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Mic Testing: How to Test Microphone on Windows 10 Easily (2021 guide)

Through this article, we discuss how to test the microphone on Windows 10 and improve its performance with ease.  

Imagine a situation when you plug in the microphone to attend a virtual meeting, but your microphone betrays you, and it does not work. How does this feel? We are sure that it is among the most frustrating things that could ever happen. Hence, in our view, it is a smarter idea to test the microphone on Windows 10 before actually using it. 

If you agree with our thoughts and want to know how to test the microphone on Windows 10, then continue reading this article. Here we share multiple methods to test the mic on Windows 10 so that you never feel embarrassed because of the microphone. 

Recommendation To Keep The Microphone Functioning Properly Always

If you have already tested your microphone and it doesn’t seem to be working properly, then try updating the sound driver. It is one of the most effective fixes to keep the mic of your PC functioning well. However, we recommend using Bit Driver Updater to update the sound driver. The reason for this is the tool is automatic and helps to fix driver issues rapidly.\


Step-by-Step Ways to Test the Microphone on Windows 10

Here are the step-by-step methods for how to test the microphone on Windows 10. 

Method 1: Test your Microphone in Windows 10 Audio Settings

You can test the microphone effortlessly from the audio settings of your computer. Below is how to test the microphone on Windows 10 using the audio settings.

Step 1: Make sure the Microphone is Configured Correctly

First, you need to ensure that the microphone is configured correctly on your computer. It may not be configured if you are using it for the first time. Below is how to configure the microphone. 

  • Press the Windows and R key simultaneously to launch the Run box.
  • In the Run box, type “control /name Microsoft.Sound” and click “OK.”
    Make sure the Microphone is Configured Correctly
  • After the Windows sound settings come up, go to the “Recording” tab and choose the microphone that you want to test on Windows 10.
  • Now, click on the “Configure” button and select “OK.”
    Make sure the microphone is configured correctly-1
  • Next, select the “Set up microphone” option.
    Make sure the microphone is configured correctly-2
  • Select the correct microphone type and choose “Next.”
    Make sure the microphone is configured correctly-3
  • Be guided by the Microphone Setup Wizard to configure your microphone on Windows 10. Exit the wizard when the process is complete. 

Step 2: Test the Microphone on Windows 10

After configuring the microphone, below is how to test it on Windows 10.

  • Right-click on the Speaker icon present on the lower right corner of your screen and choose “Sounds” from the small pop-up menu.
    Test the Microphone on Windows 10
  • Move to the “Recording” tab and select the microphone that you wish to test. 
  • If the selected microphone is not the default device, then click on the “Set Default” button. If the microphone is already your default device, then jump to the next step.
  • Speak something into the microphone. If you see green colored bars on the right, then the microphone is working properly. 
  • After you finish testing your mic on Windows 10, click on the “OK” button.
    Test the Microphone on Windows 10-1

Method 2: Use the in-built Voice Recorder Application

Windows 10 comes with an in-built voice recorder. Below is how to test your mic on Windows 10 using this application.

Step 1: In the search bar of your computer, type “Voice Recorder” and select it from the results. 

  • Click on the “Record Icon” and speak something into the microphone.
    Use the in-built Voice Recorder Application
  • Click on the “Stop” button after you are done recording.
    Use the in-built Voice Recorder Application-1
  • Click on the recording to play it. If your voice is clear, then it means that the microphone is working correctly.
    Use the in-built Voice Recorder Application-2

Now, you must be delighted as your microphone is working perfectly, right? Well, this happiness may not last long if you do not update the sound card driver on your computer. Outdated audio drivers often result in various problems and may even make your microphone dysfunctional. Therefore, after sharing how to test headset microphone in Windows 10 with ease, below we share how to update the sound card driver to keep annoying issues away. 

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How to Update the Sound Driver so that the Microphone always works Perfectly

You can update the driver for your sound card either through manual ways such as via Device Manager or the official website of the manufacturer, or you can take a shorter and smarter route to update it. In our view, the second option is a better choice. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you update drivers automatically with Bit Driver Updater. This program updates all the device drivers automatically in one mouse click. And it also significantly improves the way your computer performs by making it faster, error-free, and smoother. 

Apart from this, another great feature of Bit Driver Updater is that it always downloads and installs only WHQL validated drivers. Now, below we share a few simple steps that you need to take to use this software. 

  • Using the link given here, download and install Bit Driver Updater.
  • Let the software perform the PC scan automatically or run a manual scan by clicking on Scan.
  • Wait for two to three seconds till the scan finishes. 
  • Go through the scan results and click on the Update Now button that you see alongside the sound card driver. 

Bit Driver Updater

You can also update all the drivers in a single click, create and restore driver backups, increase the driver download speed, and exclude the drivers that you do not want to be scanned by clicking on “Update All.”

Yes, it is this easy to update the sound card driver with Bit Driver Updater and ensure that the microphone delivers the best performance. Hence, click on the link shared below to get this software.


To resolve various microphone issues, you can also visit this dedicated guide on our blog. 

Bonus Tips: How to Improve the Microphone Quality on Windows

If your microphone is working fine but you want to enhance its quality even more, then here’re some bonus microphone quality tips for you. 

  • Increase the mic level by following the path Sound Settings>Sound Control Panel>Recording>Double-click default mic>Levels>Move the slider to the right side. 
  • Use a good equalizer app to boost the microphone quality. 
  • Disable the unnecessary audio enhancements by following the path Sound Settings>Sound Control Panel>Recording>Double-click default mic>Enhancements>Disable all sound effects.
  • Enable the Far Field Pickup (FFP) enhancement. 
  • Stop the third-party applications from taking control of the microphone.
  • Change the bitrate of your microphone to DVD quality. 

Test the Microphone on Windows 10: Concluding words

Through this article, we elucidated how to test your microphone on Windows 10. We hope that now you got the answer to your question, i.e., How to test my microphone on Windows 10. For more such tech guides, continue reading Innovana Blog and also subscribe to it so that you get notified whenever a new post comes up. 

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