How to Unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5 Easily
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How to Unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5 Easily

Unlock your iPhone and iPad with the help of Apple Watch floated with the latest update of iOS 14.5. 

Apple, the tech giant, released some interactive new features in the latest version of iOS 14.5. These features include unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch, new Siri voice options, better privacy controls, and other additional features. In this review, we are going to explain how to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5. The developers kept in mind the problems being faced by the users before rolling out the update.

With the pandemic making such a hit on the lives, every individual has to wear face masks and face shields that were making it hard for the users to unlock iPhones and iPads while wearing the protective shield. The latest update of iOS 14 makes it easier to unlock the iPhone with the help of your connected Apple Watch. Read the complete article to check out how.

Process to Unlock Your iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5

For the first time, the upgraded version of Apple iOS 14 allows the user to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch with watchOS 7.4 quite easily. Here is the step by step process to do so:

Step 1: Install the latest update of your iPhone and Apple Watch by opening ‘Settings’,

Unlock Your iPhone with Apple Watch

Step 2: Open ‘Settings’ on the iPhone

Step 3: Open the ‘Face ID & Passcode’ settings by entering your passcode

Step 4: From the menu, search for the setting named ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ and turn it on.

trun on ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’

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Conditions to Unlock iPhone with Apple watch in iOS 14.5

Indeed, the latest update of iOS 14 allows the user to unlock iPhones and iPads through the connected Apple Watch but certain conditions are present behind unlocking the smartphone through this process. These conditions are as follows:

  • The user can unlock the phone with Apple Watch if the Face Id of the device detects a face mask.
  • The Apple Watch and iPhone are connected
  • The Apple Watch is nearby or on the user’s wrist
  • Unlock the Apple Watch beforehand
  • The Apple Watch has a security passcode

Only if all of these conditions are fulfilled, the user can unlock the iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5. These conditions safeguard the personal as well as data security of the user. If any one of these conditions is not met, the device will not unlock under any circumstances. Additionally, if the user disables the wrist detection feature of the Apple Watch, he/she will fail to use this feature to unlock the device.

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How does the Process Work

The functionality of the process is quite easy and straightforward. When the user is wearing a face mask or a face shield, the Face Id of the iPhone will send a hepatic feedback notification to the user’s Apple Watch stating that the connected iPhone is unlocked with the Apple Watch. An instant option to ‘Lock the Phone’ will also appear in the same notification which will lock the device back on the user’s command, ensuring the security of your device. The feature will also ask to set a Passcode when the user unlocks the iPhone with Apple Watch for the first time only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use the new unlock iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5 feature?

Yes, it is very safe to use the all-new feature to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5. Apple rolled out the feature and ensures the maximum security of the user’s device. This feature sends an instant hepatic feedback notification to the user, every time the user unlocks the iPhone, along with an option to ‘Lock the Phone’, ensuring maximum security.

What are the new features in the iOS 14.5 update?

The latest update of iOS 14 has a lot of different options and features. Apart from the feature to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, the iOS 14.5 updates include the following features:

  • Enhanced Siri 

The developers at Apple have introduced more voices for Siri in iOS 14.5. Now the user can select from a wide range of voices for Siri and select one of their desires. Siri will now alert about calls on the connected Apple Airpods or other compatible devices.

Enhanced Siri

  • Better Privacy Options

App Tracking Transparency will ensure that the apps ask for user’s approval before sharing data with others. The user can switch these preferences on or off in the ‘Settings’.

Better Privacy Options

  • New Emojis

Some new emojis are added like face exhaling, a woman with a beard, hearts on fire, etc. to the emoji pack of Apple’s built-in keyboard.

New Emojis


  • Incident Reporting

Users in some particular parts of the world can mark construction works, accidents, and other incidents on Apple Maps and share them with others.

Other added features were Apple Airpods connectivity, reminders, better voice controls, 5G improvements, and many more.


The update to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5 is very effective in such a time when it is compulsory to wear a face mask whenever you step out. A lot of users had reported that they were facing problems with the Apple Face Id to unlock the device while wearing a face mask. Responding to their problems, the creators at Apple rolled out this feature in the latest iOS 14 updates to help the users.

The feature is very similar to the one that works with Apple Watch and Mac but the feature is only limited to the times when the Face Id detects a face mask only. The feature will not detect the face but will only look for a face mask, whether worn by you or some other individual.  In the rest of the cases, the iPhone will unlock in regular ways.

We hope that this article will help you in setting up the unlock iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5 feature. For more updates stay connected to Innovana Thinklabs Blogs and comment for queries and suggestions.

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