8 Tools How to Succeed in College and Life
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8 Tools How to Succeed in College and Life

It is hardly possible to imagine a college student these days who would not have a set of helpful tools that help to achieve success and feel happy about life. As it usually happens, these may include various apps that help to receive alerts or the ones that offer templates when creating shiny presentations. Some of us like to go even deeper and use tools that help to build mindmaps as we learn. Whatever may rock your boat, it is good knowledge of these tools that make all the positive difference. After all, these are meant to help you study more efficiently and provide solutions that make you feel secure.

8 Tools How to Succeed in College and Life

1. Quizlet

Add some multimedia vibes to your college life and learning by checking the free database of templates at Quizlet or creating your own. There are lots of inspirational ideas to start with. Just enter some keyword that relates to your subject and see helpful templates. Most importantly, it is free of charge and has clear instructions to help you start!

2. Slack

It is hard to underestimate the benefits of this great CMS tool that every college student will enjoy regardless if it is used for learning purposes or for getting in touch with fellow learners. The trick here is to store all your information in the same place and get all of your alerts set up the way you would like. It has audio and video conferencing support and search by keyword, which is great for dissertation writing tasks.

3. Scanner Pro

When you are running out of time and need to get some information scanned and stored as a PDF document right away, this tool will make you happy. Using Scanner Pro, you will never miss important information and will be able to get things done on time. If you need more assistance or an expert to proofread or correct your writing, consider checking TopWritersReview and learn how to achieve success. Getting some assistance online is often the most efficient solution that works!

4. HelloTalk

If you want to start learning a foreign language or need to translate an unknown phrase right away, this free community of language learners is your best tool. You can talk to native speakers from over 130 different countries and use audio, video, or text as your medium. It is inspiring and a great way to meet new people and make friends!

5. Password Generator

This may be a simple tool, yet it’s often ignored by college students who use hundreds of different websites, game servers, or apps that serve as reminders. Keeping your passwords secure and safe is the best way to succeed in college because you will never lose access to something important and others won’t be able to get your personal data as you store passwords around on colorful stickers somewhere next to your desk.

6. Google Scholar

You might already know this helpful database for college learners, yet it’s only useful to remind about it again. It’s a great way to find reliable, peer-reviewed sources that are often mentioned in those odd grading rubrics. Take your time to explore and it will always pay off!

7. iTunes U Edition

While you may take some time out to watch Netflix as you are looking for something fun or movies about college life, you should check out your iTunes subscription for the U Edition, which allows education materials in an audio form along with the lectures and audiobooks. It is a great way to speed up your education and hear some books that will boost your skills.

8. Khan Academy Learning Courses

While it’s not a tool per se, it’s still the best way to succeed in college and life because you can access thousands of free or low-cost courses that will help you to decide on what you would like to learn or check something totally different. For example, if you are majoring in programming but would like to learn how to design clothes, join one of the fashion courses remotely and study in Paris! Now that sounds good!

Follow General Safety Matters

It cannot be said enough about online safety and the countless tools that we use daily by posting our geolocation or sharing personal information. One should remember about shared access dangers and study each tool that is being used regarding access privileges. The most famous example would be logging in to some system that can post to another application, which may be fatal when something that you share on a leisure website is getting shared or posted in your college system by accident. Take your time to learn the reviews for each tool that you use and you will remain safe and happy.

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