Software Reviews: Download AnimationStudio To Create Animated Video

Software Reviews: Download AnimationStudio To Create Animated Video

Download AnimationStudio to create multi-niche animated videos effortlessly. Read this AnimationStudio review to know more about this creative software.

Everyone wants to make their content more beautiful and engaging. And the most helpful and cost-effective way of doing so is using the animations. It helps the creators to represent even the abstract ideas effectively. However, being an animator is not an easy job. You have to acquire a bunch of skills. Along with the skillset, it also requires a hefty amount of time to create breathtaking animations. However, you can dodge all these difficulties if you download AnimationStudio on your system.

Now, you might be thinking, what is AnimationStudio and how to download it. Do not worry. To help you evaluate the software & get it to create animated videos on your workstation, here we have come up with this AnimationStudio review. So now, let’s start with a detailed introduction of this animated video maker utility, and then we’ll proceed with its other aspects.

What Is AnimationStudio? [Software Overview]

AnimationStudio is the software that you require to create quality animated videos in a snap. Everyone is not a pro animator, but animation has become one of the components that are quite essential for successful and engaging content. Considering this, AnimationStudio allows its users to create animated videos quite effortlessly. Unlike other animation maker programs, it does not require the users to be an advanced video editor or animator. The software comes with plenty of pre-designed templates that you can use to create instant explainers, infographics, or any other kind of animated videos.

Along with this, there are also several other features because of which people download AnimationStudio. The software offers multiple creative themes for creating some eye-pleasing animations. It also serves the users with an open canvas and a variety of characters to make quality content with minimum effort. The functionality of this animation maker is not just limited to these features. It has a lot to offer to the users. Hence, to know about the software in detail, we have decided to review AnimationStudio, and below are our observations. 

AnimationStudio System Requirements & Major Specifications

Before proceeding with the AnimationStudio download guide or the review, we would like you to have a look at the major specifications & system requirements of the program. Below we have mentioned them.

Developer: AnimationStudio

Release Date: August 2, 2018

Compatibility: Windows | macOS (Cloud Based)

Additional Features: Text-To-Speech, Multiple Language Support, Open Canvas, 

Collection of Animated Characters & Other Elements

Free Version: No

Cost (Full Version): $47.00 (With 30 Day Money Back Guarantee)

Niche: Multiple

Now, as you all know the system requirements and key specifications of this animation making utility, it is the right time to check out its features in detail.

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Key Features Of AnimationStudio

As discussed above, AnimationStudio serves a bunch of animation tools & features to its users. Below we have provided their detailed description to help you know them.

Readymade Templates

It is a pretty hectic and sophisticated task to create animated videos. But, with AnimationStudio, it is a work of just a few clicks. Yes, the software allows you to make animated videos quite easily. You do not require video editing and animating skills to create animated marketing explainers or any other kind of video. All you have to do is pick a suitable readymade template as per your video’s niche and then perform a few clicks. The pre-built templates also come with some professionally recorded voiceovers.

Multiple Niches

The software allows you to create niche-specific videos. You can use it to make educational videos, marketing explainers, and several other videos. Unlike its alternatives, AnimationStudio helps you to design & edit animations for multiple niches. It is one of the prominent reasons why the tool receives so many positive reviews from the users.

Open Canvas

For the users who like to create custom animations, the program offers an open canvas. You can use it to make videos from scratch. It is quite a beneficial tool for pro animators and learners. Along with this, you also get several built-in elements including, characters, backgrounds, and various other animation props.

Multilingual Support

You can download AnimationStudio to create videos & explainers in multiple languages and target a wider audience. The software supports 25+ languages. Hence, it becomes easier to create content for a diverse audience. And it eventually increases the success rate of your video.


Here is one of the features that we liked the most while doing this AnimationStudio review. The software offers a robust text-to-speech engine. It helps you to generate accurate voiceovers from the script of your video. And it’s not over yet. You can get voiceovers in more than 50+ male and female voices that too in multiple accents.

One-Click Translation

The one-click translation capability of AnimationStudio helps its users to make multilingual versions of their videos. It is pretty easy to translate voiceovers or scripts using this software. You only have to perform a single click to do so.

Intuitive Video Editing Interface

Along with plenty of animation tools, the software also provides an intuitive video editing interface. It offers simple drag & drop video editing functionality. Hence, one can easily edit and create videos using AnimationStudio, which makes it one of the most suitable utility for video editors. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The software does not offer any free version. Hence, many new users may have second thoughts about purchasing it. But relax. The developers offer the program with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you can opt for AnimationStudio without any fear. You can easily claim the refund within the policy duration.

Unlimited Commerical License

You can use the program for monetary purposes as well. It comes with an unlimited commercial license. You can create animated videos using it and then sell them to your clients. The software doesn’t ask for any share from your profits. You can keep the entire amount of your earning. Along with this, it even helps you in selling the videos that you have created using it.

After discussing all the prominent specifications and features of AnimationStudio in detail, we should examine both the positives and negatives of the software. It will help in coming to a firm conclusion about the program. Let’s start with the pros, i.e., things we have liked about this animation making software.

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Things We Liked About AnimationStudio

First, let’s go with the optimistic approach and talk about the things that we liked about this animated video maker. Below mentioned pros are the reasons why we suggest you to download AnimationStudio.

  • Intuitive drag & drop functionality
  • Allows to create multi-niche animated videos
  • Ready to use templates
  • Supports more than 25 languages
  • Powerful text-to-speech engine
  • Options to edit videos
  • Open canvas to create customized animations
  • Bunch of animation props
  • Easy voiceover & script translation

Along with the pros, we would also like to talk about the cons that we have observed while doing this AnimationStudio review. Here they are.

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Things We Didn’t Like About AnimationStudio

It is time to look at the software with a pessimistic view and discuss things that we didn’t like about it. One of the prominent cons of AnimationStudio is that it does not have any free or trial version. You have to opt for the paid version even to have a look at its functionality as well. However, it comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to claim a refund for the purchase if you do not like the software.

Along with this, the software also lacks advanced video editing features. It is not suitable for the editing experts who are looking for a dedicated video editing utility. However, if you are a beginner and want to create engaging animated videos instantly, then AnimationStudio is one of the best choices available.

We hope that this evaluation has helped you to come to a firm conclusion about whether to download AnimationStudio or not. We are also ready with our verdict. But, before sharing it, we would like to clear some of the doubts that users often have about the program.

Frequently Asked Questions About AnimationStudio

Below we have answered the frequently asked questions about AnimationStudio.

  • How To Download AnimationStudio?

AnimationStudio is a cloud-based software. Hence, to use it on any of your systems, whether Windows PC or Mac, you do not have to download it in the true sense. You only have to purchase the activation key for the software. And after doing so, you can use it to create animations you want. Below we have provided the steps to purchase AnimationStudio.

  1. First of all, go to the AnimationStudio product page.
  2. Then, look for the Get Instant Access To AnimationStudio! button.
  3. Select it.
  4. Provide all the required information and make the payment.

Note: Read the Terms of Sales carefully while you make the payment.

  1. After that, you’ll receive the access information for AnimationStudio along with the purchase receipt on your email address.
  2. Now, you can start using the AnimationStudio to create unique animated videos with the help of received access information.
  • Why AnimationStudio Is Better Than Other Alternatives?

There are several animation making software available in the market. But, still AnimationStudio holds the position of one of the best animated video maker programs among them. And there are multiple reasons why is it so. Below we have mentioned the things that make AnimationStudio better than its other alternatives.

  • Multiple ready-made templates for explainers & other animated videos
  • Professionally recorded voiceovers in more than 50+ male and female voices & different accents
  • Supports creation of multi-niche animated videos
  • Stable & intelligent text-to-speech engine to create accurate voiceovers
  • Customizable Open Canvas feature to make animated videos from scratch
  • Unlimited Commercial License
  • Allows extensive & endless video renders
  • Is There Any Guide Available For New Users To Use AnimationStudio?

No matter if you are an expert or novice, if you are using a new program, then a guide or tutorial is a must. It helps the users to get familiar with the software. Hence, considering this, AnimationStudio provides a step-by-step video tutorial to make its users accustomed to the animated video maker software. Along with the functioning, the developers also offer a guide to sell the created videos at the best price possible. 

After discussing the answers to some of the frequent queries about the animation maker program, let’s proceed to the verdict we have made after doing this AnimationStudio review.

Is It Worth To Download AnimationStudio: Final Verdict

Now, as we have discussed all the aspects of AnimationStudio, it’s time to come to a conclusion and decide is it worth to download AnimationStudio or not. However, it is not that easy as there are so many alternatives available in the market. Despite such a stiff competition, AnimationStudio manages to be one of the best animation making programs. It is unbeatable when it comes to providing multi-niche templates, robust text-to-speech technology, accurate voiceovers, and flexible Open Canvas (including several animation props). Hence, in our opinion, it is a must download program for all the animators. 

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