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10 KissAnime Alternatives: Best Anime Sites like KissAnime in 2020

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Anime is not merely a cartoon. It is a technique that originated in Japan to impart meaningful life teachings to pupils. From Japan, it spread like fire across the globe. And now, all age groups, ranging from kids to elderlies love watching these anime cartoons. One of the most trusted websites everyone trusts to quench their anime watching need is KissAnime. But, as it’s said, all good things come to end. Perhaps, this is the time for KissAnime’s downfall as it recently saw a major chunk of users looking for KissAnime alternatives.

You must be wondering what the need for anime sites like KissAnime is when it offers such an amazing viewing experience. Well, agreed that it provides an immersive anime watching pleasure. But, now, its serves have become unstable and the users often come across annoying technical glitches while using the website.

If you are also troubled with these issues and searching for the best alternatives to KissAnime, then your search ends here. Through this post, we’re sharing the best KissAnime alternatives that give you the same anime viewing pleasure minus irritating glitches.

10 KissAnime Alternative Sites to Watch Anime Online:

KissAnime is among the best sites to view Anime shows. But, by courtesy of unstable servers and technical glitches, it’s losing the market grip. And, in the time to come, it may even witness its downfall. Thus, here we’ve got the best KissAnime alternatives. With the anime sites like KissAnime enlisted below you get the same immersive experience without any annoying interruptions.

1. Anime-Planet

This one of the best free Anime websites like KissAnime is aptly named. Its massive content library seems a planet in itself. Launched in 2001, this website gives you access to over 45000 anime episodes.

An ocean of anime shows is not the only reason for which it is among the best alternatives to KissAnime. Other features also attract users such as uncluttered interface, details about top characters, and reviews from other users about a show. This helps you decide which anime show or Magna is worth your time.


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2. Crunchyroll

Be ready to enjoy the crunchiest anime shows with this one of the best KissAnime alternatives. This amazing site like KissAnime has got plenty of stuff to keep you hooked throughout the day.

No matter what you crave anime, Magna, or dorama (Japanese variant of TV drams), this one of the best sites similar to KissAnime has it all. Moreover, it hosts over 900 shows and 25000 episodes to keep you entertained. It even lets you dive in the world of anime shows with subtitles if you find the original language tough to understand.


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3. AnimeLab

Let’s now introduce you to one of the go-to places if you want free anime websites like KissAnime. This one of those KissAnime alternatives that bring a vast collection of anime shows in the palm of your hand. It showcases a multitude of anime shows for mobile as well as PC.

Before you jump to enjoy full-length anime episodes, hold the excitement for a moment and get a VPN. You’ll need one if you’re residing somewhere outside New Zealand and Australia as this website is primarily available for users in these regions.


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4. Chia-Anime

Why let language become a roadblock for anime lovers? It’s unfair. The makers of this one of the best anime streaming sites like KissAnime understand you very well. Hence, this website comes with English subbed versions of all your favorite anime shows.

Further, its exquisite interface, the huge database of shows, Magna videos, movies, and more make it one of the best alternatives to KissAnime.


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5. AnimeFreak

It is among those anime websites like KissAnime that caters perfectly to the needs of all ardent anime watchers. It boasts of a multitude of features to delight the passionate anime viewers.

With lots of shows categorized into different genres such as romance, humor, etc. this app ensures that you don’t miss even a single episode of your favorite show. This one of the best KissAnime alternatives displays complete episode lists, show reviews, and ratings for your ease of anime viewing.


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6. GoGoAnime

This entrant in our list is also among the best KissAnime alternatives available for free. Right after you launch this website, you see tons of anime shows arranged beautifully in alphabetical order.

The exquisitely designed homepage is not the only unique thing about this one of the best anime sites like KissAnime. It also boasts of prominent social media presence and its popularity among amine viewers across the globe. We must say, this website has become a favorite of millions in a short span as it was launched only recently in 2014.


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7. 9Anime

Do you dislike those lengthy registration processes? Well, the makers of this is the best alternative to KissAnime also don’t like them. Perhaps, this is the reason for which they have made this app free from registration formalities. You don’t need to register on the website to indulge in the anime viewing pleasure.

Along with no registration requirements and a massive catalog of anime shows, this website has got plenty of features. Some of them include videos and movies in the English version and incredible sound quality.


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8. AnimeFrenzy

Vast catalog of anime shows and the most straightforward interface makes this one of the KissAnime alternatives stand out from the crowd. The site boasts an uncluttered homepage that is free from unwanted ads and objectionable materials.

Moreover, it attracts the users with its constantly updated anime shows and the chat functionality to communicate with other anime watchers.


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9. A2zAnime

This is among those KissAnime alternatives where you find all your favorite anime shows ranging from the recently released to the oldest. If you end up watching a show that is not worthy of your time, then you may even warn the other users with the website’s vote & rate feature.

This is not all, the cherry on top of the cake is that here you get shows in all video qualities from 360p to 1080p. Apart from that, the site offers a wide range of anime genres from adventure to drama, here you get everything.


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10. HorribleSubs

This is perhaps among the most recently launched KissAnime alternatives. In spite of being a new website, it has made a special place in the lives of millions of anime lovers. The app comes equipped with a minimalistic interface and a wide range of anime shows available in 480p to 1080p.

Further, it is among those rare alternatives to KissAnime that lets you know about upcoming anime shows and their release dates. This way you can not only enjoy the existing anime content but also decide which shows to watch next.


Now that you know about the best sites similar to KissAnime, we move on to answering some of the questions that might linger in your mind about KissAnime. Below is an answer to every question that you may have about KissAnime and its alternatives.

Frequently asked questions about KissAnime

Q1. What makes KissAnime the most popular anime streaming website?

There is not a single reason for the popularity of KissAnime. This free website has ruled the anime viewing domain since long for a variety of reasons. The prominent ones out of them include an ocean of shows, availability of anime in English, and high-definition anime videos.

Q2. What are the advantages of watching anime on KissAnime?

Although many of the KissAnime advantages have become a thing of past, still if you’re eager to know, then here are its benefits.

  • Fast anime streaming
  • Free availability of wide catalog of anime shows, movies, and Magna
  • The immersive anime viewing experience in high definition.

If the above advantages tempt you, then you must know that the website offered them when it was its peak. Now, as its popularity is declining and users are looking for KissAnime alternatives you no longer get many of these benefits.

Q3. How to download anime from KissAnime?

Downloading anime from KissAnime is pretty easier. Simply, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go on the KissAnime website

Step 2: Find your desired anime’s poster or search for it, and then click on the same

Step 3: Click on the season and episode you want

Step 4: Lastly, click on the download link.

Once you’ve clicked on it, the anime show gets automatically downloaded on the device.

Q4. Which are the best alternatives to KissAnime?

The marketplace is flooded with anime streaming apps. But, many of them are not even close to KissAnime. Therefore, Anime-Planet, Crunchyroll, and the other websites stated above are the truly best KissAnime alternatives.

Hopefully, you have got the answer to all your questions and there no confusion left. Now, what is this waiting for? The world of amusing anime shows is waiting for you. But, before choosing the best KissAnime alternatives from the above list and immersing in anime shows, do not forget to subscribe to Innovana Blogs for more such enticing information. Subscribing to it is free. And, of course, we won’t bombard your mailbox with spam mails.

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