How to Increase FPS to Optimize your PC for Gaming in 2022
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How to Increase FPS to Optimize your PC for Gaming in 2022

If you want to optimize your PC for gaming with an increase in FPS, read this article with complete attention to learn how to do it quickly and easily.

If you are a gamer, FPS might not be a new term. It means Frames Per Second, i.e., the rate at which sequential frames or images get displayed on your computer. Measured in hertz, it is highly significant for gaming, as for a better experience, you need a fast display of consecutive frames.

The rate is never constant. But a higher FPS makes these changes less noticeable. Thus, it becomes a finer experience to play computer games.

If you want to increase FPS to optimize your PC for gaming, you are reading the right article. Here, we shall teach you the best possible ways to boost FPS on your PC.

Without any further delay, let’s learn how to get more FPS on PC for optimized gaming.

Best ways to increase FPS in Windows 10

Below is how to increase FPS on PC to optimize it for gaming.

Method 1: Disable unnecessary process and startup items

Your computer does not need all the background processes and startup items to function properly. Many of them are unnecessary and merely resource-hoggers. Therefore, to increase FPS, you need to turn off the unneeded process and startup items. Here are the steps you can follow to do it.

  • Right-click on the taskbar’s empty space and select Task Manager from the popup menu.
    open task manager
  • Select the unnecessary processes that are the most resource-consuming and choose the End task option.end task the unnecesary programs from the task manager
  • Navigate to the tab labeled as Startup, right-click on the unwanted startup items, and select Disable from the given options.
    disable the unwanted startup items

Method 2: Perform a virus and malware detection

Viruses and other malware have some seriously negative effects on the computer’s performance, including a low FPS. Thus, to boost FPS to optimize your PC for gaming, you should scan your computer for virus and malware infections. You can use one of the best antivirus software to do it accurately.

Method 3: Execute a graphics driver update (Recommended)

Graphics driver is the fuel that drives the gaming performance of your computer. If it becomes outdated, your PC cannot run the games effectively. Moreover, an out-of-date graphics driver is also one of the core reasons for a low FPS. Therefore, it is better if you update your graphics driver to boost FPS on Windows 10.

You can execute an update for the graphics driver manually (through Device Manager or the official website of the manufacturer) or automatically (with software, such as Bit Driver Updater).

We think it is a better alternative to update drivers automatically. Automatic driver updates via Bit Driver Updater are reliable, more compatible, WHQL certified, safe, and easy to perform.

Further, Bit Driver Updater also offers you some highly-useful options, such as driver backup and restore, scheduling of the scans, driver download speed acceleration, etc.

You can follow the below link to download, install, and experience the incredible features and benefits of this software.
download now button
Once you download the software and install it, you can follow these simple steps to update the outdated drivers.

  • Let the software find the out-of-date drivers present on your computer (it needs just two to three seconds to do it).
  • Choose the Update All button to replace all outdated drivers with their updated versions automatically.Execute a graphics driver update

If you are interested in updating only the driver for your network adapter, you can pick the Update Now tool.

However, for the best computer performance, we always recommend performing an update for all outdated drivers.

Method 4: Lower the screen’s resolution

Lowering the screen resolution helped many users increase FPS on their computers. If the resolution is low, the computer takes less time to display consecutive frames. Hence, you can also try the below steps to reduce the screen resolution.

  • Make use of the Windows+I hotkey to launch the Settings of your computer.
  • Select the System option and then pick Display from the left pane.
  • Click on Resolution to view all the available resolutions.
  • Select a value lower than your current resolution. If you are unsure, change the resolution to the recommended value.Lower the screen’s resolution

Method 5: Change the power plan to high performance

The high-performance power plan of Windows 10 boosts the FPS significantly. Thus, below is how to change your computer’s power plan to high performance for improved FPS.

  • Search for and launch the Control Panel.
    Search control panel in windows search
  • Change the View by setting to Large icons and pick Power Options from the on-screen alternatives.Change the view contol panel and choose Power Options
  • Choose High performance from the additional plans.
    Change the power plan to high performance

Method 6: Adjust the computer for best performance

Windows 10 comes with an option to adjust its settings for the best performance. It also helps optimize your PC for gaming. Below is how to use it to boost FPS.

  • Use Windows search to evoke the Control Panel. 
  • Choose System and Security from the available categories.
    Open control panel and select system and security
  • Select System from the right pane and then choose the Advanced system settings.advanced system setting 
  • Go to the Advanced tab and choose Settings from the Performance section.
  • Now, select the Adjust for best performance option.
    change the performance option to Adjust for best performance
  • Choose to Apply the changes and then select OK. 

Method 7: Perform disk cleaning

You need more resources to get a higher FPS on your computer. But unnecessary files and folders take up disk space and hog the resources, leaving no scope to increase the FPS. Therefore, to ensure increased Frames Per Second, you need to clean the disk. Here is how to execute the disk cleaning.

  • Using Windows+E hotkey, open File Explorer.
  • Select This PC from the left pane.
    Perform disk cleaning- right click on this pc
  • Go to the Devices and drives segment, click on the drive you wish to clean, and then click on Properties. 
  • After the disk’s properties appear, click on the Disk Cleanup button to start the cleaning this pc's properties and Perform disk cleaning
  • Select the files or folders that you wish to delete and then choose the OK option.
  • Repeat the above steps for the remaining drives.

Method 8: Overclock the processors

Overclocking means increasing the clock rate of the processors to make the computer perform faster. An overclocked processor also acts as an FPS booster to optimize your PC gaming. Therefore, you can overclock the processors to get an increased FPS.

Method 9: Use a game booster

There are a plethora of game or FPS boosters for Windows available in the marketplace. You can use them to optimize your PC for gaming. However, you must choose such software cautiously.

Above was how to get more FPS on PC and optimize it for gaming. Now, let’s answer some connected questions to help you increase the FPS perfectly.

FAQs about how to increase FPS on PC

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about how to optimize your PC for gaming with various FPS booster methods.

Q1. Why does FPS matter?

FPS is highly significant for gaming performance as it indicates the number of sequential images your computer can display per second. Displaying more frames or images is an indication of better gaming performance. Whereas, if FPS is low, it hampers the gaming experience and is a sign of not-so-good gaming performance.

Q2. Why is your PC’s FPS so low?

There can be many reasons for low FPS on your PC. Below are the most important ones.

  • Outdated driver for graphics card
  • Incorrect resolution settings
  • Presence of unnecessary processes and startup items
  • Cluttered disk
  • Virus and malware infections
  • Not selecting the correct power plan

Q3. What is the best FPS booster?

There are many programs available in the marketplace to increase FPS. However, our favorites include Razer Cortex, Wise Game Booster, and MSI Afterburner. They provide incredible features to boost the overall gaming performance, in addition to FPS.

Q4. Do game boosters improve FPS?

Every game booster cannot increase FPS. But certain software such as Razer Cortex, Wise Game Booster, and MSI Afterburner has capabilities to give you a higher FPS.

Q5. How do I fix low FPS?

In this article, we shared multiple ways to increase the FPS. You can follow them sequentially till you get the desired Frames Per Second. Or, if you do not have enough time, you can directly implement the best method, i.e., updating the graphics driver with Bit Driver Updater to get an improved FPS.

FPS increased on Windows 10

This article taught you a lot of methods to boost FPS on Windows 10. You can make use of them to optimize your PC for gaming with increased FPS. However, if you cannot try all the methods, it is a smart idea to directly update the drivers via the top driver updater, i.e., Bit Driver Updater.

If you know more about how to increase FPS on PC, kindly use the comments section to enlighten us.

For more friendly help articles to boost gaming and overall computer performance, read our blog regularly.

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