The New Microsoft Edge 2020 – Now Available for Download!
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The New Microsoft Edge 2020 – Now Available for Download!

Over a year ago, Microsoft expressed its desire to rebuild Edge for the Chromium Open Source project. Overwhelmed by the response it received from users, it has made Microsoft Edge browser available for download on all the versions of Windows and macOS in about 90 languages.

In addition to this, Microsoft Edge is also available on iOS and Android so that you can get a fantastic cross-platform browsing experience. The new browser from Microsoft provides enhanced privacy with features such as tracking prevention giving three levels of control while you surf the Internet.

Further, all-new Microsoft Edge gives you the freedom to choose a page layout or design to customize your online experience.

The officials at Microsoft said, “The last several months have been nothing short of inspiring for all of us working to deliver great new capabilities for Microsoft Edge including AAD support, Internet Explorer mode, 4K streaming, Dolby audio, inking in PDF, Microsoft Search in Bing integration, support for Chrome-based extensions, and more.” This means that there’s a lot to look for in the new Microsoft Edge.

Further, Microsoft has taken into consideration business or education IT administrator and has included a plethora of security features for them. The Microsoft 365 customers can even search to find files, office floor plans, and people using Microsoft Edge in the same way as they did earlier.

All the excited techies can either download the new and improved Microsoft Edge either manually with this link   or wait for Microsoft to release it through Windows update.  In case you are making a switch from the earlier version, then all your favorites, passwords, credentials, and settings will automatically get transferred to the new browser.

The IT administrators must download an offline deployment package to get Microsoft Edge for their corporate. Commercial customers will not automatically get the new Microsoft Edge and since preview channels will be used for testing, they won’t receive an update to the new browser.

The tech giant says this is just the takeoff and new features will keep coming. If you want a sneak peek of these features, then use the preview channels, namely Beta, Dev, and Canary. You can download the same from Microsoft Edge Insider Site. In addition to this, subscribe to our newsletter and get all the latest updates about Microsoft Edge delivered straight to your mailbox.

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