ITL Driver Updater: The Best Software to Update Windows Drivers

It’s a tough decision to select the best driver updater software for your Windows PC. In this write-up, we are going to provide you a detailed review of the ITL Driver Updater.

When people talk about taking care of their PC, they usually refer to the maintenance of the hardware or malware protection. Most people usually miss out on device drivers which is another main component of PC. Every hardware device requires driver software to function properly. Hence, it is quite important to take care of your device drivers.

Faulty drivers such as obsolete drivers, broken drivers, etc. can cause a lot of trouble to your PC. You can experience issues such as the blue screen of death, hardware malfunctioning, system lag or crash, etc. These problems are quite harmful to any computer. They can even arise the security issues and can also result in complete system failure. That’s why you require ITL Driver Updater, the best driver updater software for your PC. Below is the detailed ITL Driver Updater review.

What is ITL Driver Updater

In a nutshell, ITL Driver Updater is a free driver updater software that helps you to update your system and hardware drivers, if unattended, you can read the potential outcomes of outdated drivers. However, you do not need multiple solutions for all those problems, it serves as an all-in-one solution for all the problems caused by faulty drivers.

The driver updater can help you to boost the performance of your PC by optimizing your drivers. It even provides malware protection by fixing the security issues caused by obsolete, missing, or broken drivers. Moreover, the pro version of ITL Driver Updater offers seamless system performance by updating drivers in one go. It provides a feature to backup and restore the preceding version of drivers.

It also provides you with suitable driver updates from authentic sources. Hence, it also resolves the problem of authenticity, reliability, and choice. Here is the link through which you can get ITL Driver Updater for your PC.


Features & Highlights of ITL Driver Updater

Below are the features and highlights of ITL Driver Updater that make it outperform other software of the same niche.

  • Easy to use interface

If you have ITL Driver Updater installed on your PC then it doesn’t matter if you are a techy or novice. You can easily update your drivers with its intuitive and easiest user interface.

  • System Compatibility

The software to update drivers is quite compact. Hence it can be installed on any computer having Windows 7, 8 and, 10. However, the driver updater tool is best for the Windows 10 PCs having 2GB of RAM and 1 GB of free hard disk space.

  • Fast Driver Update

You do not have to do much if you have ITL Driver Updater on your computer. All you have to do is just a few clicks to update any of your problematic drivers. Hence, with the one-click update feature of ITL Driver Updater, you can update and fix your driver issues faster than ever before.

  • Security Functionality

The software is capable enough to eliminate the security-related problems that can be caused by the outdated or broken device drivers.

  • Free Version

You can use the basic features of ITL Driver Updater for free.

  • External Device Driver Update

ITL Driver Updater provides an update for every sort of driver. It provides updates for internal drivers such as BIOS drivers or motherboard drivers as well as hardware drivers and virtual device drivers.

  • Budget-Friendly

If you want to use the paid version, then also it is the best as compared to other alternatives. ITL Driver Updater is one of the affordable driver updater utility that comes with almost all the essential as well as advanced features.

  • Driver Authenticity

ITL Driver Updater is the best source for authentic driver updates. Through this driver updater tool you can get some tested and WHQL certified drivers.

  • Fix Windows Issues

ITL Driver Updater can update all your device drivers and fix some of the severe Windows errors. If you are facing BSOD, system freeze, or any other such Windows errors, then ITL Driver Updater can provide you a solution.

  • Boost Computer Performance

You can boost your PC performance by fixing the system freeze and lag errors caused by faulty drivers. Hence, ITL Driver Updater can also boost the performance and stability of your PC.

  • Fixes Outdated and Missing Drivers

Whether your drivers are outdated or you do not have some required drivers, ITL Driver Updater provides a solution for both the driver problems. It fixes your obsolete and missing drivers.

Why should you choose ITL Driver Updater


Drivers are crucial components of any computer following software and hardware. Hence, updating drivers also becomes one of the most critical tasks for the functioning of the PC. You can not rely on every other software for such an important function. That’s why we prefer ITL Driver Updater. Below are some of the reasons that make ITL Driver Updater unique from every other driver updater available in the market.

Software Strength

The tool offers almost full automatic functionality, and despite that, it can perform a comprehensive driver scan on your PC. This depicts the software strength of this multi-feature driver updater software.


Along with the software strength, ITL Driver Updater also provides an easy to use interface, advanced functionality, security functionality, etc. which makes it stand out from the rest driver updater tools.


Some people have a misconception that if something offers too many features, then it is expensive. ITL Driver Updater breaks all such myths and provides exceptional features at an affordable price.

Complete Refund

The developers of ITL Driver Updater are quite concerned about consumer satisfaction and the utility value of their product. Hence, if a consumer is not satisfied with the ITL Driver Updater, then he/she can get a complete refund of the amount that they have paid while purchasing the software. However, you can claim for the refund within 60 days after purchasing the software.

Consumer Trust

Within a short amount of time, ITL Driver Updater has gained the trust of a huge number of consumers across the globe. The developers have recorded around 300K+ software purchases till May in 2020.

Restore & Backup Functionality

ITL Driver Updater comes with one of the rarest features in driver updater tools, and that is Restore & Backup. This robust driver updater software lets you backup your drivers before updating them so that you can restore them afterward. This feature provides you the freedom to switch from the updated version of the driver to its previous version.

Tested Drivers

If you have any doubt over the reliability of driver updates then be informed that the ITL Driver Updater provides only tested drivers. Hence, you can rely on this tool without any second thought.

Large Driver Database

The driver updater software has a vast database of drivers. Hence, you do not need to seek other sources for driver updates. ITL Driver Updater provides updates for every single driver.

Certified Drivers

If you have any questions about the authenticity of the driver updates provided by ITL Driver Updater, then be assured that you are getting some of the certified driver updates. The software provides you with WHQL certified drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who are not familiar with ITL Driver Updater might be having some questions. So here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about ITL Driver Updater.

Q1: How does ITL Driver Updater Work

ITL Driver Updater offers one of the simplest functioning. You just have to launch the driver updater tool. After that, you only have to sit back and relax while the ITL Driver Updater is scanning for the outdated, missing, or broken drivers, along with their respective updates. Then it provides you with a list of all those drivers and lets you update them by just a click on the Update Now button. ITL Driver Updater also lets you update all your outdated drivers with just a single click.

While updating the drivers, if you are afraid of some technical mishappening, then you can also save backup files of your current drivers using ITL Driver Updater. This is how ITL Driver Updater works.

Q2: How do I register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater

If you want to register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater, then you have to activate the tool by purchasing the license key. Here are the steps that you need to follow after downloading and installing the ITL driver updater from this button.

Step 1: Open the ITL Driver Updater application.

Step 2: Now look at the top right side of the Window and click on the icon with three horizontal stripes.

register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater

Step 3: A drop-down menu will appear. You have to select the ‘Enter License Key’ option.

register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater-1

Step 4: Now, you’ll see a text box asking for the activation code. If you have an activation code, then enter it and move directly to Step: 7. However, if you haven’t purchased the activation key till yet, then you have to purchase it first. Hence, select the Upgrade to Pro option.

register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater-2

Step 5: After that, you’ll be taken on the payments page, so complete the payment to receive the activation/license key. After successful payment, you’ll get key on the Thank you page. If you missed that, then you can also get it in your email inbox.

register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater-3

Step 6: Copy the activation key and come back to the Upgrade to Pro Window of ITL Driver Updater.

Step 7: Now, you have to paste the copied key to the text box, you can also select ‘Click here to paste the copied Activation Code into the box’.

register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater-4

Step 8: After pasting the code, click the ‘Active Now’ button.

register for the full version of ITL Driver Updater-5

Step 9: That’s it. Now you have successfully registered for the full version of ITL Driver Updater.

Q3: What are the minimum system requirements for ITL Driver Updater

As we have mentioned earlier as well, that ITL Driver is quite compact software, hence you do not require much system requirements. The basic system requirements for ITL Driver Updater are 512 MB RAM and 800 MB free space on the hard drive of your computer. The minimum CPU requirement is a 1 GHz processor.

Q4: Which Windows versions are supported by ITL Driver Updater

The developers have designed ITL Driver Updater for the modern-day driver related issues. Hence it supports all the Windows 7 and above versions of Windows operating systems. However, it works best on the latest version of Windows, i.e., Windows 10.

Q5: Where can I contact for any account, product, or purchase queries

You can submit your queries related to your account, product, or purchase on this page Visit here, Along with this, you can also mail your queries on

Q6: Does ITL Driver Updater offer Money Back Guarantee

Yes, ITL Driver Updater does offer Money Back Guarantee within a period of 60 days after purchase. Here are the conditions that you must fulfill to get a complete refund.

You can claim a full refund within a period of 60 days after the purchase of ITL Driver Updater if you are not satisfied with it.
You have to write to

If you have purchased a license for less than 1 year then you are not eligible for the refund. Only those people who have purchased a license for 1 year are eligible for a refund.

For more information you can visit here:

Q7: How do I uninstall ITL Driver Updater

Here are the steps that you can take to uninstall ITL Driver Updater.

  • First of all, open the Control Panel of your Windows system. You can open it from the Windows Search Box.
  • After opening the Control Panel, look for Programs and click on it.
  • Now select the Uninstall a program option.
  • Go to the ITL Driver Updater.
  • After that, right-click on the ITL Driver Updater option and select Uninstall from the menu.
  • It will ask for your confirmation, click on Yes.

That’s how you can uninstall ITL Driver Updater from your system.

Q8: Is ITL Driver Updater legit

The shortest to this question is, ‘Yes’. ITL Driver Updater is 100% legit in all point of views. If you are looking as per the driver updater’s point of view, then you can easily rely on this tool. It provides you with only WHQL certified driver updates for your device drivers from some authentic sources. Apart from this, if you are looking as per the data privacy’s point of view then also ITL Driver Updater is a legit and trusted tool. The developers have some firm privacy policies to protect your data and follow them quite strictly. You can completely trust on ITL Driver Updater to update your device drivers. Here is the link through which you can check the privacy policies of the developers

ITL Driver Updater: A Complete Solution for Updating Windows Drivers

So, here we like to conclude our review of ITL Driver Updater by stating that it is a complete solution for updating Windows drivers. It is the best that you can get to update your device drivers. Hence, we highly recommend ITL Driver Updater for every PC having Windows 7 and above versions of the Windows operating system. We are not biased, but this tool is genuinely good enough to fulfill all your requirements. 

For the computer amateurs, it offers an effortless driver updating process. For the ones who don’t have much time, ITL Driver Updater offers a fast driver updating process. Along with so many features, the driver updater tool is quite affordable as compared to other alternatives offering such features. That’s why we consider ITL Driver Updater as the best deal for you to update your hardware drivers on Windows PC. However, if you are someone who doesn’t have a pleasant experience using this tool, then switching to Bit Driver Updater is our recommendation for you.

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