How To Write A Video Script [Quick Guide]
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How To Write A Video Script [Quick Guide]

Here is a quick guide on how to write a video script efficiently. Read on to know more If you are planning to write a successful script for your next short film, music video, or a YouTube skit.

Digital content creators know the importance of having a good script. Whether you want to create a short film, a YouTube skit, or a music video, one of the primary things that you require is a script. But not everyone knows how to write it. Hence today, we have brought this quick guide on how to write a video script. Before proceeding with the process, let’s discuss the reasons why one should script a video.

Importance Of Having A Good Video Script

If you are not an experienced digital content creator or an amateur video maker, then you might not be getting the point of writing a good script. You might be thinking that all you require for a successful video (whether it is a short film, music video, or a skit) is just a creative idea and some amazing editing skills, which is entirely wrong. You may end up wasting your time and efforts. We require a suitable plan to execute our ideas and skills. Hence, a good script is a must if you want to make a successful video. 

Script is an organized plan that lets you to track even the minor details of your videos. It helps you to determine the things that you are going to convey in your video. Along with this, a good video script also allows you to visualize the ideas & concept of your video before even making it. 

In short, one can consider the script as a blueprint for the video because it describes every scene, shot, animation, sound, and other elements of a video. Now, as we know the importance of having an effective video script, let’s proceed with the guide on how to write a video script.

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Guide To Write A Video Script

Below we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to write a video script. It can help you a lot in planning & making your future videos.

Step 1: Define Your Objective

Here comes one of the pre-scripting steps. The first thing that you have to do before penning down your video is to perform an introspection and define the objectives of your video. One of the major questions that you have to ask yourself is what is the purpose of making this video. It helps you to define the objectives of your video.

After finding the purpose of your video, now you have to know your audience. Hence, ask yourself, for whom I am making this video. Along with this, you also have to find the usefulness of your video to your desired audience. The answer to all these questions will help you to think in a specific way and also guide you to make your video in that particular direction. 

Once you have performed the above introspection and have found your answers, then you are ready to proceed with further steps of this guide to write a youtube script or any other video script.

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Step 2: Write Down A Brief Introduction Of Your Video

The second step to write a robust script is to create a brief introduction of the video that you are going to make. It must include the idea of your video, what you have planned to make & show, key takeaways, and your call to action. To do this, first of all, write down the answers that you have found after following the above step. Then, pen down the things & elements that you have planned to show in your video.

After that, determine & note the key takeaways of your video. It means the things that you want your audience to learn and understand from your video. Once you have noted the key takeaways, find out the call to action. With call to action, we mean the things that you want your audience to do after watching your video. Now, after noting all these things, you have a brief introduction of your video.

Step 3: Create A Brief Synopsis Or An Outline Of Your Video

Here comes the step from where you start constructing your script. You have to use the introduction that you have created in the above step to make a brief outline for your video. It’s better to start with a synopsis and then proceeding with writing your video script as it helps you to cover all the things that you want to present. It also prevents you from missing out on important details.

You only have to connect the dots between what you have figured out in the above steps to create an outline for your video. And we suggest that you should make the synopsis of your video as detailed as possible. For this, you have to evaluate your video topic and write the sub-topics. Divide the key elements of your video, such as scenes, dialogs, music, animations, etc., as per the sub-topics. 

First of all, decide and write the opening of your video. Then after that, note down the required introduction and other essential details of your content. At last, finish the outline by finding the suitable closing and end of the video. It is just a primary format, and it may differ depending on the video that you are making.

Step 4: Start Writing Your Video Script

After making the brief outline, use it to write your detailed video script. To keep your ideas and thoughts organized, we suggest you proceed section by section. 

First of all, visualize the sub-topics or sections that you have created in the outline and then write them down in detail. If you are looking to write a YouTube script or short film script, then after visualizing and penning the scenes of a section, we suggest you to note your dialogs. It’s better if you write your dialogs or monologs scene by scene. 

However, if you want to write a music video script or any explainer script, then you can skip writing the dialogs if they are not required. In that case, you only have to write the scenes as per the soundtrack or voice-over. Apart from all this, below are some other tips that you can follow while writing your video script.

  • Make sure that the script is conversational.

We suggest that you should keep your script as conversational as possible so that it’ll be easier to make a video on it. Hence, you should not use compound sentences unless required.

  • Make it as detailed & thorough as possible.

Another great tip that we like to provide you to write a good video script is to make it as detailed and thorough as possible. You should pen down everything you have visualized about a scene, including all the minor details. It helps in implementing your envisioned idea in a better way.

  • Keep your audience & platform in mind.

You should script your video as per your audience and platform. Hence, it is important to keep both in mind while writing your video script. For example, if you are making a short film for teens and want to upload it on YouTube, then you should optimize the script of your video as per the policies & trends of YouTube and also have to use the slang used by the teens. It enhances the success probability of your video.

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Step 5: Edit The Script That You Have Written

To write the video script with a flow and make it sound more natural, you should not think about the edits. Editing in real-time may enhance the turnaround and reduce the freshness of your content. However, after finishing it, all you have to do is to perform some ruthless edits. For this, you have to proofread your script thoroughly. And after that, highlight the errors and the missing things. Now, make the required changes and edits. It is one of the time-consuming steps of this guide to write a short film script or any other video script. Hence, we advise you not to rush it as it requires your complete attention.

Along with finding the mistakes, you should also take care of the arrangement of the content and its length. Hence, you have to proofread the script multiple times until you feel it’s perfect & there is no flaw left in it.

Step 6: Read The Script Loud

After editing the script, you might think that it’s perfect, but it might be possible that you have missed some errors. Hence, to eliminate them, you have to read the script aloud. It helps in finding some minor flaws. 

Some words and phrases may look good on the paper or notepad, but when you read them aloud, they may sound quite unnatural in the sentences. They may not fit with the tone of your overall idea and script. Hence, it’s better to read what you have written aloud. It helps to detect & replace those words and phrases. And eventually, it makes the video more natural and on the point.

Another major benefit of performing this step while you are writing the video script is that it helps you in managing the time duration of your video. If it is taking much time to read the script than your desired video length, then you have to perform some more edits & cuts to the script

Step 7: Show Your Script To Your Colleagues And Other Reviewers

Now, when you feel that your script is perfect and have followed all the above steps, it’s time to get reviews of other concerned individuals. You have to show your script to your colleagues and other important reviewers. 

You can also read your script aloud in front of the reviewers by performing a table read. And after that, observe their reactions. It is better to ask them for their feedback and suggestions on the written video script. After receiving feedback & suggestions, think about them and implement the required ones. 

Once you made the suggested changes, present the script again to the reviewers. Perform this until you think that you have optimized your video script enough.

Step 8: Implement The Script & Make Your Video

Here comes the last step of this quick guide to write a video script. Now, as you have the final script of your YouTube short film, music video, explainer, or any other type of video, you have to implement it and start making the video. It’s better to stick with the plan, or we can say the video script than making unnecessary improvisations. 

However, if you strongly feel that improvising a particular element of the script will make the video more interesting & successful, then you can perform the improvisation.

How To Write A Video Script Automatically

Some of you may not have that much time to follow all the above steps to write a video script. Don’t worry as we also have a solution for you. Those who are running short of time and want a quick way to write a script for their short film, explainer video, marketing video, etc., can use Smart Content Creator. The program helps the creators in getting a quality script without writing a single word. 

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You might be wondering how it is even possible for a software to provide a fresh script just by using the keywords. Hence, to clear your doubts, let’s know more about Smart Content Creator and have a look at its prominent features.

Features Of Smart Content Creator

Below we have highlighted the handy features of Smart Content Creator that can help you write a script for your YouTube video or any other video.

  • Multiple Languages

You can generate or translate your script in multiple languages. It has a perfect integration with AnimationStudio, which is one of the best video animation software and comes with multilingual support. So you can simply copy the Smart Content Creator generated script and paste it into AnimationStudio to translate it to any major language.

  • Generates Scripts Automatically & Instantly

It is one of the smartest content creator program. You do not have to care about your video’s niche while using this best script writing software. It automatically generates scripts of any required niche with the help of some sample keywords only. And you do not even have to wait for a long as the program provides you with a quality script for your video instantly after performing a few clicks.

  • Fast & Cost-Effective

As we have mentioned, Smart Content Creator is quite fast when it comes to creating video scripts. It can help you to save a lot of time. You do not require to hire a scriptwriter or copywriter. Hence, along with the time, you can also save plenty of money using this software.

  • Creates Videos & Voiceovers

You can also use the Smart Content Creator to create videos and voiceovers with the generated script. It just requires a few minutes to convert your script into a voiceover or video. The program also offers stock images that you can use to create corporate videos.

So, Smart Content Creator is one of the easiest ways to generate a script for your videos in 2020. If you want to try the software, then click the below download button.

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Final Words On How To Write A Video Script

No matter how good video editing skills you have, but if you do not have a suitable video script, then you may end up wasting a lot of time & effort while trying to make an engaging video. You may also fail to convey and make your idea visualize to your audience. Hence, it is essential to script your videos, whether it is a musical, explainer, or a skit. But a lot of makers don’t know how to write a video script and fear that scriptwriting is a time-consuming & difficult process. That’s why we have decided to share this guide with you.

Now, we hope that you’ll have got the fundamental knowledge of writing video scripts. You can use this universal guide to write a short film script, music video script, or any other video script. However, if you still need some more guidance, then you can check a lot of free sample script templates available on the web. Furthermore, if you enjoyed reading the guide, then subscribe to the Innovana blog for more such content. And you can also share your thoughts on the post by using the comments section below.

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