Windows 11 Release Date, Features, and What to Expect
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Windows 11 Release Date, Features, and What to Expect

It has been four long years since Windows 10 was launched and we haven’t heard of anything new coming in until now Officials confirmed that Mircosoft is all set to launch the Windows 11 OS very soon. 

Now that everyone is waiting for Microsoft to officially launch the new Windows OS concept, users are also talking about the other devices and their compatibility with Windows 11. The new OS launch is official so there have been growing concerns regarding the new drivers required for Windows 11. 

What’s the Windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29th, 2015 and it is going to be six long years that users haven’t heard of any new launch. This diligent craving to take a look at the new OS also ignited a lot of rumors with false anticipations from websites around the world, but everything is clear now. 

Microsoft is going to hold a livestream to provide updates regarding the next versions of Windows 11. You can get the details of the event below.

How to Access Microsoft Livestream

It is official that Microsoft will launch the new Windows 11 OS on June 24th, 2021. There is an event scheduled at 11 am ET. You can access this live stream through Microsoft’s official website. If you look at the history of launching, Microsoft announced Windows 10 OS on 30th Sep 2014, but couldn’t bring it to the market till July 2014. You may expect the same from the Windows 11 launch. That means users will get complete access to the new OS by April or May of 2022. Here’s the link to the live event, set a reminder and get instant access by clicking here.  

Will there be a New Windows Update

Previously, rumors had it that Windows 11 or any successor to Windows 10 may never arrive. There were even talks about this on Microsoft’s forum. but everything is clear now. With the new startup sound and Panos Panay’s tweet, it is sure that your wait will soon be over. Mircosoft will announce the new OS launch in the live stream. 

What will be the Features in Windows 11

If we talk about leaks and suggestions you can conclude that the new Windows 11 will not be very different from Windows 10. You can expect the patterns and designs of the OS to be the same but with a lot more attractive interface and vibrant colors. A leak from Microsoft office suggests that you may get a battery usage indicator for laptops and tablets. With this feature, you will get instant and real-time updates and retain the battery for longer periods. 

Yes, a leak for Windows 11 build is available but it’s risky to install. This leak has provided even more insight into what you can expect from Windows 11. If we consider that the Windows 11 leak is real, you can expect the following features from it:

  • Simple and Attractive User-Interface

The developers at Microsoft will improve the UI of WIndows 11 to make it more attractive yet user-friendly. 

  • Start Menu on the Center

 Just just Mac devices, the Start Menu and other programs will shift towards the center. This makes the Start menu easily accessible.

  • Loads of Widgets on the Taskbar

All the Widgets from different programs, will shift to widgets on the right-side of the Taskbar. 

  • Vibrant and Multiple Color Options

The interface of Windows 10 already has attractive colors and designs. Windows 11 will have even more options. 

  • New Design for Icons, and more

Layout of icons, menu, and programs is better in Windows 11. 

  • Round Cornered Icons and Settings

Fed up of the sharp-edged corners of icons and display? Get ready for round corners in Windows 11. 

  • Improved Window Snaps

Snapping issues are common in Windows 10, Windows 11 will have better snapping options. 

  • Improved Voice Typing

The voice typing technology is better in Windows 11. 

  • Better Touch Keyboard Accessibility

For tablet mode, better touch keyboard options are expected.  

  • Separate Task Manager and File Explorer Options

You can expect separate Task Manager and File Explorer Options in Windows 11. 

  • Single Screen Windows Arrangements

Just like Mac, we expect better windows arrangement options in Windows 11. 

As John Cable, head of Windows Servicing and Delivery said in a post, the company scrapped the idea of bringing Windows 10X, they are now looking for more viable options. Leaks suggest that all the hard-end square structures of the Windows UI will be round in Windows 11. The new OS may also come with the long-awaited gesture technology. 

How will Windows 11 be Different for Tablet Users

A lot of tablet users complained about the limited compatibility of Windows 10 with the device. We hope that the geniuses at Microsoft will address this problem. The Tablet mode of Windows deteriorated after the last update of Windows 8. The new gesture mode will help you with such problems. Voice and pen typing will revolutionize the OS forever. 

What is the Price of Windows 11

Here’s the most important and frequently asked question. What is the price of Windows 11? Expert opinions suggest that the price of Windows 11 will be similar to that of Windows 10. Now, as you may already know, all the subscribers of Windows 7 and 8 got a free upgrade to Windows 10. You can expect the same with Windows 11. Why we think that Microsoft will provide free up-gradation is so you shift to the new version ASAP! The price of Windows 10 starts from $100 and that of Windows 11 can be the same. 

Do you Need Special Drivers to go with Windows 11

The driver on a computer is responsible for establishing communication between the hardware and software in order to synchronize the tasks. When you update your Windows to the latest version, you may have experienced system failures. This happens when you’ve updated the software but still using the old driver, which doesn’t go along with the system.


You may choose to install the best free driver updater on your PC that takes care of your system drivers automatically. Since searching for the latest driver update over the internet isn’t in the interest of everyone, getting software for the same would save you a lot of time and effort.

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Well, that was all about the new Windows rumor that is widespread all over the internet. We hope to address all the doubts regarding the drivers required for Windows 11 update and its release date. It is also important to know that these are all just assumptions and anticipations and no one knows what might come the next moment. If there’s going to be a new Microsoft Windows 11, you’re all covered.


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