RIP Google Chrome OS Apps! All You Want to Know About This
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RIP Google Chrome OS Apps! All You Want to Know About This

More than a year ago, a lot of buzzes were created about Google removing Chrome Apps from the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The Chrome OS was spared at that time. But, now the time has come when Google has finally decided to put up the shutter on the Chrome Apps for Chrome OS as well. In case you have previously installed any apps, then they’ll continue to function, but you will not be able to download new apps.

The tech giant has already started sending out emails to the app developers informing them of its decision to shut down the “app” segment of Chrome Web Store.

The Schedule for Chrome OS Apps shutdown is as follows:

  • March 2020: OS will stop accepting any new Chrome app
  • June 2020: Support for Chrome OS apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux will end
  • December 2020: End of support for the customers having Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education Upgrade who applied for an extension in June 2020
  • June 2021: End of support for NaCl, PNaCl, and PPAPI APIs.
  • June 2021:  End of support for Chrome Apps on Chrome OS. Customers with Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education Upgrade can apply for an extension until June 2022
  • June 2022: End of support for Chrome OS Apps for all the customers

Google said in a blog-post last year “approximately 1 percent of users on Windows, Mac, and Linux actively use Chrome packaged apps.” Thus, one of the main reasons these apps are killed is not many people use them. The Packaged Apps, i.e., those apps that could function in the background are also being shut down, but Hosted Apps, i.e., bookmarks, will continue to function and now only be available as Chrome OS features.

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The desktop only Chrome extensions will continue to exist and you can still install them from the Chrome Web Store.

While Google is shutting down the Chrome Apps, it is likely to increase support for the Progressive Web Apps. These apps bring app-like features such as installable icons, push notifications, and offline capabilities to web apps. In the time to come, the Progressive Web Apps would become the only Chrome App type available on desktop and mobiles.

Other companies such as Apple have also started to follow the footprints of Google and work on the Progressive Web Apps.

Google has started to pull the plug off the Chrome OS Apps but the Progressive Web Apps are becoming a new trend in the tech world. Stay tuned to know more about the same.

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