.

If your graphics driver is not functioning properly and causing issues like Stop Code Video Scheduler Internal Error, then you must try updating it via Bit Driver Updater. It will save you from seeking the authentic update for your graphic driver manually on various sources. Along with this, the tool also lets you have a backup of your device drivers and also allows you to restore them. Here is how you can use this driver updating software.

Step 1: Download Bit Driver Updater from the download button provided below.
download now button

Step 2: Install the program and then launch it.

Step 3: Make the program start scanning for the driver updates for all your broken, missing, or corrupt drivers by selecting the ‘Scan’ option.

Step 4: Select the graphics driver or any other faulty driver that you want to update and repair.

Step 5: Choose the ‘Update Now’ option for that particular driver.

Step 6: Restart your computer and observe if the error still persists.

Scan for Malware

Another great solution for Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10 is to perform a malware scan on your computer and remove all the malicious objects from it. For this, you require an efficient antivirus program that can provide you overall virus protection by performing a deep scan and cleaning all the threats from your computer.

Everyone knows how effective it is to perform a virus scan with Microsoft Defender. At the same time, you also cannot rely on every other antivirus for the security of your computer.

Install Proper Graphics Hardware

The absence of proper graphics hardware can cause a lot of graphics issues, and the Blue Screen Video Scheduler Internal Error is also one of them. Hence we suggest you to install the appropriate graphics hardware on your PC. If you want some guidance, then you can check one of our previous write-ups about installing the graphics card properly.

Check & Repair System Files

You must also check your system files to resolve BSOD Video Scheduler Internal Error. Here are the instructions that you need to follow.

1. In the Search Box of your Windows 10 PC, type ‘Command Prompt’.

command prompt run as administrator

2. Select the Run as administrator option.

3. Run ‘chkdsk /f /r’ command.

4. Type Y.

5. Reboot your computer.

6. Now, open the Command Prompt once again by following the previous steps.

7. After opening the Command Prompt, run ‘sfc /scannow’ command and wait until the scan gets complete.

By following the above instructions, you can successfully repair your system files. However, if the problem of Video Scheduler Internal Error still exists on your PC, then try resolving it with some other method mentioned here.

Update Windows

Updating the Windows operating system to its latest version has served as a solution for Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10 for many people. Here are the steps through which you can also try this method.

1. Do a right-click on the Windows icon.

2. Choose Settings from the list.

right click on start menu and choose setting

3. Go for Update and Security.

windows settings

4. At last, just select ‘Check for updates’ to update the Windows.

After selecting ‘Check for updates’, all you have to do is to sit back and wait for the operating system to update itself if there is a possible update. Then, once it gets complete, check if the error got resolved or not by restarting the computer.

Uninstall or Remove Newly Installed Software/Hardware

Like we have stated above, your PC may start behaving differently due to the unfamiliar, or we can say newly installed software and hardware. Hence, we recommend to try uninstalling or removing the software and hardware that you have recently installed on your computer.

It is quite simple to remove the recently connected hardware from your PC. You just need to detach it and reboot your computer again. But uninstalling the newly installed software may require you to follow some instructions. So, check the below-mentioned steps to remove new software from your computer.

1. Search for Apps & features in the Windows Search Box and open it.

apps & features

2. Change the filter of Sort by to Install date.

Sort apps as Install date

3. Select recently installed software.

4. Click on Uninstall.

5. Check if the Windows stop code Video Scheduler Internal Error issue still exists or not.

Try Disk Cleanup

Another thing that you can try to fix the BSOD Video Scheduler Internal Error is the Disk Cleanup. Here are the steps through which you can run a Disk Cleanup.

1. In My PC/This PC, do a right-click on C: drive.

2. Choose Properties from the context menu.

right click on C drive

3. Select the Disk Cleanup option.

C drive properties

4. After the system completes its calculation, choose Clean up system files.

disk cleanup

5. Mark all the available files.

6. Select the OK button.

7. At last, reboot the system and check if the problem is gone now.


So, these are some of the fixes that we recommend to solve the Video Scheduler Internal Error on Windows 10. However, you can also resolve this problem permanently by updating the graphics drivers regularly and keeping your PC safe from malware. Both the tasks are quite hectic and require you to pay special attention. But, a driver updater tool like Bit Driver Updater can make these tasks easier.

Not just easier, these tools can make the tasks of driver update and anti-malware protection effortless with their automatic and intuitive functionality. There are various other solutions as well to solve the Video Scheduler Internal Error, but we do not find them effective. If you know some other effective methods to resolve this problem, then please share them with us. We are also open to suggestions and feedback about our write-ups, so you can also share them with us with the comments sections provided below.

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