Top 10 Best Mac DVD Burners of 2021
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Top 10 Best Mac DVD Burners of 2021

This article shares the best DVD burners that are currently available for Mac in the marketplace.

A few Macs come with a built-in optical disk to burn files to CDs and DVDs. And the older Macs came with iDVD, i.e., Apple’s software to perform this task. But, to the dismay of many users, not all Mac devices have an in-built optical drive. And Apple has also discontinued its iDVD program. Further, burning files by connecting an external DVD drive is also a cumbersome task. Therefore, through this post, we will introduce the best Mac DVD burners.

The DVD burning software for Mac allows you to burn files effortlessly to a CD and DVD for seamless file sharing, moving the files from one location to another, and file backup creation.

However, the internet has an ocean of free DVD-burning software for Mac. But, not each of these programs is reliable, and some might severely harm the device. Hence, after thorough research, we curated the truly best and trustworthy Mac DVD burners. Here, we share these programs with you.

Best Mac DVD Burners to Burn Files to CDs and DVDs

Below are our top picks for the best DVD burners to burn the files to CDs and DVDs with ease.

1. Wondershare UniConverter – DVD Burner for Mac

Millions of users across the globe love Wondershare UniConverter for solving media file issues on Mac. Moreover, it boasts support for a wide range of video, audio, and image formats, and this makes it one of the best Mac DVD burners available at present. Apart from this, it is a complete video toolbox as it contains a plethora of features to burn and edit videos. Below we share the highlighting ones out of them.


  • With this software, you can convert the videos to over 1000 audio/video formats.
  • It allows you to seamlessly trim, merge, and crop the videos.
  • You can also adjust the audio of the video file, add effects, subtitles, and watermark to your videos.
  • It comes with an in-built video compressor that allows you to customize the settings before compressing the video. And it also supports 4K as well as 8K video compression.
  • UniConverter boasts a screen recorder to record the full screen, custom screen, audio, and webcam. You can even schedule the recordings.
  • You can burn multiple DVD discs simultaneously.

Wondershare UniConverter - DVD Burner for Mac

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2. Burn- Mac DVD Burner Software

It is among the most straightforward free DVD burning software for Mac. What makes it an enormously popular DVD burner and a part of our list are its incredible features such as DVD file copying, mp3 tag editing, and more. Below we discuss a few of its core features.


  • It is an open-source Mac DVD burner.
  • Boasts support for all the major file types and formats.
  • You can create interactive menus while burning the movies and also select a theme.
  • It allows you to choose different file systems for seamless sharing with non-Mac users.
  • Lets you adjust high-end settings such as file dates, file permissions, and more.
  • With this software, you can copy the disc or recreate an image file in the form of a DVD.
  • Burn allows you to convert the audio and video files from one format to another.

Burn - Mac DVD Burner Software

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3. Disco- Mac DVD Burning Software

Here’s another best burning software for Mac with a highly attractive UI. Its interface is quite detailed and animated and keeps the software both simple and interesting to use. In addition to this, it encompasses a wide range of useful features like tracking the files that have been burned on a disc and more. Below we share a few of its stunning features.


  • It boasts support for a multitude of file types and formats.
  • The software gives you all the details about the burned file such as its burning date, date of editing it, and more.
  • It hosts a spanning option to divide large-size files into smaller and more manageable discs.
  • With this program, you can burn audio files.
  • It supports dual-layer DVDs and CD multisession.
  • Disco also encompasses support for CD/DVD ReWritable disc burning and erasing.

Disco - Mac DVD Burning Software

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4. iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac- Free DVD Burner for Mac

This entrant on our list of the best DVD burner for Mac is popular among millennials for its YouTube video download and other incredible DVD burning features such as free templates for the DVD menu, and more. Let’s discuss its top offerings below. 


  • It supports almost every video format such as MP4, AVI, VOB, 3GP, FLV, 3G2, MOV, MTS, M2TS, F4V, MPG, MPEG, TS, and more.
  • You can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Google, Vimeo, and torrent sites to convert them to DVD.
  • With this software, you can burn the videos that you have recorded with iPhone, iPad, cameras, and camcorders to DVD.
  • It boasts an in-built editor to trim, crop, rotate the video, and add a watermark to it.
  • You can add an audio track to the video and customize its duration as well as playing style.
  • There is a powerful utility toolbox comprising eight power-packed tools such as ISO to DVD burner, DVD to DVD converter, photo slideshow maker, chapter creator for long videos, and more.

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac - Free DVD Burner for Mac

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5. SimplyBurns- Mac DVD Burning Software for Free

If you are new to the world of DVD burning and are looking for a simple and easy-to-use Mac DVD burner, then SimplyBurns is among our top recommendations. It is an open-source program with a user-friendly interface and quite amazing features such as disc ripping and duplication modes, and more. Below we talk about some of its exciting features.


  • It supports all popular video and image formats.
  • You can save projects on the hard disk.
  • With SimplyBurns, you can create and edit more than a single project.
  • There is a disc ripping mode so that you can copy your favorite music tracks to Mac.

SimplyBurns - Mac DVD Burning Software for Free

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6. DVDStyler- The Best Mac DVD Burning Software

If your purpose is to create a DVD for some professional purpose, then DVDStyler is among the best DVD burning software for Mac that you can try. It boasts a lot of advanced features such as interactive menu templates to make excellent DVDs for work purposes. Below are the prominent ones out of them.


  • You can create the DVD menu on your own if you want to do that.
  • It allows you to create stunning photo slideshows.
  • With this software, you can add more than one subtitle and audio tracks to make the DVD even more impressive.
  • It boasts support for a wide range of formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, OGG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MP2, and more.
  • There is no need to reencode the MPEG and VOB files before using them.
  • It allows you to customize the DVD menu as per your preferences.

DVDStyler - The Best Mac DVD Burning Software

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7. Express Burn- The Best DVD Burner for Mac

If you want to burn audio and video to Blu-ray discs, then Express Burn is undoubtedly one of the best burning software for Mac in your case. It provides numerous options such as effortless chapter management, template menus, etc. for making CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray disc burning a cakewalk. Below we share some of its impressive features.


  • It supports multiple video formats such as MP4, OGM, AVI, and more.
  • You can create chapters for long videos as well as manage them effortlessly.
  • There is no need to worry about DVD authoring as it has template menus to help you with that.
  • It allows you to make a choice between widescreen and standard video formats.
  • You can customize the tracks as well as pause them in the middle.
  • With Express Burn, you can create and record ISO images.

Express Burn - The Best DVD Burner for Mac

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8. Roxio Toast Titanium- DVD Burner for Mac

This program on our list is not an ordinary Mac DVD burner. It is a whole lot more than that. With this software, you can even recover the files from damaged discs, and its powerful features let you create and customize your DVDs in no time. Below are some of the features of Roxio Toast Titanium that make it unique and a tough contender for the other DVD burning programs.


  • You can adjust the pitch and duration of the audio clips.
  • It allows you to personalize the disc with custom chapters and menus (there are 20+ themes to choose from).
  • With this software, you can password protect the confidential data on a disc or USB.
  • You can rip content, download, extract, and edit clips from home DVDs.
  • It lets you copy CDs and DVDs.
  • There is support for video conversion from one file type to another.
  • It boasts MultiCam capture for simultaneous webcam video and screen recording.
  • With this program, you can edit both audio and video with ease.
  • It lets you compress, zip, and unzip files effortlessly.

Roxio Toast Titanium - DVD Burner for Mac

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9. Tipard DVD Creator for Mac- Mac DVD Burner Software

Here we have another powerful Mac DVD burner to create DVDs without any cumbersome efforts. It boasts plenty of features such as DVD previewing, audio track addition, and more to make DVD burning simple for you. Below we introduce you to the most exciting features of this software.


  • It lets you burn videos from all well-known formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, and more.
  • There is an in-built DVD menu editor to edit and customize your DVDs menus effortlessly.
  • With this software, you can also burn home videos and downloaded files easily.
  • You can make a choice from numerous exciting themes.
  • It lets you trim, crop, and add a watermark to your videos.
  • You can also add soundtracks, images, and subtitles to make the DVDs more attractive.
  • It allows you to preview the DVD video before making final conversions.

Tipard DVD Creator for Mac - Mac DVD Burner Software

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10. Burn- Mac DVD Burning Software

Another Mac DVD burner that finds a place on our list of the best DVD burning software for Mac is BurnX. It makes CD and DVD burning an easy peasy thing with its features such as file drag and drop, performing multiple burns in the same disc, and more. Below are some of its top features.


  • It supports almost all the major file formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, etc.
  • You can drag and drop files to burn DVDs.
  • BurnX allows you to use sessions so that multiple burns can be performed on the same disc.
  • Its UI is straightforward and easy to use.

BurnX - Mac DVD Burning Software

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DVD burner for Mac

If you still have some doubts and queries, you can take the help of the below provided frequently asked questions related to this topic:

Q.1 What is the best DVD burner for Mac?

Well, all the products and software listed above are the best DVD burners for Mac. What makes any DVD burner best for you is its features. If the features provided by some software match your requirements, then you should download and install that one to burn DVDs through your Mac. 

Q.2 How to Burn DVDs with Mac?

With the help of the above-listed apps and utilities, you can easily burn DVDs with your Mac. Just download and install the best DVD burner for Mac of your choice, insert a DVD, run the software, select the files you want to burn on the disk, and execute to burn all the files on the DVDs with your Mac.

Q.3 Can I burn DVDs on my Mac?

Yes, you can easily burn DVDs on your Mac with the help of the best DVD burning software for Mac provided above. Download and install any of these DVD burners to burn data on your DVDs with the help of your Mac. 

Q.4 Is there a free DVD burner for Mac?

Yes, most of the software provided above like Burn, Disco, SimplyBurns, and others are free to use for all. However, we recommend using the paid ones like Wondershare UniConverter as it provides more advanced features for disc burning and others to you. 

Q.5 How do I burn a DVD on my Mac for free?

It is very easy to burn a DVD on your Mac for free. Just download any of the free DVD burning software provided above and burn data images, documents, files, music, and more to a DVD with the help of your Mac. 

Q.6 How to choose the best DVD burning software for Mac?

There are a lot of DVD-burning software available on the internet for your Mac. We have provided the 10 best DVD-burning software for Mac. What makes any software best is the features provided by it. You should download the software which provides all the features for DVD-burning according to your needs.

Mac DVD Burner: Concluding Thoughts

The Mac DVD burners shared above are the best programs to seamlessly share, move, and backup the files even without a built-in optical drive or software like Apple’s iDVD. If you think that we have missed any good programs, then please let us know through the comment box. We will love to review and add the same to our list. And if you find our post useful, then subscribe to this blog for more such software suggestions and tech updates.

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