Instagram Generates QR codes to support the third-party Camera Apps
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Instagram Generates QR codes to support the third-party Camera Apps

Instagram introduces QR codes to let you connect with businesses easily. Read on to know all the details.

Instagram launches QR codes for users across the globe. These codes take the earlier introduced Nametags to the next level. The Nametags were only scannable through the in-app Instagram camera, but the newly announced QR codes can be scanned from any camera app of your choice. In the first instance, these codes will look like a Nametag, but within a fraction of seconds, it will convert into a code that you can scan from a camera app that you prefer. With this move of Instagram, the Nametag feature will soon entirely depreciate.

The idea behind the introduction of QR codes is to help you view a business account with ease. You can now scan the QR code printed by businesses to know their store hours, shop, or simply connect with them on their Instagram account. Let’s have a look at the way to generate these QR codes.

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How to Generate Instagram QR Code?

Generating a QR code is a simple process. All you need to do is, go to your profile settings and tap on the QR code. Do not get confused if you see a Nametag as that tag will automatically become a code. After the code comes up, save or share it as per your wish.

Instagram has made a praiseworthy move by introducing QR codes. But, it is not the first app to do so. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify supported the QR codes much before Instagram launched the code feature. Restaurants have already started to replace the physical menus with scannable QR codes. And, other businesses are expected to join the bandwagon soon. Now, with the QR codes, you can effortlessly connect with anyone without having to depend on the Instagram camera to get the required information. This sounds interesting, right? Well, it is not the end, and Instagram is soon coming up with more enticing features. Stay tuned with us to know about them and other tech happenings around the world.

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