How to Update Printer Drivers in Windows 10
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How to Update Printer Drivers in Windows 10

Do you want to know how you can update the printer driver in Windows 10 ? Device drivers are the communicating bridge between a hardware device and the operating system of the computer. Whenever you want to connect a new hardware device with your computer, you have to install the correct driver program files to make it interact with the OS appropriately.

Thus, you need to install the correct version of drivers for your printer to print documents from your PC hassle-free. A printer driver is a software program that is responsible for letting your printer understand what to print and how to print it.

If a computer lacks the appropriate printer drivers, then it would not be able to send data to the hardware device as well as receive data from it. Hence, the hardware device like a printer would not understand and respond to the print commands that you give to the printer from a document. You can download and update printer drivers for free, as well as use some tools.

In this blog, we will see how to update the printer drivers easily.

Now Easily Update Printer Drivers in Windows 10 

You need to make sure that you have downloaded the latest drivers for the printer to make your printer function smoothly. If the drivers are obsolete or corrupted, then you will experience issues in executing the print commands efficiently.

1. Download and Update the Printer Drivers from Manufacturer’s Site

You can find the latest version of the driver on the website of the printer manufacturer. If your computer has been formatted completely or if you are using an older version of the driver, then make sure to download the free and updated version of the printer driver from the website.

You have to also be careful that you are only downloading the driver program that is specific to the printer brand you are using. For example, if your printer belongs to HP or Canon, then go to the respective Manufacturer website to update your computer’s printer driver.  Taking the example of HP printers, the below steps will guide you further on how can you update the drivers from the HP Website:

    • Visit the website and then input the product model name that you own.
Download and update the printer drivers from Manufacturer
  • After you have located and chosen the correct model, then download and install the driver of the printer.
download driver for HP AMP printer series
Image Source: HP Support
  • After installation, restart your computer.

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2. Use Windows Update to Install Printer Drivers

You can update printer drivers using the Windows Update function so that you don’t have to go to the website and do all the work on your own. The below steps can guide you about updating printer drivers in Windows 10 PC.

  • Go to the Start menu of your computer or press Windows key + I key to open the ‘Settings’ window.
  • Go to the ‘Windows Update’ section and select ‘Check for Updates’ option.
  • Then, upon selecting the Windows driver updates for printers, you can wait for the installation to happen on the Windows update page.
  • This way, you can ensure the printer drivers to get updated for Windows 10 and also for its previous versions.

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Update Outdated Printer Driver by Using Software

Using driver updater tools can save you a great deal of time, energy and effort because they can convert the manual process to an automated process. They can update the outdated drivers of the printer as follows:

  • Scans your computer to detect outdated, corrupted, and missing drivers.
  • Update the drivers by searching for the latest version online.
  • Then, updates the drivers in your system by installing them quickly for you.

ITL Driver Updater tool is very efficient in doing the above-mentioned tasks for you in one-click. If you are wondering how to update printer drivers using ITL driver updater, then look at the below steps:

  • First, download and install the tool on your system by clicking the link below.
  • Then, it can scan your system in real-time and detect all sorts of driver related issues.
  • Further, select the printer drivers that have been flagged in the scan results and click on ‘Update Now.’


  • The tool will look for the latest version of the drivers online and install them to replace the outdated printer driver for you.
  • You can also receive round the clock service assistance from the ITL driver updater support team.

Benefits of Updating Printer Drivers

  • Software updates of all programs can patch up security holes and safeguard them against hackers, malware attacks and prevent malfunction.
  • Updating printer drivers can also ensure the smooth function of the printer.
  • It can also make the device stable and replace outdated features with the latest features.
  • Lastly, they can enhance the user experience by improving the speed, accuracy, and performance of the printer.

Final Word

Thus, we saw from the above article that it is essential to update printer drivers frequently in order to avoid performance issues. Driver updater tools can prove to be your beneficial ally in doing the job for you without any hassle. Programs like ITL driver updater can also boost your system’s overall performance and can also help you to backup and restore your system.

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