Smart Driver Updater Review & Download Guide

Smart Driver Updater Review & Download Guide

Here is the Smart Driver Updater review to help you know whether the driver upgrading program is smart enough to resolve all your driver issues. Read on to know more about the software and decide whether to download Smart Driver Updater on your PC or not.

We humans are getting smarter with time. Now, we want everything to be smart, like smart TVs, phones, etc. But have you ever thought about a driver updating program for your PC to be smart? There is a driver updater program that claims to be the smartest of all other counterparts. And hence, the name of the software is also Smart Driver Updater. However, some of you might be thinking about whether the claim is right or not. Don’t worry, as here we have brought this descriptive Smart Driver Updater review to help you decide if the program is suitable for you or not.

In this review, we are going to critically examine all the features & specifications of Smart Driver Updater, including its overall functionality and pros & cons. After evaluation of all these things, you can easily decide whether you require to download the software using the Smart Driver Updater download guide or not. So, without adding any further information, let’s proceed to the review of this smart driver upgrading tool.

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Smart Driver Updater: Brief Introduction

As described earlier in this post, Smart Driver Updater is one of the smartest solutions to get rid of your driver issues. The tool is pretty easy to use. Hence, no matter if a user is smart enough or not, he/she can still use this driver updater to repair drivers smartly. All you have to do is to perform a click, and then after that, Smart Driver Updater takes care of all your drivers. With this tool, one can even remove old & unnecessary drivers from the PC quite efficiently. Along with giving the necessary updates for the hardware drivers, Smart Driver Updater also helps its users by providing the source information.

One of the pretty commendable things about Smart Driver Updater is its gigantic driver database of more than 1.2 Million system drivers.  Along with the immense database, one thing that surprises the users of this tool is its intelligent features, including the one-click driver backup creation & restoration, scan scheduler, etc. We’ll discuss all of them further in this Smart Driver Updater download guide & honest review. Before that, let’s check some of the key specifications & hardware configuration requirements of the tool.

Hardware Configuration Requirements & Specifications

Developer: Avanquest Software

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10

Installer size: 2.8 MB

Driver Database: 1,200,000+

Additional Features: Driver Backup Creation & Restoration, Scanning Scheduler

Free Version: Available

Cost (Full Version): $29.95 

Now, as discussed above, let’s proceed with the prominent features of the software that we have tested while making this Smart Driver Updater review.

Pominent Features Of Smart Driver Updater

Here are useful features of Smart Driver Updater that defines the smartness of this driver updating program.

Immense Database

As mentioned in the above specifications, Smart Driver Updater has quite an immense driver database. It supports more than 1.2 Million hardware and system drivers. Hence, you can update and repair all your PC drivers just by using this single software.

Easy Installation

Another great feature of the program is its easy and fast installation process. One can download the smart driver updater installer using the download button provided on the website & then install it pretty easily just by running the downloaded installer. Don’t worry. You do not require a great internet connection speed to download the software setup on your PC, as it’s size is only 2.8 MB.

Scan Scheduler

The tool also allows you to keep your drivers up-to-date without any effort. It comes with an option to set scanning schedules. Hence, you can use the scheduler to automatically plan and perform regular driver scans on your PC.

Driver Backup Creator

Smart Driver Updater also serves as a backup creator for your system drivers. You can safeguard your drivers from getting damaged during an update by making their backups using the software.

Driver Backup Restoration

Along with creating backups, another reason to download Smart Driver Updater is to restore the created driver backups on your PC. It features a driver backup restoration tool that helps its users to roll-back to the version of the driver that you have safeguarded while performing the update.

Customizable Settings

One of the features that we have liked while doing this Smart Driver Updater review is the customizable settings of the program. You can make a lot of changes to the settings and make the program more personalized as per your requirements.


The driver upgrading tool also records the history of previous driver scans and updates. And along with recording the details, it also allows the users to have a look at them so that they can plan the future scans accordingly.

30-Day Purchase Guarantee

Although this is not a feature of the software, but this is one of the prominent benefits offered by the developers of the tool to the users. You get a 30-day purchase guarantee if you opt for the paid full version of Smart Driver Updater that costs $29.95.

After getting aware of the prominent highlights of Smart Driver Updater, let’s talk about the different versions of the software that are available in 2020.

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Smart Driver Updater Available Versions

There are two versions of Smart Driver Updater that are available in the market. One is the free version, and the other is the paid full version of the software. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Smart Driver Updater Free Version

In the free version, the driver updater helps its users to find the faulty drivers on their Windows PC. However, that’s the only useful feature available in the free version of the tool. So, if you are interested in using the free variant of the software, then please be informed that it’ll just allow you to perform a driver scan on your PC. You cannot update or repair your hardware drivers using it.

If you want to update the drivers, then you have to opt for the paid full version of the tool. 

Smart Driver Updater Full Version

Here comes the complete version of the Smart Driver Updater. You can get it at a mere cost of $29.95. And opting for it will help you to unlock the complete functionality of the program. From updating drivers to scheduling automatic scans, you can do a lot with the paid version of this smart driver repairing tool.

However, if you are afraid of investing your money in this tool, then please be informed that the developers offer a 30-day purchase guarantee. Hence, you can give the software a try without any fear.

To get any of the two versions of Smart Driver Updater you can click the below-provided button.

Download Now

Functionality Of Smart Driver Updater

Now, let’s talk about the functionality of the tool that we have tested and observed while making this Smart Driver Updater review.

How To Download & Install Smart Driver Updater?

It is pretty easy to download & install Smart Driver Updater software on your Windows PC. As described above, just visit the website of the developers and download the setup of the driver repairing tool. Here is the link that’ll help you to access the download page.

Download Now

After visiting the Smart Driver Updater download page, click the download button to get the software installer. It’ll get downloaded in a few seconds as it is pretty compact.

Then, browse to the download location of the installer and run it. After running the installer, you have to follow some simple instructions provided on the screen to install the Smart Driver Updater program.

How To Start Driver Scan Using Smart Driver Updater?

After running the Smart Driver Updater installer successfully and installing the software, you can start scanning for the problematic drivers of your PC. All you have to do is to run the software on your computer and then click Start Scan on the home screen of the tool.

Once you have started the driver scan, you have to wait a few moments. After that, you’ll have a list of faulty and corrupted drivers of your PC on the software screen.

How To Update Or Fix Corrupted Drivers Using Smart Driver Updater?

Now, as you have a list of faulty drivers, the next step is to fix them so that you can have a smooth functioning PC. And to repair or update a driver, you only have to click on the Install button available for it.

However, if you want to repair them all together, then just select them and click the Fix Now button available at the bottom of the software screen. Along with the option to perform collective driver update, there are also several other tools of Smart Driver Updater that you can use to take care of your drivers. Below we have provided a quick guide to use the helpful functions of this smart driver upgrading software.

  • You can click the Backup tab of the software to create driver backups or to restore the created backups. It also offers options to create system restore point or to delete a previously created backup.
    How To Update Or Fix Corrupted Drivers Using Smart Driver Updater
  • By clicking the History tab you can have a look at the record of your previous scans and driver updates.
  • The program also allows you to schedule your driver scans and you can do it by going to the Settings tab. After that, you have to click the Schedule option and then set the scanning schedule.
    How To Update Or Fix Corrupted Drivers Using Smart Driver Updater-1

After testing & observing the functionality of the software, let’s evaluate it and discuss the things that we have liked and disliked about Smart Driver Updater.

Things We Liked About Smart Driver Updater

Below are things that we have liked about Smart Driver Updater while making this Smart Driver Updater review.

  • Shows time pending while downloading & installing a driver update
  • Descriptive results
  • Shows details about installed drivers & their updates
  • Option to set automatic scanning schedules
  • Huge driver database
  • Compatible with older version of Windows
  • Tool to ignore selective drivers
  • Quite lightweight
  • Allows to create driver backups

Things We Didn’t Like About Smart Driver Updater

Despite so many likable things, Smart Driver Updater still has a few cons that we haven’t liked. One of them is the lack of additional features. The program doesn’t offer any other performance-optimizing features apart from the ones that you can use to repair your drivers. And the other thing that concerned us is the limited functionality that users get in the free version of the tool. 

Apart from the driver scan, you cannot perform any other function in the free version. Hence, if you are looking for a free tool to update your drivers, then we do not suggest you to visit the Smart Driver Updater download page.

Even after reading the above descriptive review of the Smart Driver Updater, some of you might still have some questions regarding the software in your mind. Considering this, here we are also going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Smart Driver Updater.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Driver Updater

Below you may find answers to some of the questions that are frequently asked about the Smart Driver Updater.


How to activate Smart Driver Updater?


If you want to use the full version of the Smart Driver Updater, then you have to activate it by following the below steps.

  • First of all, run the Smart Driver Updater program on your computer.
  • Then after that, go to the ‘i’ button. You can find it on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Now you have to select the Register Smart Driver Updater.
  • Once you do it, you have to type your name in the text box.
  • After entering the name, provide the License Key that you have got while purchasing the full version of the software on your email address.
  • Once you have entered the License Key, click the Activate Now button to activate the Smart Driver Updater full version on your Windows PC.


Why should I choose Smart Driver Updater?


There are plenty of driver updating programs available in the market. Hence, some of you might be wondering why you should choose Smart Driver Updater. The answer is simple. Check out the features, benefits, & cons of the software, and then match them with your requirements. If the program is meeting your needs, then you should go for it. 

Smart Driver Updater offers plenty of helpful features, including an automatic driver scanning option, driver backup creation & restoration, etc. Hence, if all these features are meeting your requirements, then it is the best program to update your PC drivers. However, you should also consider the software cons before clicking the Smart Driver Updater download button.


How To uninstall Smart Driver Updater?


Some of you may not like the functionality of Smart Driver Updater or may have some other problems with the software. Hence you might want to change your driver updater software. For that you need to uninstall the pre-installed program, i.e., Smart Driver Updater. Below are the steps that you can follow to do so.

  • To uninstall Smart Driver Updater, the first thing that you have to do is to completely close the program. 
  • If it is running in the background, then use the systray icon of the software to close it completely. 
  • Right-click the icon.
  • Choose Exit.
  • Then, right-click the Windows icon available on the taskbar.
  • Choose Apps and Features from the appeared menu.
  • Find the Smart Driver Updater and select it.
  • Then, choose Uninstall and follow the provided instructions afterward to successfully uninstall the program.

However, if after uninstalling the program, you still want any suitable & feature-packed driver updater for your PC, then you may try Bit Driver Updater. It is pretty competent & effective in resolving driver-related problems on Windows computers. To know more about it, you may read our Bit Driver Updater review.

Smart Driver Updater Review: Final Verdict

So, now after resolving all your queries related to the Smart Driver Updater in this review, here we like to conclude this post by providing our final verdict for the software. It is one of the most helpful and reliable programs for fixing driver issues on Windows PC. You get a bunch of features that are pretty advanced and handy such as driver backup creation, automatic scan scheduler, driver exclusion, etc., in this tool. Hence, for the people who are seeking for some easy to use yet futuristic solution for their driver issues, we consider Smart Driver Updater as the best driver upgrading software.

However, it doesn’t have much to offer in its free version. Hence, if you want a free solution for your driver problems, then Smart Driver Updater is not a suitable tool to download on your PC. So, that was all about this driver updater. If you liked the review, and want use to review more such software, then let us know using the comments section & subscribe to the Innovana blog.

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