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How To Perform Lenovo Driver Update & Download

Lenovo has been a popular brand for computers and laptops. This is the reason why it boasts one of the largest user bases among all the other brands. Since, the durability of Lenovo machines is good, no one wishes to spend unnecessarily on another laptop. However, the technology is always advancing and it needs Lenovo drivers to cope with it.

If you have any corrupted or old Lenovo drivers on your system, you’d need to update them. Keeping them up-to-date will lead to the optimum performance of your computer. Let’s see how you can get the Lenovo driver downloaded with the latest versions of them for your system.

Profound Recommendation To Update Lenovo Driver

Before we start with the list of methods to download and update Lenovo driver, we want to clear one thing. As per our opinion, the only recommended method on this guide is using the Bit Driver Updater. It is one of the flawless solution for all driver-related problems. You’ll get to know about this as you proceed with the post. You can get the installer program for this excellent driver updating tool from here.


What are the Lenovo Drivers?

Lenovo drivers are like any other driver software that helps your Lenovo Operating System to communicate well with the hardware devices. With the updated and latest drivers in your system, all the tasks will be carried out efficiently and smoothly.

How to Update Lenovo Drivers on Windows 10 and Older Version ?

When updating drivers, you’ve got two options for the Lenovo driver download. You may choose any one of the below-mentioned ones.

Method 1: Download Lenovo Drivers Manually

You should know and verify your Windows version before downloading the Lenovo drivers.

Step 1: Go to the official Lenovo website or the Lenovo Support website.

official Lenovo website Official Lenovo Website

Step 2: Select and choose the hardware and device drivers you’re searching for. You can do so by typing the product name, serial number, or machine type in the search box and then choosing the device from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Locate the correct and latest drivers and download them.

Step 4: After downloading, open the file and start following the wizard instructions to install the Lenovo driver on your system. 

Method 2: Download Lenovo Drivers Automatically 

The above-mentioned way takes up a lot of time, and also requires you to have some adept computer skills as you need to find the exact drivers and follow extensive steps.

But, there’s another method which is easier and quicker. While using this software, you would need only a few mouse clicks. So even if you are a computer newbie, you can update the Lenovo drivers quite simply.

But what is this software exactly? 
It’s the Bit Driver Updater. 

With the help of Bit Driver Updater, downloading and installing Lenovo drivers is easy, fast, and automatic.

Bit Driver Updater is extremely proficient at detecting and finding correct Lenovo drivers for your system. Its one-click update smartly scans your system and updates all the outdated drivers in one go. That means you wouldn’t have to go through long processes of downloading and installations, as it would install the drivers in the system for you.

bit driver updater software

You can instantly scan your system for outdated drivers with the FREE version, while with the PRO version you can do a lot more, like driver Backup and Restore.

How to use Bit Driver Updater for Lenovo driver download?

It is recommended to close all other applications before going with the Scan.

Step 1:  Download and install Bit Driver Updater.


Step 2: As soon as you install the software in your system, Bit Driver Updater asks your permission to do a Quick Scan of the system. And as you agree, it scans your system for any driver updates.

scanning for missing, outdated drivers

Step 3: After the scan is complete, it finds all the outdated drivers that are present in your system and are affecting its performance.

Step 4: It gives you a choice on what to do about the corrupted drivers. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to automatically update these drivers, or if you want to go the path of the manual update.

Step 5: In the Overview section, you can find and learn about all the specifications regarding your system’s drivers.

Step 6: You can also opt to Backup some existing drivers so that you can restore them later on.

backup existing driver with ITL driver updater 

This way, you can easily and quickly download Lenovo driver updates for your system, without worrying about anything.

Also: What if you want to download Lenovo Thinkpad drivers?

If you are looking forward to downloading Lenovo Thinkpad drivers, then you can do so by the following two methods:

Download Lenovo Thinkpad drivers manually

This method is similar to the above-mentioned method. It again requires time, patience, and computer skills to carry out this process, as you need to find the drivers online, exact to what you and your system needs. And then you have to follow various steps too, first to download them, and some more while installing them. 

But if you believe that this is the method you’d rather opt for, then following are the steps:

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Step 1: Go to the official website of Lenovo, and then search for your model of Lenovo ThinkPad.

Step 2: After you click on your Lenovo ThinkPad model, you’ll get a section of Driver downloads. You’ll need to search for the specific drivers that you want to update. These chosen driver updates should be compatible with your Windows version.

Step 3: Just download these driver updates and install them by following Wizard.

Step 4: In the end, restart your computer so that the changes can take effect.

Download Lenovo Thinkpad drivers automatically (Recommended)

Now, if you are one of those people who’d rather do lots of hard work than smart work, and would rather lose a lot of time than save it, then this one is not for you.

This method doesn’t test your patience, nor does it ask you to show your computer skills. What is this method, you ask? It’s none other than Bit Driver Updater. It really is the best.

Step 1: If you haven’t downloaded and installed the software yet, then do it right away.

Step 2: Bit Driver Updater will immediately start scanning your system (with your approval) for any outdated drivers.

Step 3: If there are any latest drivers for your Lenovo Thinkpad, it’ll find them for you, and you can then easily download them.

This way, you don’t have to put in extra work, and your system has a guaranteed peak performance.

And this is it. These are the ways through which you can download and update Lenovo drivers as well as Lenovo ThinkPad drivers in your computer system. 

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