Innovana Thinklabs Launches FlashScan: An Alternative For Banned CamScanner

Innovana Thinklabs Launches FlashScan: An Alternative For Banned CamScanner

Spyware and Chinese Apps is still a better love story than Twilight. Although it is just a joke, but the cybersecurity experts from across the globe have accused the majority of Chinese Apps for having spyware or for any other malicious activity. It’s not a secret anymore that the Chinese government holds control over all the user data of Chinese organizations. Hence, experts convict various Chinese apps as a threat to user data privacy and security. 

Considering the above thing and the border tension, India has banned around 59 Chinese apps, including some big apps such as Tik Tok, CamScanner, UC Browser, etc. However, users can get various alternatives on the web for all these apps quite easily. But, they should be quite cautious while selecting a substitute for a utility like CamScanner, as these kinds of apps deal with some of your most confidential and useful documents.

After evaluating the current situation, Innovana Thinklabs, a Jaipur based Indian software company, has launched FlashScan. It is a competent alternative app for CamScanner. Let’s check more about this app. Furthermore, here is the download button to get FlashScan on your Android smartphone.


FlashScan is getting quite famous in its initial days itself. Various news publishers including Dainik Bhaskar have also published about it.

Now, let’s check more about this app. 

What is FlashScan

FlashScan is a multipurpose document scanner app for Android smartphones. The scanner application helps its users to scan the hard copy of documents and then convert it into a format that they can store on your smartphone or PC without any hassle. Along with this, they can also use it in various other day-to-day tasks and make their life more relaxed than before. Here are some of the features of FlashScan that defines the usefulness of this app.

  • Users can even bookmark their documents using FlashScan. This is a useful feature to get the required document quickly without wasting much time searching for it.
  • People looking for an application that can scan documents to their perfect size must try FlashScan. It offers an image cropping feature so that the users can crop the documents to their perfect required size.
  • If someone has already clicked a picture of a document, then this utility can even scan that photo from the smartphone gallery.
  • The app also comes with various attractive filters to customize the look of scanned documents.
  • It helps to convert and save the scanned documents in PDF and JPEG format.
  • Users can also share their documents after scanning them via FlashScan. It boasts a document sharing feature.
  • FlashScan also allows to delete, move, and copy documents from one location to another. It features a document manager as well.
  • One of the most advanced features of this Android tool is that it can extract text from images using OCR technology. This scanner application also helps its users to translate the extracted text into various languages.
  • FlashScan not just scans documents, but also scans QR and barcodes.

While launching FlashScan, Mr. Chandan Garg, the CEO of Innovana Thinklabs, has stated that ‘It is a useful application. It will help the people who do not have computers or a document scanning device to scan documents.’

Now, as we know the usefulness of FlashScan, let’s understand why is it necessary to replace CamScanner with FlashScan.

Why Should You Replace CamScanner With FlashScan

The answer to this question is quite simple. CamScanner is one of the Chinese apps that are suspicious for breaching the user data privacy policy. In fact, Google has also once removed this application from its Play Store.

It’s not just about the CamScanner, one should think thoroughly before installing and using any other Chinese app as well. 

Below are some of the reasons and instances backing up the above statement.

  • Privacy Policies

Almost all the Chinese software and application developing organizations have quite shady privacy policies. It is not entirely their fault as the Chinese government plays a huge role in this. There is a Chinese law according to which all the Chinese organizations have to share their user data with the government. So, be careful before installing and providing any permission to the Chinese apps on your smartphone or any other device.

  • Spyware and Other Malware Threats

As stated above, security experts from all over the world have accused various Chinese apps for bringing spyware and some other malware to your device. CamScanner was also found to have a Trojan Horse component. Following this, Google has removed the application from the Play Store.

  • Inappropriate Ads and Content

One of the primary reasons for replacing Chinese apps is their content and ads. The perfect example of this is Tik Tok and UC Browser. These apps don’t have any age restriction filter and show a lot of inappropriate content, recommendations, and ads. Hence, the tech specialists do not consider Chinese apps appropriate and safe for minors.

After considering all the above-mentioned things, it is clear that Chinese apps are not safe. Hence, apps like FlashScan becomes more important for us. The app is available on the Play Store, and one can easily download it from here.

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