Install Realtek High Definition Audio Driver For Windows 10, 8, 7
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Install Realtek High Definition Audio Driver For Windows 10, 8, 7

Realtek HD audio driver is the most widely used sound driver in Windows PC. If you are unaware of what is Realtek high definition audio driver,  then read this article to find out more about it and also to enhance your idea about how to install Realtek HD audio driver.

This sound driver provides high-quality DTS, Dolby, Surround Sound in PC. Upon installing Realtek high definition audio driver, you get access to Realtek audio manager which can help in customizing the sound quality of the PC and the sound of the music as well by making adjustments to the bass, volume, and manipulating the sound environment. This software has many features like six-channel Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) that can completely support the 16/20/24-bit Pulse Code Modulation format for 5.1 channel audio. Recently, the Realtek HD audio driver’s latest version has been released.

Extremely Recommended Software

Below we have provided steps to install Realtek HD audio driver for the first time. Moreover, if you already have a Realtek HD audio driver installed on your PC and still facing issues with the sound, then you have to update your driver. The most recommended and simplest software to update drivers, including the Realtek HD audio driver is Quick Driver Updater. You can download it from here.

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Realtek High Definition Audio Driver First Time Install Instructions

If you are setting up the driver for the first time, then follow the below steps to know how to install Realtek HD audio driver for Windows 10, Windows 7 & Windows 8:

  1. Execute the setup.exe program after Realtek HD audio driver download.
  2. Continue running the setup process by clicking on “Next.” When the display resolution is lower than 1024×768, then click “Yes” to continue. If you receive a popup message like “Windows is unable to verify the publisher of this software,” then click on “Install this software anyway” to continue the installation process without any interruptions.
  3. Once everything is complete, choose to restart your system after clicking on “Finish.”

Realtek HD Audio Driver Update

The above section gave you instructions regarding Realtek audio driver download for the first time but now read ahead to find out more on how to download Realtek HD audio driver when you are updating it on Windows 7,8 & 10.

Steps to manually download Realtek HD audio driver for Windows.

Step 1: Visit the Realtek website and download the updated file. Further, run the file and install it as per the instructions.

Realtek website and download audio driver
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Step 2: Ensure to download the latest version from the site. 

Step 3: You can also use the Microsoft Update Catalog site to find the latest version of the Realtek HD audio driver.

How to Downloading Realtek HD audio driver using Windows Device Manager

Step 1: First of all, you have to navigate to the location of Device Manager in the Control Panel.

type device manager into start menu
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Step 2: Expand the Sound, video and game controllers section and then right-click on the Realtek sound driver.

Step 3: You need to click on the “Update” option in the drop-down menu.

update driver using device manager

Step 4: A temporary window pops opens from which you choose to “Search for the latest version of the driver automatically.”

Step 5: The driver will automatically get updated as Windows will search for the latest version online.

Automatic Update of Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

So far, you learned how to reinstall the Realtek HD audio driver manually, but now you can do so automatically with the help of the Quick Driver Updater tool.

Quick Driver Updater

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Step 1: You need to first download and install the Quick Driver Updater software, which is widely available online.

Step 2: Then click the .exe setup link of Quick Driver Updater so that the software automatically starts scanning all the driver relevant problems on your Windows PC.

Step 3: Finally, click the “Update” button beside the audio driver to download and install their latest version automatically. 

Wrapping Up

Thus, if you are using Realtek HD audio driver, then you must have received a fair idea about how to install it for the first time as well as subsequent times with the help of driver updater software programs such as Quick Driver Updater.

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