[SOLVED] Roblox Lagging on PC 2021

[SOLVED] Roblox Lagging on PC 2021

If Roblox is lagging on the PC, then any gamer is bound to get frustrated. However, you need not panic, as, in this post, we share how to fix Roblox lag in the easiest ways. 

Roblox is a platform where game creators and players turn their fantasies into realities. Here, you can create any kind of game that you have ever wanted to play and enjoy playing the games created by other players. However, as reported by many users, Roblox is lagging on PC. We understand that the situation is quite nightmarish for a gaming enthusiast. Therefore, through this article, we are here with the easiest fixes to resolve the issue. 

Recommended Solution To Fix Roblox Lagging Issue Quickly & Easily

Some of you might be losing your patience and want an effective solution to reduce lag on Roblox as soon as possible. You must try fixing the network, graphics, or other faulty drivers of your PC. Most of the time, it is the driver issue that causes software lags on your system. Hence, update your drivers with the fastest driver updater, i.e., Bit Driver Updater. Click the below button and get the tool now on your Windows PC.

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Now, if you want to know all other helpful fixes, then proceed with the below guide. However, before taking a step ahead towards how to fix Roblox lag, we would like to answer your most common question, i.e., “Why is my computer so laggy on Roblox?”

Why is Roblox lagging on PC

When the game suddenly starts to stutter or slow down, then it is called a lag. There are several reasons for which Roblox is lagging on your PC. Below are the core ones out of them. 

  • Outdated network adapter and graphic driver
  • Accumulation of temporary files
  • High graphics level
  • Unnecessary programs hogging up PC resources

Now that we have caught the culprits behind Roblox lag spikes, it is pretty simple to fix the lag. The next section shares some quick and easy solutions for the problem. 

Before you get started with the solutions, make sure your PC meets the minimum Roblox requirements that are listed here. 

OS:  Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10

Graphics Card: DirectX 9 minimum and Shader Model 2.0

Processor: High-end processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz or more

RAM: Minimum 1 GB

Storage Space: At least 20 MB of free space

If your computer meets the above specifications, then you can move on to the fixes shared here. If not, then first take the necessary steps, such as updating your operating system, increasing the storage space, and upgrading your graphics card. If the issue persists, then jump to the below solutions. 

Try the Below Fixes if Roblox is Lagging on Windows PC

How to reduce lag on Roblox is one question that numerous users have asked us. Well, below are the fixes that can help you fix the issues easily if Roblox is lagging on your PC. 

Fix 1: Reduce the Graphics Level

If you play a game in high graphics, then it needs more resources. If your PC fails to meet the requirements, then Roblox begins to lag. Therefore, below is how to make Roblox less laggy by reducing the graphics level. 

Step 1: Open any game on Roblox

Step 2: After the game opens, click on the “Play” option. To play the game, you must have the Roblox player installed on your computer. If you do not have that, then select “Download and Install Roblox” and then double-click on the installation file to get it. 

Step 3: On your keyboard, press Esc

Step 4: After pressing Esc, you will see three horizontal lines on the screen’s top-left corner. Click on the same. 

Reduce the graphics level

Step 5: Now, select the “Settings” option from the menu bar. 

Step 6: After the Settings come up, click on the “Graphics Mode” arrow and change the same to “Manual.” 

Step 7: Move to the “Graphics Quality” segment and click on the “” sign to reduce it. 

Step 8: Lastly, click on the “Resume Game” button for going back to the game. 

Reduce the graphics level-1

Fix 2: Close the Unneeded Programs

If too many resource-hungry programs are running on your computer, then the PC may struggle to run Roblox smoothly. Therefore, close the unneeded programs to fix the issue. Below is how to do make Roblox not lag by closing the unrequired programs. 

Step 1: Use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to activate the Task Manager. 

Step 2: After you get the Task Manager on the screen, click on the “Processes” tab. 

Step 3: Now, click on the unnecessary programs one by one, and then choose “End Task” to stop them.

Close the Unneeded Programs 

After completing the steps shared above, check whether Roblox is still lagging on PC or now it is working correctly. 

Fix 3: Remove the Temporary Files

Accumulation of temporary files reduces the computer’s speed and have adverse effects on the way it performs. Such files are among the top reasons for which you are facing problems while running Roblox. Therefore, here we share how to delete them to fix Roblox lag. 

Step 1: Activate the Run box by using the Windows + R keyboard shortcut. 

Step 2: In the Run box, input “%temp%” and then press Enter or click OK

Remove the temporary files

Step 3: On your keyboard, press Ctrl and A key simultaneously to select all the files present in the Temp folder. 

Step 4: Right-click and choose “Delete” from the context menu. 

Remove the temporary files-1

Step 5: If you get a popup saying “The action can’t be completed because the file is open in Google Chrome”, then checkmark the “Do this for all current items” box and select “Skip.”

Step 6: Right-click on the Recycle Bin desktop icon and select “Empty Recycle Bin” from the on-screen options.

Remove the temporary files-2 

Step 7: Click on “Yes” when your permission is asked to delete multiple items. 

Step 8: Check whether Roblox is working fine or still lagging on PC

Fix 4: Update the Network Adapter and Graphics Driver (Recommended)

If the network is not functioning properly, or there is no proper internet connection, then certainly Roblox will be lagging on PC. The network adapter driver is responsible for smooth communication between your computer and the network. If the driver is outdated, then the PC can’t communicate effectively with the network.. And the graphics driver ensures the seamless running of the games with high graphic requirements. Therefore, to fix the Roblox lag we suggest you update the network adapter driver and the graphics driver. 

Coming to the ways to do it, there are multiple methods to perform a driver update. You can either do it manually through the official website of the manufacturer or use an easy approach to get the task done. In our view, the latter is better, hence, we recommend that you update drivers automatically using Bit Driver Updater. 

Bit Driver Updater is a software that lets you update all the outdated drivers existing on your computer in one click. Moreover, it also fixes gaming and various other PC problems. We will talk more about its features after a few moments. First, let’s take a look at how to use it. 

How to update drivers using Bit Driver Updater?

It is a cakewalk to perform driver updates with Bit Driver Updater. An implementation of the below steps is the only thing that you need to do for updating the drivers. 

Step 1: Download and install Bit Driver Updater from the download button given here. 

download now button

Step 2: Let the automatic scan complete (it only needs a second or two to get completed). You can also scan the computer manually by choosing the Scan option. 

Step 3: After the scan results appear, click on the “Update Now” button available alongside the problematic driver. If you wish to get incredible performance from your PC and update all the drivers automatically in one shot, then select “Update All.” 

Bit Driver Updater

Above was the easiest way to update drivers using Bit Driver Updater, i.e., one of the best software for updating drivers and improving PC performance. Now, let’s discuss the features of this software that make it the top choice of millennials when it comes to updating the drivers. 

Outstanding features of Bit Driver Updater

  • It downloads only WHQL verified driver updates.
  • There is an option to create driver backups and restore the same with ease.
  • It lets you create a system restore point before changing anything so that you can always undo the changes if the need to do so comes up. 
  • With this software, you can increase the speed at which the driver downloads.
  • It also has an internet connection manager for smooth connectivity while performing a driver update. 
  • If you do not want to update a driver, then you can exclude it from the scan by adding it to the Ignore list. 
  • It reduces the startup time of the PC and makes significant improvements in its performance.
  • Bit Driver Updater supports multiple languages and all the latest versions of Windows. 

The above features and advantages of Bit Driver Updater are not exhaustive. Several others can be added to this list. You will become aware of them after trying this software. Therefore, click on the download button given below to get started. 

Fix 5: Delete Textures

Deleting textures has also proven to reduce lag in Roblox. Here is how to make Roblox less laggy by deleting textures. 

Step 1: Activate the Run box.

Step 2: After the Run box opens, type “%appdata%” and click the “OK” button. 

Delete textures

Step 3: Select “AppData” from the address bar. 

Delete textures-1

Step 4: Select the folder titled “Local.” 

Delete textures-2

Step 5: Click on the folder named “Roblox.”

Step 6: Select the “Versions” folder.

Step 7: Click on the folder that has the latest version number. 

Step 8: Select “PlatformContent.”

Step 9: Choose the “PC” folder. 

Step 10: Go to the “Textures” folder and open it. 

Step 11: Delete all the folders other than studs and wangIndex. 

Step 12: Go to the desktop and right-click on the Recycle Bin icon.

Step 13: Select “Empty Recycle Bin” from the popup menu. 

Fix 6: Reinstall Roblox

If Roblox is lagging on the PC, then you can reinstall it to fix the problem. Here are the steps for the same. 

Step 1: In the search bar, type “Control Panel” and choose it from the results. 

Reinstall Roblox

Step 2: Select “Programs and Features” from the on-screen menu. 

Reinstall Roblox-1

Step 3: Click on Roblox and choose “Uninstall.”

Step 4: Reinstall Roblox for Chrome or Edge or the other browser that you are using. 

Roblox Lagging on PC: Fixed

Above were the solutions that you can implement to fix the issues if Roblox is lagging on your PC. You can use these fixes to make things right, even in the case of the Roblox lag switch. We hope that now you can dive into the world of exciting games without facing any lags. However, if you need more help for fixing this or any other tech problem, then feel free to drop us a comment. And if you have found the article useful, then share it among your friends. We will see you soon with more simple fixes to complicated tech issues. 

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